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My Love From Another Star Review: Is It Good To Watch?

My Love From Another Star
My Love From Another Star, Image Credit: Netflix

Another magnificent South Korean fantasy revolves around an alien named Min-Joon, who descended from a star in 1906. It seems like he arrived with his guys to study Earth. Joseon Dynasty is shown in the beginning. He misses his trip back to his planet when he sees Seo Yi-Hwa, a girl, falling from a cliff, and he goes to save her. So, he has to stay on Earth for the coming 400 years. However, he falls in love with her.

He looks exactly like a human and works as a college professor. He never gets old but has to change his identity after every decade. He had also worked as a banker, lawyer, astronaut, and doctor during the four centuries. Min-Joon starts falling for his new neighbor only three months before his departure to his planet. The neighbor is a leading actress named Cheon Song-Yi. He finds that she resembles Seo Yi-Hwa.

On the one hand, Min-joon starts losing his power due to the departure date coming near, which draws the attention of the police investigating Song-yi’s rival. On the other hand, Song-Yi finally allows Min-Joon to return to his planet for his well-being.

Main Characters

You are aware of the lead couple Min-Joon and Song-Yi. Lee Hee-Kyung has been Song-Yi since middle school, always got in getting rejected by her. So, he stays around only as her friend. He is jealous of Min-Joon due to his proximity to Song-Yi, yet he joins hands with him to keep Jae-Kyung away from Song-Yi. Lee Hee-Kyung has an older brother named Lee Jae-Kyung, a father (the chairman of S&C Group) named Lee Beom-Joong, and a mother named Hong Eun-ah.

On the other hand, Song-yi’s childhood female friend Yoo Se-mi is jealous of her due to her hindrance to Yoo Se-mi’s career and love. She has had a crush on Lee Hee-Kyung since middle school but never got the same feelings from the other side. She has a mother named Han Sun-young and an older brother (the prosecutor overseeing Yoo-ra’s suicide case) named Yoo Seok.

My Love From Another Star

My Love From Another Star, Image Credit: Quora

Jae-kyung had a secret relationship with Song-yi’s rival actor Yoo-Ra. He asks Song-Yi to keep quiet about it, but Min-Joon saves her by promising to bury the evidence. However, Jae-Kyung, being more dangerous, harms Yoo Seok and Min-Joon.

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A Recap Of My Love From Another Star

Min-Joon lands on Earth from a UFO and saves a girl from falling off the cliff. His senses are more powerful than others, and he cannot mix his saliva or blood with that of others. Lee Hee-Kyung arrives at the airport, and Song-Yi refuses to welcome him with a warm hug.

Song-Yi stops Min-Joon in the elevator and says he must have secretly influenced the higher authority to be a professor at a young age. Min-Joon says something to himself, and Song-Yi takes it as an insult. She gets a message regarding the massive amount her mother took out from her account.

Min-joon’s lawyer friend Jang knows him better than he knows himself. Min-Joon takes Song-Yi to the hospital after hearing her moans due to the stomachache. There, he pretends to read a horoscope telling her not to go near the boats and be careful around water. He does this due to a related vision he had.

On the one side, Min-Joon learns to detach himself from the humans. On the other hand, his lawyer assures him that people will keep loving passionately, though they know they will die someday. Min-Joon stops by a river when he sees a crowd surrounding a corpse that wears glittery heels.

Min-Joon stops himself from getting physically closer to Song-Yi. After getting out of the room, he hears Hyung Jae-Kyung saying something secretly scary to his secretary. However, he runs away using his superpowers when they try to catch him.

Jae-kyung arrives at Song-yi’s place to show fake concern. She makes him coffee while he stares at her creepily. Min-Joon asks her not to open the door to any man using harsh words. She throws him out where he and Jae-Kyung stand before each other in anger.

Lee Hee-Kyung confesses his love to Song-Yi. Hearing it from outside the door, Min-Joon stops time before she answers. After going at enough distance, he unfreezes it. Song-yi is about to say yes, but her mind gets changed after getting unfrozen, and she ends up rejecting Lee Hee-kyung’s proposal.

Song-Yi meets with an accident and calls Min-Joon in panic. He locates her and reaches to stop the car. She sees him but finds none when she gets out of the car. She calls Lee Hee-Kyung. He locates her through her GPS.

Song-Yi and Min-Joon kiss each other, and their heartbeats rise. Song-Yi calms down after some time, but Min-Joon does not. He falls sick, and the reason is he cannot consume the blood or saliva of any human. His lawyer understands the reason afterward.

Miin-joon’s lawyer urges him not to reveal his powers and tell Song-Yi about Jae-Kyung. But Min-Joon believes that Song-Yi is safer until she does not know about how dangerous Jae-Kyung is.

Jae-Kyung cancels a meeting at S&C Group. Till then, Lee Hee-Kyung arrives at his office and pretends to wait for him for spoofing. But he ends up coming across locked drawers. Min-Joon uses harsh words to get away from Song-Yi, which makes her shed tears.

