The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11: ‘The Finale’ Release Date, Recap & Preview

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The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11
Zach with Gabi (CC: ABC)

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 is going to be the final episode of the season and Zach will finally meet his One. But let’s first dive into Zack’s fantasy suites date.

With the final three women confirmed, Zach, Ariel, Gabi, and Katie all head to the country of Thailand to further their connections. And as this season is winding down, everyone is really excited to spend more time together. And yes, again I’ll praise production for separating the women this season. As other seasons didn’t give them the common courtesy of that.

Well, with fantasy suites coming for Zach and his remaining three women, Zach has decided that he is not going to be intimate with any of the women as he thinks it’s courteous for everyone involved. He says that an engagement is around the corner and he doesn’t want to repeat last season’s mess.

Well, Zach doesn’t specifically cite Clayton at all but really the trauma of last season’s fantasy suite date still lingers as Zach sets his own guidelines that he will abstain from getting intimate with anyone, as it could save him some serious drama in the near future.

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So Zach says that there will be no Sex week for him. But host Jesse Palmer says Zach might get tempted, but Zach cites him just wanting to take a similar approach to former Bachelor Sean Lowe back in 2013.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11
Zach with Jesse (CC: ABC)

But let me just say nobody likes a copycat. But really, Zach isn’t Sean Lowe, and he shouldn’t try to be. He should simply just try and be himself. But of course, we’ll see what happens with these fantasy suite guidelines.

OK with Zack’s boundaries set, his first fantasy suite date goes to Ariel. They go on a night date around the night market. Then they head towards the Fantasy Suite where they sleep together but do not have sex. Now let’s quickly move on from Ariel as Zach did in this Episode

Zach And Gabi’s Date

Zach’s second date was with Gabi. By the time Gabi and Zach meet up, Zach tells Gabi that they are going to spend the day enjoying a private island together. They then travel to a beautiful private island, and despite having a great time so far, Gabi is still apparently in her head. Eventually, Gabi is in her turmoil spills over, and she shares her doubts with Zach. She feels like since it’s been some time since she’s last seen Zach, she is in her head that she is the 2nd fantasy suite date, and she is concerned about being chosen 2nd.

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Gabi ends up walking away and getting emotional as Zach eventually comes over and checks on Gabi’s well-being. Gabi then shares her concerns about trust and in her last relationship she dealt with infidelity. Zach comforts Gabi and he wants to support her, and they end up getting even closer as Gabi is glad she opened up about her doubts. And after being reassured, she is hopeful she can continue to open up to Zach.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11
Zach and Gabi do the deed (CC: ABC)

Then these two head to the formal dinner part of their date, where Zach tells Gabi that she is worthy of trustworthy love, and Gabi then opens up and tells Zach that she is falling for him. And Zach kisses Gabi and invites her to the fantasy suite, but makes a point to tell her about his guidelines Gabi is a bit confused but accepts. And these two take a boat ride to a pretty exotic suite where the room is above water and they end up making out where again Zach is being tested in the intimacy department.

In the morning, Zach and Gabi seem happy and content with each other, as they eventually say goodbye. And then Zach opens up to the cameras about what occurred in the fantasy suites with Gabi, and he confesses that he broke his guidelines and got intimate with Gabi.

And well, he is crushed only because he broke his own self-induced guidelines and went against his own word. But he says he has zero regrets about getting intimate with Gabi, but he feels bad about facing the consequences of what happened.

Zach Tells Katie About Him Being Intimate With Gabi

So it’s now time for Katie’s fantasy suite date and these editors are absolutely diabolical for starting this one off with Katie saying that she is falling in love with Zach and that he is extremely committed, loyal, and everything. Then she goes on to say that she has no doubt in her mind that their date is gonna go well.

