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What was the Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement? Everything To Know

tiger woods divorce settlement
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, Credits: People

Tiger Woods is the bigger name when it comes to professional gold but do you know that he struggled a lot when it came to his personal life, he had to give settlements to many of his wives, but exactly why this all happened, and what at the end lead to it all, this article will give you each and every brief.

Let us take a look at this article in order to get some great information regarding what was the actual Tiger Woods divorce settlement that he had to pay and what was the cheating scandal and other things that happened to Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods for those of you who don’t know is an American professional golfer, he is a very well-known name within the industry and therefore holds the name for various accolades and awards within the industry. He is regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time and therefore is also an inductee to the World Golf Hall of Fame. But his personal life has been hugely into great trouble which even leads to some legal adjustments.

Let us take a look at this article in order to get some greater insights.

tiger woods settlements

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, Credits: NDTV

What was the Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement?

The news of Tiger Woods’s divorce shocked the whole world when he was caught cheating, but the end result of the cheating was very painful for him due to the fact that he had to pay a huge amount of money to his spouse for the unfaithfulness that he committed. 

Elin Nordegren‘s and Tiger Woods’s six years of marriage were brutally ended when the couple headed for divorce, however, the divorce became one of the very expensive celebrity divorces in Hollywood history.

But Elin in this divorce received $100-110 million from the divorce settlement, not only was this the highest amount of divorce settlement that she received but around $20,000 as monthly child support. 

And therefore with all of the money she received, she also got great some of the property when she won the couple’s home in Windermere, but she in the end sell the house to move on to her next properties to stay.

What happened to Tiger Woods and his cheating scandal?

Well, no one would have thought of ever that Tiger who is a very known personality would end up doing something like this, but when it all came out it was very shocking even for the fans also to absorb and experience. 

Thus in 2009, it was found that Tiger was cheating on his wife Elin and therefore was involved with multiple women at one time thus in 2010, they went on to clarify and confirm their official divorce.

Although both of them are officially divorced, the fact that they both share the joint custody of their children and have therefore straight confirmed that they will look after their children even after they personally share differences within both of them. 

They are still both friends and therefore share joint custody of their children.

What was the Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement?

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman, Credits: People

What happened to Tiger Woods’s Ex Erica Herman?

Erica Herman was yet another girlfriend of Tiger Wood and therefore after Tiger Wood’s highly public divorce from Elin, he went on to have another relationship with her, however, Herman ran a few of the places with Woods back then and therefore now she is accusing Woods of the major things related to leasing.

Therefore she is accusing Woods that Tiger purchased a home in the state of Florida in 208 and therefore Herman was in charge of keeping the property in good shape therefore as per Erica’s statement Woods broke their agreement and thereafter did not give her the fair share of the money that she was supposed to get from the sale of the house. 

And with the Legal representatives of Woods, are saying that there was never such an agreement in place and that Erica was a houseguest all the time.

However, still, some things are not clear within their relationship but it looks like Tiger has had always very bad luck when it came to his relationship since every one of the relationships that he went through made to cost him very much in terms of money.

But since nothing is clear in this case, we still have to look up to the clarifications made by the judge within this case.

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