Se-mi admits that she has loved Hee-Kyung for a long time. Song-Yi finds Min-Joon in a pool of blood. She calls the lawyer Jang when Min-Joon refuses to go to the hospital. So, the lawyer only wraps the wound.

Min-Joon confesses his identity to Song-Yi and asks her to leave. He wants to show how dangerous he is. But, Song-Yi holds his hand and asks why he saved her if he was so dangerous. “Because you resemble the girl I love,’ answers Min-Joon. Jae-Kyung knows he can beat Min-Joon only through Song-Yi.

Min-Joon reaches Jae-Kyung’s office. He throws his desk in the air when he sees Jae-Kyung trying a hit a button under his desk. Min-Joon grabs his throat and takes him to the terrace. “I will kill you the same way you did to Song-Yi,” says Min-Joon while pushing him off the terrace.

Only one month is left before Min-joon’s departure. Song-yi’s father and Bok-Ja come to meet her in the hospital. Bok-Ja urges her to marry Hee-Kyung, who loves her, instead of the goblin man. Min-Joon reads a headline saying that Song-Yi has been engaged to Hee-Kyung.

My Love From Another Star

My Love From Another Star, Image Credit: Viu

Min-Joon breaks into a sweat and lies unconscious. Song-Yi takes him home, driving through the traffic. She keeps talking while Min-Joon falls asleep. The next morning, Yoon-Jae finds her getting out of his house. He acts like an overprotective father and says that all men are the same, though Song-Yi keeps saying that Min-Joon is too sick to do these things.

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Min-Joon agrees during the interview that the upcoming comet will take him home for the last time. He will die if he does not go this time. Yoon-Jae comes across a news report mentioning the approach of a comet that comes after 400 years. Song-Yi goes to her room and cries a lot because Min-Joon will never come back to Earth.

Song-Yi makes excuses and shares a bed with Min-Joon in the vacation house. She asks him to turn the lights off, but he makes the old excuse of being tired and wanting to sleep. The next morning, he tries to lift her with his powers but can do it only for a few inches. Later, he tests his powers only to find out that they fail after some time.

Song-Yi goes to lawyer Jang taking the journal. She knows the truth, and still, she calls him father. “Why does Min-Joon not want to return to his planet?” asks Song-Yi. “He loves you, though he knows he may die here. He has always cared for you,” says Lawyer Jang. Min-Joon carries Song-Yi to the hospital without caring about hiding his powers. It hits the internet fast.

Min-Joon has seen several people getting born, living, and dying in 400 years. He always wondered why they live so passionately when they know they will die someday. Now he knows the reason. He confesses his love to Song-Yi. She says they will get married today, and he must not forget her after returning to his planet.

Min-joon’s body gets decomposed into smaller particles, and he vanishes according to his vision. “Min-Joon had asked me to take care of you after he is gone,” Hee-Kyung informs Song-Yi. Min-Joon gets recovers slowly and tries to come to Earth with longer stretches every time.

My Love From Another Star

My Love From Another Star, Image Credit: Amazon

Our Review

You must watch My Love From Another Star if you are inclined towards fantasy, comedy, science fiction, and romance. Lee Hee-Kyung is rich from his childhood. Do, he appears to be a spoiled and egoistic brat who wants to get Song-yi through money. But our views of him change with every episode.

After a few episodes, we realized his true feelings for Song-yi. He had no place for another girl for 12 years. He even went against his elder brother to save his love. Kim Soo-hyun (Min-joon) and Jun Ji-hyun (Song-yi) have topped the lists of the highest-paid actors, and they have nailed it in this series. If they are not perfect for these characters, who else can be?

They have shown a good balance between the historical period (around 400 years ago) and the present. The two periods have different backgrounds, and the historical outfit has hardly any flaws. So we did not get confused watching it.

Kim Soo-hyun (Min-joon) has maintained the character of a strong, powerful, and extra-terrestrial living thing throughout the series. The other side characters like Lee Hee-Kyung, Lee Jae-kyung, and the lawyer Jang has also nailed it.

Several characters, including the new ones, turned out to be related to the other characters in this series. These relations were not required. However, the powerful story hides this extra feature. It is still not clear how Min-joon was born or with whom he stayed on that planet because he says that he does not have a family.

Big fights among the characters got wrapped within a few sensible dialogs for many episodes. Thus, the makers have intelligently tried to stretch the series. But, the lead couple did not react as they should in several episodes. Get ready to watch the later episodes with a box of tissue paper because they will make you emotional.

The ending does not conclude on a strong point. It looks like the makers wanted to choose emotions and science fiction together. You can challenge it if you know more about astronomy, science, or science fiction.

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How To Watch My Love From Another Star

My Love From Another Star is available on Amazon Prime, Viki, and Netflix. Some platforms are region-specific. Dubbed versions can be found on MX Player and Youtube.

My Love From Another Star combines comedy, romance, and suspense. The first episode of this series got aired on 18 December 2013, and the last was on 27 February 2014. It had only 21 episodes that got aired every Wednesday and Thursday. The final episode will surely make several viewers cry. We find Song-Yi and Min-Joon letting each other go away for their well-being. So, selfless love also gets portrayed here.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4/5).

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