Why Did Jake T. Austin Leave Fosters? Explained

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Why did Jake T Austin Leave Fosters
Why did Jake T Austin Leave Fosters? (Credits: Variety)

Why did Jake T Austin Leave Fosters? Popular actor Jake T Austin started his career in the entertainment industry as a voice-over actor as Diego in “Dora the Explorer” and “Go, Diego, Go!” The actor later starred as Jesus Foster on the hit show, The Fosters. The actor once looked back at his time on the show while stating how he started losing the sense of the love and passion of things he took for granted and started not remembering his lines, and ended up not taking his craft as seriously as an actor should.

Jake T. Austin stated that his role on The Fosters, being recast was probably the best thing that could have happened to him while further explaining how it prevented him from getting too big for his britches and prevented his behavior from getting worse. Let us find out why Jake T Austin Leave Fosters.

Why Did Jake T Austin Leave Fosters?

While fans were surprised when Jake T Austin left The Fosters, the actor later revealed the reason for his decision. Austin explained that he wanted to play different characters, which is why he made the difficult decision to leave The Fosters.

Why did Jake T Austin Leave Fosters
Why did Jake T Austin Leave Fosters? (Credits: Yahoo)

These revelations were made after the actor was asked a few questions by a fan related to his sudden departure from the show. Jake T Austin further revealed that he was only asked to return for three episodes, along with the condition that he won’t be able to work on anything else, so he chose to leave.

When a fan further said that they assumed that the actor might be interested in playing people older than teenagers, the actor denied the assumption while stating that he just wanted to do roles with more substantive content.

Fans speculated that the actor soon found out that his character Jesus has a reduced role in season 3, and he did not want to miss out on other acting opportunities. His departure was teased early on the show after there was a mention of Jesus going to some boarding school, and viewers saw how by the end of the season, Jesus was involved in a car accident that hinted at a possible death. However, the actor was instead recast.

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Who Replaced Jake T Austin On The Fosters?

Noah Centineo replaced Jake T Austin on The Fosters. However, the actor stated that even though the show gave him his biggest breakthrough role, it was not what he was looking for.

Noah Centineo once recalled how he did a little show called The Fosters, and over the years since when he did that show, he learned that external things do not actually make him happy. The actor went on to admit that he was really upset while doing that show, and it was not because the show was not an amazing show, but he just was not happy with all of these things outside of himself.

What Happened To Jake T. Austin?

After Jake T Austin left the Fosters, co-star Maia Mitchell, who played the role of Callie on the show, has an interesting take on Jake’s departure. Maia stated that the actor was not the right fit and was apparently not interested in doing the show anymore, so the actor left. There were ongoing claims of some problematic behavior on set. 

Why did Jake T Austin Leave Fosters
Jake T. Austin (Credits: CNN)

Later, Jake T. Austin got involved in a controversial incident after he allegedly had a meltdown at the Teen Choice Awards after someone working backstage failed to recognize the actor and was denied access to the gift suite. The Fosters actor allegedly had a severe meltdown and reportedly yelled at the employee for not recognizing him, and it was reported further that Jake even threw an empty shoe box at the employee.

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