Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 8: ‘The Haunting of Villa Diodati’ Release Date, Spoilers, and Streaming

doctor Who Season 12 episode 8 release date

Now, the season 12 of Doctor who is also picking up the pace. I am going to give you guys all the details pertaining to Doctor Who season 12 episode 8. Also, spoilers are the main focus of this Doctor Who posts, so if you hate spoilers, then probably you should not keep on reading this post.

The previous episode that is Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 7 was titled ‘Can You Hear Me?’. In this episode, we did see that something is tracking down the Doctor. The episode depicted quite nicely how it all started back in the day in Syria and now in Sheffield. So, who is this who wants the Doctor dead?

doctor Who Season 12 episode 8 where to watch
Doctor Who Season 12

What Is Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 8 Release Date?

The next episode of Doctor Who television show is going to come out on 16 February 2020. The last episode of the show released on 09 February 2020. The runtime of each episode of Doctor Who is 50 minutes. Russell T. Davies is the creator of this amazing television series.

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 8 Spoilers

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 8 is titled ‘The Haunting of Villa Diodati.’ In this one, we will get to see that the team of Doctor will head to Geneva into the year 1816. The Doctor and others want to observe the major event known as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The Doctor wants to spend some valuable time with the people he has admired throughout history, but not everything will go according to his plans as things will take a turn for the worst. So, let us see how this next episode of Doctor Who season 12 turns out to be. I think the spoilers are quite intriguing, to say the least.

Doctor Who Season 12 Trailer

Where To Watch Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 8?

You all can watch this new episode of Doctor Who Season 12 on television through at 7:00 pm GMT. The genre of the show is Action, Sci-Fi, and Adventure. Other official means to watch this episode online are Hulu, DirecTV Now, Netflix, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Prime.

Doctor Who Synopsis

Doctor Who is a science fiction, adventurous and action-packed television show. It has been going on for quite a while now. For those who do not have any idea what this famous show is all about, I’ll be sharing a small plot with you guys. Doctor Who is a series centered on an alien adventurer known as ‘Doctor Who’ and his comrades from Earth. They strive to protect Earth and the rest of the universe. It is an epic and enjoyable television series.


The show will be airing the eighth episode today on BBC One, and you will be able to watch it online too using BBC iPlayer. Here is the latest tweet from the official Twitter handle of the show!


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