Well, for this date, Zach and Katie are headed out into the swamp where, oh, it’s starting to rain. And Oh no, please tell me this is not the location where Zach’s going to tell her he slept with Gabi. Well, he does what he shouldn’t have done or at least waited till the date ended. He told her that he was intimate with Gabi

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Now, of course, Katie doesn’t take this well. They’re supposed to be here enjoying this beautiful date together where she gets to feel special. And now she’s sitting here listening to Zach talk about having sex with another woman, something she knew was a possibility but just rather would not have known. So after hearing what Zach had to say, Katie says that she gets that Zach wanted to tell her and that he is saying this cause he is respectful, but she could have gone without hearing that.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11
Zach tells Katie about the Deed (CC: ABC)

Of course though, overall it’s way better for Zach to be honest about this, but if he went to visit Gabi to tell her before anyone else, couldn’t have also gone and visited Katie and not have done it smack dab in the middle of their date. Maybe have the conversation the night before so she could sleep on it and decide if she wants to continue. That way they could have this date to focus on their connection and not the one he made with another woman earlier in the week.

Well, Katie was like “What am I supposed to say here? Thank you. That’s your relationship with the other women. Keep it there.” So the big question then becomes, will Katie even show up for the night portion of their date? And when she eventually does, the topic for the night becomes can they move past this?

Zach Tries To Chear Up Katie

Well, Zach says that he just needed to be honest with her, because for better or for worse, he’s someone who can’t hold a secret. My man Zach was trying to cheer up Katie and make her laugh by looking at the bright side. She says that keeping secrets was against his DNA. And that he used to rat on himself as a kid.

Zach’s parents were always like, Zach was the easiest kid to raise because if he did anything wrong in school, he used to tell everything to them. Because all the time the Catholic guilt had him.

And guilt will be the central theme for this episode and the rest of the season. The guilt that he felt with Gabi being the second date and her feeling like a second choice quite possibly could have led to him being intimate with her and trying to make her feel special. As well as the guilt that is going to feel from here on out with Katie.

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The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11
Ariel goes home (CC: ABC)

The Rose Ceremony

With all three fantasy suites completed, it’s time for the next rose ceremony, where Zach has to send one of these women home. And while the women come in one by one, Zach knows that he has to make another difficult decision. Zach arrives and talks to Jesse, who gives him a boost of confidence, telling him that being honest with the women is only going to get him closer to finding the Special One.

With only two roses to give out, Zach calls out Katie’s name first and then he calls out Gabi’s name, which means that Ariel is heading home after Fantasy Suites.

Zach walks out to Ariel, who takes the break up pretty maturely and wishes Zach the best as she tells Zach that he made it easy to open up to him. And with Ariel heading home, Zach’s final two are Gabi and Katie. But Gabi is still concerned about being singled out for breaking Zach’s own guidelines as she’s starting to doubt everything again.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 Release Date

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 will release on 27 March 2023 on ABC. So yeah, Episode 11 will be the final episode of The Bachelor Season 27. After 10 weeks of rejecting girls, Zach has finally narrowed it down to two girls, Gabi and Katie. Now Zach did sleep with Gabi, but in the finale, I think Zach will be choosing Katie.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 11 of The Bachelor Season 27 will air at 8 pm ET in the US. The Bachelor Episodes 11 release timings for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • 8:00 PM Eastern Time (New York, USA) on Monday, 27th March 2023
  • 12:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (London, UK) on Tuesday, 28th March 2023
  • 5:30 AM Indian Standard Time (Mumbai, India) on Tuesday, 28th March 2023
  • 8:00 AM China Standard Time (Beijing, China) on Tuesday, 28th March 2023
  • 9:00 AM Japan Standard Time (Tokyo, Japan) on Tuesday, 28th March 2023
  • 9:00 AM Korean Standard Time (Seoul, Korea) on Tuesday, 28th March 2023
  • 11:00 AM Australian Standard Time (Sydney, Australia) on Tuesday, 28th March 2023

You can watch episode 11 on ABC and can stream it on Hulu and fuboTV.

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