Gotham Knights Episode 10: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Gotham Knights
Gotham Knights (Credit: The CW)

Gotham Knights‘ Episode 10 release date is what fans are most excited about. The series throws light on a superhero drama show which has been commissioned by The CW for their channel. As the name already suggests, we see the focus on the members of the Batman family.

There are various other supporting characters from the comics as well. The main lead of the plot is Turner Hayes. He is the adoptive son of Bruce Wayne. Harper and Cullen have now become his acquaintances, along with a criminal named Duela.

In the Gotham Knights Episode 7, titled Bad to Be Good, we saw it start in a heist situation. An intruder enters a room from the rooftop and picks out a painting to steal. Soon the guards arrive but are defeated by the thief, and soon the masked person goes out from the zip line the same way they entered.

The next day, the city is shaken by the loot. It turns out that the heist happened at City Hall. Detective Sophia Green works as a criminologist and is hired by the Gotham City Police Department to help with the whole case. Everyone now thinks that they must try for assistance from the Gotham Knights, who are better at the same.

As for the Knights, who are actually watching the same news, they are quite unimpressed by the whole situation. Harper thinks that this job of finding a painting is beneath them, and he is not interested. Even Turner and Duela agree on the same. Turner also claims that the group actually has some bigger issues to deal with than finding an art thief.

Gotham Knights Episode 10 Release Date
A still from Gotham Knights Episode 9 (Credits: The CW)

Gotham Knights Episodes Recap

Soon, we see that Carrie and Stephanie enter the room with some donuts and fresh news about Brody and Lincoln March. It turns out that the knights are at a low point because they will not be informed about anything that the attacker has done until they reveal the truth about how Talon has lived so long. Duela has an inspiring moment that motivates her to find some answers. She says she might know a way that can help them.

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Later, Duela calls for Carrie to the garage. It turns out that she has Eunice Harmon in the trunk of a car. Well, Carrie is surely shocked at the whole thing and is not happy about Duela practically kidnapping an old woman. Although, Duela claims that she has to get things done in the villain way possible because this is Gotham. Eunice has to be the only person who has intel about what her father is up to and what kind of sorcery is keeping him alive for so long. Her father is Felix Harmon, also known as The Talon.

Elsewhere, we see that Stephanie and Cullen are having coffee and soon dive deeper into the whole art theft situation. Stephanie drives a connection between all of the thefts and claims that the stolen art pieces were actually all owned by Alan Wayne at the time that he died. It turns out that Gotham Knights will finally have to get involved in the case because it is bigger than it looks.

Back in Gotham Knights Episode 9, titled Dark Knight of the Soul, we saw that the Court of Owls has finally acted and captured one of the members of the Knights. Thus, this has become a very important situation for them to deal with as the time is ticking, and they have to rescue their peer. On the other hand, it was none other than Stephanie and Harper who were trying to find evidence regarding the innocence of their friend. In order to do so, they will have to piece together some of the evidence that will help solve the mystery and help their team member.

Gotham Knights Episode 10 Release Date

Gotham Knights’ Episode 10 release date is on 30 May 2023. The episode is titled Poison Pill. It will drop out on The CW at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time. New episodes release weekly on Tuesdays.

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How to Watch Gotham Knights Episode 10

Gotham Knights Episode 10 will air live on The CW. This is the best time to catch the new episodes on your cable networks. Later, the same entries will also appear online on the official website of the same. International fans will have to use a VPN connection in order to log in. Here is a list of various time zones across the world to check out.

  • India – 5.30 AM Indian Standard Time (31 May 2023)
  • Europe – 12 AM Greenwich Mean Time (31 May 2023)
  • Australia – 11 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (31 May 2023)
  • USA – 8 PM Eastern Standard Time (30 May 2023)
  • Canada – 8 PM Eastern Standard Time (930 May 2023)

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