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Nomadland Ending Explained: Why Does Fern Return to Empire?

‘Nomadland,’ the name is enough to tell what a masterpiece this film is and honestly saying what an amazing piece of art the creators and directors of this film has tried to convey through this film and have shown in this film. It is one of the best American neo-western drama films ever released and each and every segment of this film is portrayed so beautifully that each and every person who has watched this film was not able to stop them from appreciating the cast and crew of this film for presenting such a stunning and prudent film in front of them.

Chloe Zhao, the mastermind behind such an amazing and awesome film as she is the producer, writer, director, and even the editor of this film and she has done her every role in such an amazing and differently remarkable way that after this film she has marked her one of the best choices of her life and earned a huge amount of respect and fame, after all, creating such an amazing film is not everyone’s cup of tea and it requires huge patience and persistence for creating these types of neo-western films and that also on a huge budget spending.

Nomadland Ending, Explained

Nomadland Plot

This complete story stated from the Empire, Nevada. The economy of that town decrease and falls gradually after a US Gypsum plant permanently closes its shutters and it was the major source of income of that town and this shut down of shutters hit the people of that town very badly. After that, the complete story moved around the lady named Fern who was one of the citizens of that town, and her husband Bo has just passed away recently leaving her alone.

She has worked at that farm with her husband for all her adult life and hence finding a different job for her was a really critical task. That complete area soon became deserted as most of the people migrated to other places in search of good opportunities. Soon, Fern also realizes that she would also be not able to live for long like that and hence she sells some of her possessions and shifts to a van. Soon she starts working at an Amazon fulfillment center but it was a temporary job and she can’t rely on it completely and again finding a new job was not at all an easy task for her.

But while working there she came to know about nomadic living from her colleague and friend Linda. After following her advice, Fern gets into a desert gathering in Arizona where she learns about the features and regularities of Nomadic living and she actually liked it very much. With time, she starts living with the community as there she started forgetting all her griefs and problems and started living a fresh life. In the end when she realizes everything she returns to Empire, to her home which she and her husband Bo had bought together and that clearly shows that she plans to close that chapter of her life permanently.

Nomadland Ending, Explained

Ending Explained

Why Does Fern Return to Empire? Why Does She Later Leave the Town? We know these are some questions popping into your mind and we are going to clear each and everything here in this article. We would like to share with you all that in the end the director of this film has portrayed Fern as a really sweet and flawless character with a lot of patience and grief stored inside her and her calm nature and her sweetness as her biggest supporters.

She returned to her home in Empire, Nevada because that house was making her nostalgic as she has a lot of memories attached to that house after all she and her husband have bought that house together and have lived in that house all together until Bo passed away. This made her extremely emotional and she went back to Empire but for getting the last look at her home as she was going to sell it forever. After that, she leaves town forever and promised her she will never return to Empire again and sated living her road life again by exploring everything.


Can A Sequel Happen?

This film has won a lot of hearts after releasing on the OTT platform, as it didn’t get through the theaters and failed at the box office but keeping that aside if you just focus on the content and quality then this film definitely deserves a sequel as nowadays such amazing movies have stopped releasing and everything is just covered by action, comedy, and romance and no space is left for others. Overall we can say that we are expecting a sequel in this film and if it happens then we will surely update that on our site so stay in touch.

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