Boris’ Partner In 7 Little Words: The Cartoon Character

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7 Little Words
Borris Partner In Cartoons-7- Little Words- [Credits- Blue Ox]

What is 7 Little Words? Have You Played a popular game? Created by Blue Ox Family game based in Maine, USA, founded in November 1997. Blue Ox is an independent Studio that creates family-oriented games to be enjoyed by families. These games are available to be played on Android and Apple mobile apps.

The Studio has previously created several popular games like Moxie Classic, Monkey Wrench, Red Herring Trivia Hound, etc. The Studio specializes in the creation of games for children, and seven little word is one such game that has been loved by children and families since the time it was launched. The game often gets compared to other word games like Wordie or ten little words, but it became garnered immense popularity a year and a half after its initial release.

It was one of the most downloaded games at the time of lockdown. The game has gained over 6 million downloads on the App Store. Invented by Christopher York, seven little words is a puzzle game launched in May 2011. The game has a unique format that distills the crossword’s best elements, and it has garnered media attention over time.

7- Little Words
Puzzle Prompts In 7- Little Words [Credits- Blue Ox]
The game has since been expanded into multiple regions and languages by Blue Ox. The game has been adapted into a book version for people to play in offline mode. The game was last updated on April 20, 2023, to a 7.91 version.

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Who Is Boris’ Partner In Cartoons 7 Little Words

The crossword prompt Boris Partner In Cartoons was released on September 15, 2015, for the game’s players to solve. The puzzle left many of its players with the correct answer for the prompt.

The correct answer for the prompt got revealed to be NATASHA. So, the answer to the question of who Boris’ Partner in 7 Little Words is, NATASHA. This was one of the harder prompts in the seven little words game.

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How To Play The Game?

The game has a pattern where each day, 7 Little Words give its players one daily puzzle with seven clues to solve. The game also gives it’s player seven little bonus words to solve and enjoy. These clues are similar to the crossword puzzle prompts given in newspapers like “vehicle seen after blizzard” or “snowplow.”

The players get seven clues and 20 pieces to work with it. To complete and piece a word, the player has to tap on one of the word parts adding to the bar underneath the clues. The player then adds another part of the word to add it at the end of the previously placed part. If the player successfully creates a word and that word is one of the hidden words in the puzzle, it automatically triggers the prompt to be solved and crossed out.

7- Little Words
7-Little Words By Blue Ox [Credits- Blue Ox]
The bits of successful words would be eliminated permanently as each part can be used once only. The game becomes effortless for the players as the word gets eliminated, leaving solving subsequent hidden words to become effortless. The goal of the game is to solve all 7-word prompts by piecing the 20 words together. The game has no time limit or a limited number of attempts, thus making it enjoyable.

The word can be formed in any order, but it is vital to remember that words should be correctly selected in order to solve these prompts. The game is fun and helps one relax while exercising the minds of the player at the same time. This game is not for players who like competitive games or to compare their results with their friends.

The clues are the best bet for the players to solve the prompt and create the hidden word. After some clues get eliminated and word pieces, the remaining clues are straightforward. The game is based on the trial and error method as there are 1000s of words that can be made from the same combinations. The game gives a chance to the players to ask for a hint if they get stuck on some part.

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Price Of The Game

The game comes in several packages that a player can choose from.

  • Chocolate Pack- comes with 50 puzzles at $0.99
  • Bridges Pack- comes with 50 puzzles at $0.99
  • Coffee Pack- comes with 50 puzzles at $0.99
  • Clouds Pack- comes with 50 puzzles at $0.99
  • Unlimited Hints- worth $2.99
  • All Acess Pass- comes with monthly trials at $3.99

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