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7 Best Adult Mature Manga That You Must Read In 2022


There is a very popular misconception among people that animes and manga are made for a younger audience, but it’s not true. In fact, some of the mangas are particularly made keeping the grown-ups in mind, and some are made for everyone. There is a huge list of mangas that are made just for mature audiences. The storyline, characters, and fighting sequence are not appropriate for a young audience as the storyline generally has lots of plots involved and needs a mature mind to find the conclusion.

Sometimes, a viewer has to draw their own conclusion, which is very difficult for the young audience to follow up. In this article, we will list down some of the popular adult mature manga series that is a must-read for mature audiences. So make sure to read this article till the end.

7 Best Adult Mature Manga That You Must Read

Before proceeding further, we want to make sure that the mentioned list is solely based on the author’s own personal opinions, and there will be some titles that we forget to mention in the list, but it’s not possible to include each and every masterpiece.

1. Vagabond

As the story is all based on Samurais, this manga should be read by all mature audiences. The manga is filled with a cool action sequence, a great storyline, and awesome characters. The series is so famous that there are lots of video games released of this masterpiece. The best part of Vagabond is that it takes the concept of ordinary ninja-type stories to the next level and frames it in the world of samurai.


Adult Mature Manga – Vagabond Manga

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2. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titans or Shingeki no Kyojin is one of the most popular manga-based series on this planet. The series has everything that a masterpiece requires to remain top among all. The storyline very much depends on your perspective and how you see things. The best part of the series is that here you decide whether the main character is the protagonist or the antagonist, and his actions are highly debatable. Shingeki no Kyojin is a beautiful work of Iseyama that showcases the importance of freedom and the importance of sacrifices. Here you will find some of the best characters that you will cherish forever.

Dark Fantasy

Adult Mature Manga – Attack On Titan

3. Hunter x Hunter

Don’t let a boy with green pants distract you from the true senses of this manga. Hunter x Hunter’s story may start with a very childish note, but eventually, it picks up the pace and becomes the content for a mature audience. With the gore, violence, extreme action, and heavy dialogues, this series has it all. The Chimera ant arc, one of the most popular arcs of the series, is truly made for an adult audience, and at one point, it feels that the series is never meant for the young audience. Overall, the series is worth all of your time.

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

4. Full Metal Alchemist

This series begins with a very dark note and follows the same pattern throughout. The series is only meant for the mature audience as the series has many violent action scenes that are not appropriate for young audiences. The series is revolved around Edward and Elric, who are very good alchemists. They undergo a tragedy in their childhood by performing the forbidden alchemy and pay a heavy price. This event haunts them throughout their life, and now their major goal is to undo the damage that their action caused at that time. Will they be able to fix things up? You need to follow the story to know more.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

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5. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is one of the most popular manga currently, and the series never failed to entertain its fans. Even though the series’ story is based on the overpowered protagonist, you will still feel the breathtaking moments in the series. The anime is inappropriate for young audiences to watch as the series has very gore and extreme violence with so many mature dialogues. For adult and mature audiences, One Punch Man is something they shouldn’t miss.

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6. My Dress-Up Darling

This manga series is definitely not suitable for young audiences, but if you are a grown-up person, then you should definitely read this series. The series has lots of fan service moments, and you will definitely fall in love with Marin Kitagawa. The chemistry between Marin and Gojo is very fun to watch. If we talk about the synopsis of the story, the story begins with Gojo, who loves to make Hina dolls. He accidentally met Marin in school, who was very fond of cosplaying different characters. Later, Gojo decided to make dresses for Marin, and this is how the story moves forward.

My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling

7. Dragon Ball

Even though Dragon Ball has great fights and cool characters, but it should not be read or watched by children as the series has much mature dialogue and fan service moments that are simply not appropriate for everyone. The series is one of the most popular series worldwide, which is solely based on powerups and battles.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

The major protagonist of the series, Goku, believes in getting stronger than before so he can protect planet Earth from external and internal threats. Apart from Goku, the series has many other cool characters like Vegeta, Gohan, Bulma, Trunks, etc.

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