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K-Pop Trainee Schedule 2022: The Tough Side to Keep Up With!

K-Pop Trainee Schedule 2022: The Tough Side to Keep Up With!
K-Pop Trainee Schedule 2022

It is no surprise that the K-Pop trainees go through a hell of lot of difficulties to achieve their dream of becoming an idol. The hardships they counter throughout their trainee period can be scary to anyone who is on the other side of the K-Pop world. Their daily schedule is packed with lots and lots of classes ranging from standard vocal, rap, and dance lessons to personal training, language classes, and musical instruments lessons.

A K-Pop trainee has a very strict schedule to maintain on a daily basis. Concentration, determination, and compassion are the prominent elements that contribute to the construction of their dream career. Living under strict supervision where their every activity is under surveillance can be extremely suffocating. Moreover, being controlled by their respective agencies in every particular aspect of their life is something that not everyone can bear.

Therefore, growing as an idol is no cakewalk. One has to see all the sides of hell and still be put in their position.

Morning K-Pop Trainee Schedule

The morning schedule of a K-Pop trainee begins with most of them going to school. As the majority of the K-Pop trainees are students of young age, attending school is a necessity for them. Waking up early, having an early workout routine in order to maintain their fitness, and having a nutritious breakfast is the major process.

Their school life is pretty similar to any ordinary student there, but the only difference is that they have more than one responsibility on their shoulders. At the end of the day, bringing a good balance between their academic life and their idol life is a tough job to do.

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Evening K-Pop Trainee Schedule

Returning back from school and having no time to rest sounds painful, but that’s the bitter reality of the whole K-Pop trainee system. Just after getting back to their dorms, all the trainees hit the practicing room. Their cellphones are submitted to their manager and then begin their hectic and long practice schedule.

There they are given lessons on their vocals and dance methods. To put it simply, every day, they improve a bit and also degrade a little. It is all about motivation and energy and keeping up with the same they do everything in their control. There is no doubt in the fact that the practice room has become the second home for most of the K-Pop trainees out there.

They work there for hours to perfect their dance moves and vocal range. The practice is not only with their choreographers or vocal mentors, it is also with their own self. In fact, self-practice is more prominent than one with the teachers.

Vocal Lessons

Exclusive vocals lessons are given after their dinner. It is not a hidden fact every idol needs to have a strong vocal range so that they can pull off any kind of genre when it comes to singing.

K-Pop Trainee Schedule 2022: The Tough Side to Keep Up With!

Vocal Training

Getting a versatile vocal range takes days and days of hard work. Therefore, these lessons given by specialized vocal mentors are an absolute necessity for all the K-Pop trainees out there.

Dance Practice

Perfecting one’s dance moves takes a lot of work. Practicing day and night in front of the mirror in their practice room, all the trainees do their best to control and move their bodies as per the music.

K-Pop Trainee Schedule 2022: The Tough Side to Keep Up With!

Having a flexible body gives one the advantage of controlling all of it as per their likeness, and building the same takes extreme hard work. Therefore, professional choreographers train the trainees with the best lessons as the latter’s stage presence decides most of their career as an idol.

Language Lessons

After getting free from their practice room, the trainees have dinner. Done with their dancing and vocal lessons, they have their language lessons. It is one of the prominent lessons given to a trainee as they have to interact with fans of all nationalities after their official debut as an idol.

K-Pop Trainee Schedule 2022: The Tough Side to Keep Up With!

Language Lessons

South Korean trainees are trained in several international languages like English, Chinese, and Japanese. While the trainees from foreign are equipped with the Korean dialect. All in all, the entertainment company does their best to make the trainees the best out there. Given the neck-cutting competition in the South Korean music industry, being perfect in every possible aspect is an absolute necessity.

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