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Who Does Rock Lee End up with in Naruto & Boruto Anime Series?


Naruto is one of the greatest animes of all time and is loved by fans all over the world. Naruto is famous not just for its story and protagonist but also for its villains and side characters as all of them have very unique skills, personalities, and goals which makes them really fun to watch and it’s normal if you find yourself forgetting that they are merely side characters due to the depth of their character design. 

One of those many great characters from the Naruto series is Rock Lee, who is also one of the friends Naruto makes during his journey to become the Hokage. Rock Lee is always portrayed as an inspiring and kind-hearted person which puts him on the same frequency as our protagonist.

Nearing the end of the anime, every character was shown to be getting married. Many fan-made ships came true and many became false. Even though it seemed somewhat rushed, it is hard to deny that it was a sight worth remembering. The ships included Naruto and Hinata, Sakura and Sasuke, Shikamaru and Temari, and Sai and Ino.

Who did Rock Lee end up with?

Naruto all characters. credit:sportskeeda

But isn’t something missing here? Where is Rock Lee? This question caught a lot of attention in the Naruto fandom leading people to make various assumptions as to who did Rock Lee end up with. Boruto came along but the question remains unanswered to date. So, let’s look at some of the theories and speculations as to whom did our favorite side character ended up with.

Who is Rock Lee?

Rock Lee was first introduced as an opponent to Naruto and Sasuke. After being challenged by Sasuke, who recently unlocked his Sharingan. Rock Lee swept the floor with him leaving the whole audience in shock. Rock Lee then went on to face Gaara in the final stage of the chunin exam and gave a fight that went down as one of the greatest in the history of anime fights.

Lee is a master of Taijutsu but he didn’t achieve that mastery without a price. As a child, Lee always suffered because of his lack of ninjutsu skills and he wasn’t able to qualify for the ninja academy because of it. But that didn’t stop him, he met with Guy sensei, who saw the talent in him and trained him. After training day and night relentlessly for years. Lee became truly powerful and proved to everyone who doubted him that he wasn’t a failure.

Who does Rock Lee end up with?

Rock Lee in Naruto

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Who did Rock Lee end up with? Theories

One of the most famous theories is that Rock Lee ended up with TenTen, who is a childhood friend of his as they trained under the same sensei and have also always looked out for each other. This theory has many supporting points such as,

  • Rock Lee and Tenten were shown together in the Boruto movie end credits in which every couple was shown standing together.
  • Rock Lee and Tenten have also supported each other and have been really great friends.
  • The son of Rock Lee, Metal Lee shares the abilities of Rock Lee and Tenten with his Taijutsu mastery and Ninja tools mastery. 

Even though these points make this theory quite solid. It was confirmed in the Boruto series that Tenten is indeed single and has shown no romantic affection towards Lee.

Who does rock lee end up with?

Tenten from Boruto

Another theory revolved around the character name Azami. Azami is the great-granddaughter of a legendary Taijutsu user named Chen, who is an inspiration for Rock Lee. Even though this theory looks good, it is very weak as Azami is just shown as a filler character and is nowhere in the manga.

All the theories apart, So far there have been no clues as to whom did Rock Lee end up with or who is Metal Lee’s (Rock Lee’s son) mother. When Kishimoto, the writer of Naruto was asked about this he turned the question down by saying that he isn’t sure.

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So far there is no answer as to whom did Rock Lee end up with. It can also be said that Kishimoto willingly left the story open-ended to allow fans to make up theories as he has done this several times in the past. It can also be seen as a trend in Naruto to hide the family details of Taijutsu users as no details about the family of Guy sensei, except his father was ever revealed. So all we can do now is just wait and see if, in future Boruto episodes, we get an answer. 

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