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Rockstar Games – 3 Most Iconic Titles of the Biggest Game Developers

Rockstar Logo

Rockstar Games has been, without a doubt, one of the biggest game developers in the gaming industry. They have been releasing record-setting, one in a million games one after the other. With tons of games under their belt, what are 3 of their most iconic creations?

Rockstar has always had competition from other names throughout its lifespan, but none of them has ever come to beat them when it comes to single-player open-world games. The narrative, the graphics, the characters, the gameplay, the developer pays so much attention to these without leaving a stone unturned.

With such detail to every aspect of a game, they make sure that their game is much more than a 60 to 70-hour playthrough; it’s an experience that stays with us for all our lives. So before we get down to the lists, let’s look at the developer themselves.

The company came about sometime in 1988 as a subsidiary to the developing giants, Take-Two Interactive. Sam Houser is the President of the company; Dan Houser also serves as one of the founders. Soon after the company was established, Take-Two began purchasing other companies and adding them to the roster of Rockstar like Rockstar Canada, Rockstar Dundee, and many more.

But no one expected the company to blow upon such a huge scale; the company is like a household name. When it comes to video games, if there is a Rockstar logo present on the disc, it’s a guaranteed hit.

Map Payne

The company prides itself on being the best developers for action-adventure single-player games, but don’t be mistaken; they have almost all types of games under their belts.

The funny thing is usually when a developer tries to go out of their comfort zone and try out a different style of games, the chances of the whole thing working out is meager. But not for Rockstar; they have dipped their feet into racing, Detective games, Online games, even some mobile games, and Rockstar being the legends they are, they excelled in every single one of them.

Some of their most famous titles are Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, LA Noire, Max Payne, Bully, and Red Dead Redemption.

Let’s now get into the list; keep in mind this list is in no particular order, and it’s completely based on our opinion.


Before we kick-off, when it comes to games made by Rockstar, we have to use the phrase one of the greatest games of all time little too much. But the main thing is we aren’t exaggerating; they literally are some of the greatest games of all time.

Bully was one of the greatest games of all time! Released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, the game took the world by storm. It could be seen as the most daring and weird turns that Rockstar has taken over the years. The company has a reputation for making some of the most violence-filled games in history, where almost anything is permitted.

So when they decided to make a game based on a school and the main character being a schoolboy, people were scared. It was a huge gamble; everything could go sideways easily. But Rockstar executed the whole thing to perfection. They showed everyone that if huge risks are taken with proper planning and research and also very proper execution, then the rewards are far greater.

People who grew up in the 2000’s era and before still singing praises about how great of a game Bully was. They toned down the violence; they also toned the whole Rockstar shenanigans in general and gave us a perfect game.

We controlled James “Jimmy” Hopkins, who is a school going, Bully. We had an open world to ourselves to cause all the carnage we craved. We can attend classes, try our luck with the other gender, fight with melee weapons, the weapons being stuff that only kids would have, roam around with some vehicles like skateboards and go-karts.


The game is divided into set missions; completing them would lead us to increase our ranks. Like in true Rockstar fashion, the game features a wanted level of sorts, but the toned-down version. You’ll get grabbed by the local police or teachers, but you won’t be chased around in a tank while fighter jets shoot missiles at you.

The story and the gameplay really gave the world an enjoyable experience. Bully will always stay in our hearts as one of the best games.

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Grand theft Auto San Andreas

Released back in 2004 for the PS2, this is still one of the best and the most iconic games! Being the seventh title in the Grand theft Auto series, people thought the company would start running out of ideas, and the franchise would slowly decline. But Rockstar just showed everyone that they were just getting started.

The game features an amazing open world of San Andreas, keeping in mind when it was released, the map and the graphics were just amazing. The map was a character in itself; the jokes still go around as to how we know the game map more than our own hometown, believe is it’s no joke we actually do.

The world is filled with pedestrians to run over, all types of cars to hijack, ramps to jump over, cops that chase you, restaurants to eat till we throw up, gyms to use, and even houses for some in-game girlfriends.

But the map is only one of the things that makes this game so amazing; the characters are the most iconic ones. CJ and Big Smoke still are legendary characters. We still see memes and videos referencing these characters to this day; Big Smoke had some iconic lines in the game that will live forever in the hall of greatest video game quotes.

GTA San Andreas

We could do almost anything and everything exactly like from what you would expect in a Grand Theft Auto game, from hijacking cars to flying around in an iconic jetpack; anything was possible. We controlled CJ, a gang member from the Grove Street of Los Santos; we are introduced to many gang rivalries.

The game isn’t just about gang members going at it with each other; the story is much deeper and very addictive.

Red Dead Redemption

Released in 2010, Red Dead Redemption acts as the sequel to Red Dead Revolver, making it the second entry in the franchise. But the game is completely different from the previous one.

Spoon far as ratings go; this game took number 1 place in a huge roster of video game review sites as the best game in the world. Cowboys and the Wild West was a theme that many game developers wanted to try their luck on, but no one could quite get the right feel for it. Fans really wanted one game set in this theme; people loved these types of movies, so getting to play a game as a cowboy outlaw seemed like a pipe dream.

But not for long as Rockstar stepped in to save us and save us, they did. Set in the year 1911, when the American frontier started falling, we take control of fo cowboy outlaw John Marston. A character that is set in stone as one of the greatest. We follow him as he tries to capture every single one of his previous gang members.

So how did this game earn a title as the best game in the world? Is it because they could make a game about a theme that people were waiting for so long? That is one part, but there are so many other reasons for it.

The map was so huge and so incredibly detailed. Filled with bounties to collect, stuff to loot, random interactions with citizens that would lead to some very curious developments, hunting and gutting wild animals, you could do anything and everything just like in Grand theft Auto, but this time it was set in the Wild West, and you were a cowboy! A dream come true.

Red dead redemption I

You had a trusty horse to help you traverse the dangerous lands. The map was so beautiful that you would find yourselves stopping now and then to aze upon the beauty that Rockstar has created. The characters were done so beautifully and accurately, the voice acting, the animations, everything was so good.

Finally, the story, in our opinion, has one of the best stories out there. We will not spoil any of it if you haven’t played it; go try it out. The game was followed by Red Dead Redemption 2, which acted as a prequel. A brilliant game that would make a name for itself as once again one of the best games in the world.

Do you agree with this list? What are your favorite games by this huge developer?

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