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What Happened to Judith in Walking Dead Season 11?

judith thewalking dead
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With an exciting new season, our very own post-apocalyptic series, The Walking Dead, is back. However, the APC zombie series regrettably had its eleventh and final season. The program that premiered its pilot episode back in 2010 finished its run in August 2021 and pulled the curtains down with its last episode in November 2022.

The focus of the program, which has been running for more than 12 years, is how after a zombie apocalypse, those who have survived, make allies with one another to fight for their lives in an effort to preserve humanity. Meanwhile, a sheriff named Rick Grimes awakens from a coma and decides to lead the gang after assessing the situation. As a result, the adventures continue.

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Throughout the course of the series, we have seen a number of characters live until the end, with many of them moving on to new adventures via spinoff series like Dead City, Fear of the Walking Dead, or their own spinoff.

One character has managed to hold the audience’s attention from the third season right up until the show’s conclusion, Judith. Nearly all the characters received the happy endings they deserved. She was a survivor of the end because she was born during the end.

The walking dead judith

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Judith was Lori and Shane’s biological daughter, but after both parents died, Rick raised her and his son Carl as his own. Rick being the group’s leader, many survivors pitched in for to raise the children, and also helped him doing so. Fans would see Judith develop throughout the novel, and the youngster would survive multiple close misses.

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Who has played the role of Judith over the years?

Many child actors have played Judith throughout the series, over the years.


credits: Bleeding Cool

From Leighton Case in season 3 to Clara Ward and Jaelyn Behun in seasons 5th and 6th season, to name a few. But Cailey Fleming took over the role following a six-year time leap in season 9.

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What happens to Judith in TWD season 11

In season 11, Judith showed up first at the Commonwealth with her uncle Daruhm, but by the second part of the season, she and her stepbrother, RJ were seen cared for by Carol. She was born in the epidemic, but in this season she got to experience what life was like prior to this, we see her doing normal human stuff like eating cotton candy. 

By season 11, Judith had suffered just so many tragedies in her young life, but she made the best of it and used the talents she learned along the road to defend her new family. She believed that the survivors should stay in the Commonwealth to assist those who were unable to help themselves.

judith the walking dead

credits: The Natural Aristrocrat

Judith was accidentally fired by Governor Milton, who was actually going for Maggie in the series’ closing episodes, and whether it hit or kill her was kept in suspense, to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

But fortunately, this occurred within the Commonwealth’s gates, where Dr. Tomi had the knowledge and equipment to save her life. Judith tells her brother RJ after the coda scene with her mother and father that they get to start afresh since they are “The ones who live.”

With the announcement of the spinoff series with Rick and Micheone, there has been no word on whether Judith and RJ would appear in the spinoff based on their parents’ it is only justified that they should. If there is a time jump in the Rick & Michonne series, these parts will almost certainly have to be recreated with older actors.

Although the first season will most probably focus on their specific individual accounts of what they have encountered in their time apart, but despite everything we are excited to catch up with them on their journey. Are you also a fan of Judith, and find her growth over the show pleasing? Who else is your favorite in the show?

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