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Preview and Recap: The Stand Season 1 Episode 8

The Stand Season 1 Episode 8

Titled “The Stand,” The Stand Season 1 Episode 8 is soon going to be released. The post-apocalyptic fiction has been getting mixed reviews since its premiere. This show is based on a book penned down by Stephen King. It went by the same name and was published back in 1978. The makers took very long to realize that the book is worth having a TV adaptation. But, as the saying goes, Better late than never. This article will find out everything related to this TV series, the release date of upcoming episodes, and other useful information. Follow the article till the end to learn everything!

The Stand- TV adaptation of Stephen King's book

The Stand- TV adaptation of Stephen King’s book

Having released its first episode back in mid-December 2020, the series has received a lot of attention on various social media platforms. This is primarily because the makers failed to meet the expectations of the book lovers. They have made numerous alterations to the book’s original theme, and the readers found it misleading. Thus, The Stands ended up with an average IMDb rating of 5.5/10. Well, if you have been following up on the series and wish to know the date of release of its next episode, you’re just at the right place. Dive into the next section to know that!

The Stand Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date Revealed

It has been confirmed officially that The Stand Season 1 Episode 8 will be released on February 4, 2021, on the same broadcasting network, CBS All Access. It has been titled “The Stand” by the showrunners. And is likely to observe a runtime of 60 minutes. The makers made it clear in the very beginning that they will feature a total of 9 episodes in the first season.

The Stand Season 1 Episode 8 to be released soon

The Stand Season 1 Episode 8 to be released soon

Since it’s a miniseries, the chances of this series getting a renewal are very less. As a result, the makers are summing up the book’s events without giving away much information. They are trying to squeeze all the important events of the book into just 9 episodes. This is one reason why the book readers didn’t really like the show and ended up giving bad ratings. The Stand will be concluded with its final episode on February 17, 2021. There have been no official announcements yet by the makers regarding The Stand Season 2. So, let’s hope for the best!

The Stand Season 1 Episode 8 Where to Watch?

As we have already mentioned above, CBS All Access is the broadcasting partner of this adventurous TV show. Thus, the upcoming episode will be dropped on this channel. However, if you don’t have the cable subscription to it, you can certainly watch it on other OTT platforms like Voot. The episodes are released every Thursday at 3:00 AM ET or 8:00 PM GMT. Thus, don’t forget to get a kick out of the all-new episode with your pals! And, learn all the things that the show has in store to amuse you!

The Stand Storyline: What is the TV show all about?

This post-apocalyptic fictional show brags about having an all-star cast. It features the aftermath of a global catastrophe that leaves everyone in distress and trouble. A super-flu causes a major epidemic resulting in the loss of millions of people. However, a prophet named Mother Abagail takes it upon herself to protect humanity. She comes out as a savior and yearns to keep the only survivors safe.

Whoopi Goldberg as Mother Abigail

Whoopi Goldberg as Mother Abigail

What makes this series stand out from the rest of the fictional TV shows is its exquisite ending. The book has depicted the ending so beautifully that the showrunners would not want to disappoint the fans. Let’s see in the following episodes if they can meet the expectations of the audience. So, don’t forget to watch The Stand Season 1 Episode 8 this Thursday to get a gush of thrills!

The Stand: Cast and Roles

Coming to the actors, Goldberg, who has been playing the character of the prophet, totally stole the limelight. She played the character of a 108-year-old surprisingly well. Amber Heard played the role of a convicted woman. At the same time, Odessa Young did a great job as Frannie Goldsmith. The acting of both of these women was on point. Thus, making the series much more realistic and exciting!

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