Big Bet Season 2 Episode 7 Review: ‘The Whirlwind Of Trust And Distrust’

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Big Bet season 2
Big Bet season 2 Credits: Disney+

Big Bet season 1 was described as a slow-paced crime drama with a slice-of-life vibe. For many, this was disappointing, while for others, this was the highlight. Even if people were disappointed with the pace, it is understandable because the whole point of watching a thriller is the adrenaline rush and anxiety it gives you. The show is directed by King Yoon-sung, and it is airing on disney+

Before diving into the second season, let us catch up on what happened in the first season. So we have a main protagonist, Cha Moo-Sik, a gangster who is framed for the murder of Min Seok-Joon. He is being investigated, aka traced, by a Korean detective, Oh Seung-hoon.

So, the first season dealt with Moo Sik’s journey to the Philippines, his upbringing, his various jobs, and then after he gets framed for the murder that pretty much became the focus of the show. 

Recap of Episode 7 of Big Bet Season 2

With this episode, we are really close to the ending, as this season, like the previous one, only has eight episodes. As it is near the end, we all expect a lot to happen in the season finale and hope for a good tie-up from the creators of the series. There is nothing worse than a loose tie for a crime thriller. 

Big Bet season 2
Big Bet season 2  poster Credits: Disney+

In episode seven, We see Moo-Sik returning to the Philippines after proving his innocence in Min’s death. We all know he is not a saint, but no one should go to jail for a crime they didn’t commit. The time he was absent changed a lot for his life in the Philippines.

He came back to his casino business, of course, without Jung Pal by his side(I still get a giggle at the fact that they named him after his best bussy in Reply 1988, a drama you should absolutely watch if you haven’t already). 

Sang-gu has paired up with Seung hoon, and it seems like Moo-Sik has certain doubts regarding Sang-gu’s loyalty. I mean, after all, he has been through, he should know not to trust anyone. 

Moo-Sik has his eyes on Raul and Jose, which is not going to be good for them, as we will see later in the episode. Sang-gu sent Seung hoon the video footage of JIn, Jose, Chil-gu, and Yoon Gi. This is going to help Seung hoon in some way because he already has bank statements belonging to jin. 

Now Jin is scared for her life and refuses to leave her house. Her fears do turn out to be true as they realize people are watching her every movement. After the arrest warrant against Jin is issued, Jin disappears the very same night, and no one can find her. Moo sik lets John know of his suspicion of Jose being involved in the murder of Min.

But, John warns Moo-Sik from informing Big Boss anything regarding this because Jose works with Raul, who happens to be Big Boss’s cousin, and Big Boss is not a big fan of people messing with family, much like Dominic Toretto. 

And, Moo-Sik is aware of the fact that he should not get on Big Boss’s bad side because, well, he is the big boss. Moo-Sik is able to catch Jose as he is also attempting to flee. Jose soon reveals that it was Raul’s plan to kill min.

Now, Moo-Sik does something that is extremely dangerous; he kidnaps Raul and confronts him. This confrontation doesn’t have a peaceful ending because Raul provokes Moo-Sik and is burned alive. 

This means trouble for Moo-Sik because Big Boss is now looking for Raul. John and Big Boss begin to suspect Moo-Sik of Raul’s disappearance. And when called by John to meet the big boss, Moo-Sik says he is going to Korea to deal with some urgent matter. He reaches Korea and stays with his friends, but he informs them he will go back to the Philippines. 

Meanwhile, Seung Hoon is in the Philippines looking for Jin And finally sees her. Sang gu informs Jung pal that it was Moo-Sik who killed Philip and Sojung and stole the money. Later, Jung pal tries breaking into the safe where the money is kept.  

Review of  Episode 7 of Big Bet Season 2

Big Bet season 2
Big Bet season 2 Moo-sik Credits: Disney+

Karma takes its time giving everybody what they deserve, that is what we usually believe, but if we go by that rule, at the end of Big Bet season 2, no one would be alive. Moo-Sik is not the main protagonist we root for, but that became crystal clear in this episode, burning someone alive is not what a good hero does.

Now one may argue that Raul was not a good person either, but neither was Moo-Sik, so he definitely doesn’t have the right to judge anyone regarding this. 

Moo-Sik may not have wanted to become a cold-blooded criminal that kills people for money and power, but that is exactly what it is. It is refreshing to see a completely dark male character not going through a cliche redemption arc. He doesn’t deserve one, and it wouldn’t make sense for a selfish Moo-Sik to suddenly become the good guy in the last episode. That would ruin the whole uniqueness the creators tried so hard to give this series. 

Coming into the cast, all the actors are doing a good job. The casting director cast some well-known and acclaimed actors in this series. There were so many faces we recognized in this series. They have all proved they know how to do their job.

I was really happy to see Son Suk Ku’s acting versatility. I am satisfied that he chose to do a completely different character from his yet another recent drama, ‘My Liberation Notes.’

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Coming to this episode is near the end, and we are all still uncertain about what will go down in the finale. I am guessing there will be a showdown between Big Boss and Moo-Sik; I mean, Big Boss, the most powerful and influential man in the Philippines, is not going to sit idle after knowing how his cousin was burned alive. 

We are also wondering if Seung hoon will be able to catch Moo-Sik, or if he will fail to do that. The fate of all the characters is uncertain, so I appreciate the creators for upholding the suspense factor in the series. 

Audience reaction to The Show

Big Bet 2 Moo-sik and Seung-hoon
Big Bet 2 Moo-sik and Seung-hoon Credits: Disney+

As expected, the show continues to receive mixed opinions from the audience. While many love this mix of slice-of-life and Crime genres, many are not huge fans of it. A group also said that though they were initially not on board with the concept, they gradually started enjoying it more.

Another common complaint is the lack of depth in the way characters are written, and this is something I felt at times too. No matter how good of an actor you are, if the character is not well written, it will affect the performance. This will affect the way the drama is perceived by the audience. 

Nevertheless, the audience loves the twists and turns the show puts forward. There are very unexpected revelations in the show.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, the show is an average watch with a star cast. If you are an ardent Korean drama fan who is up for experimenting with various genres, then there is a high chance you will like this drama.

Coming to the episode, it felt scattered, maybe this is just me, but I have always felt that Korean dramas have a tendency to squeeze in all the action in the last two episodes leaving the viewers suffocated with content but still underwhelmed.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.6/5).

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