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Cherish The Day Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date: Romance is still Blooming

Cherish The Day Season 2 Episode 7
Ellie and Sunday having an argument

Love is still the most popular and complicated feeling for human beings. It has made its presence known in everyone’s life one or maybe more in their lives. Every human seeks love in some way or the other in their life. Romance is still young, and it always ages like a fine wine. We just have to wait for our season. 

Romance is the greatest and most popular genre in the film industry. Many creators just pick up the most popular romance book and make a film or a show out of it. Love is considered the unconditional motivation for all the artists out there.

Cherish the Day is another such American romantic show which is getting many positive reviews from all around the world. No story is complete without the element of love, it may be self-love or finding the love of our life, but it always makes the story ends well. Cherish the Day it’s a beautiful love story about two people who fall in love in the most unexpected way.

After the first season and eight episodes, people deserved the second season and Ava DuVernay who is also the director, creator and producer of the show did not disappoint the audience at all by releasing the second season on October 4, 2022.

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Recap of Cherish the Day Season 2 so far

Chef Sunday St. James returns home to New Orleans to visit his ailing father and reunite with his first love, Ellis. They remember their past and confide their life to each other. It’s a strange feeling talking about the past after so long and so many things have changed between them. Both of them try to hide their awkwardness and this strange complex tension between them.

Ellis and Sunday take a long drive to visit Grandma on Sunday, where they share their dreams and reflect on the past. After a good day together, things go wrong when he makes a move against Ellis on Sunday. She feels distant from him even though they had a good time together, doesn’t mean she was ready to get back with him.

Cherish The Day Season 2 Episode 7

Ellie is meeting Sunday after a very long time

A TV crew is filming Sunday to promote its restaurant, Vegan Food Collective. Ellis unexpectedly arrives at the restaurant during filming and asks for a second chance on Sunday. She doesn’t care that he’s surrounded by thousands of strangers she just had to confess to him that even though she was not ready then, she is now.

Cherish The Day Season 2 Episode 7

Tension building between them

Ellis nearly misses a Sunday event to help his ex-wife and son with some car trouble. Ellis and Sunday later have a heart-to-heart conversation, they try to explain to each other how they feel. But their reconciliation is cut short by the unexpected arrival of Anastasia. Ellis gets a little annoyed by the whole situation and even tried to ignore it, but it was too late she was already overthinking.

Ellis apologizes on Sunday for the unexpected meeting with her ex-wife last night. Sunday being the sweetest person on earth accepts her apology with a smile and invites her over to his house for dinner and to meet his daughter. Sunday is defeated and disappointed as she struggles to win Everly. 

Cherish The Day Season 2 Episode 7

Sunday tries to kiss her

After an overwhelming day, Sunday can’t wait for a surprise Ellis has planned, but new doubts arise about their relationship when Danny surprises Anastasia with a marriage proposal. All this creates a misunderstanding between them and even though they want to clear it out they are reluctant about it.

Cherish The Day Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date

We know that waiting for the next episode of your favourite and intriguing show is very difficult especially when you have no idea when it’s going to release. Please don’t cry alone wondering when episode 7 of Cherish the Day season two is going to be on your screens. 

According to the show schedule, it’s going to get released on 15th November 2022. 

Cherish The Day Season 2 Episode 7: Streaming Platform

If you haven’t watched the older episodes of Cherish the day season 2 then this is your chance before the next episode gets released. Cherish the Day season 2 episode 7 is releasing on its official streaming platform Apple Tv+ and Amazon Prime Video.  

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