Doctor Cha Episode 8: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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Doctor Cha Episode 8: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide
Doctor Cha (Credits: JTBC)

The next episode of Doctor Cha will be out very soon. Doctor Cha is an ongoing K-drama that premiered on April 15, 2023. It is a hospital romantic comedy series. The story got interesting with each episode. Our main protagonist, Jung Sook, has a doubt about her husband having an affair. Dr. Roy has found out about Dr. In Ha and Dr. Sung Hee. We learn that In Ho and Sung Hee have a daughter the same age as Yi Rang.

Doctor Cha is rapidly growing in popularity. With the release of a new episode, it is breaking the previous episode’s viewership rating. The last episode made the highest personal record for JTBC Doctor Cha. Kim Dae Jin and Kim Jung Wook is the director of the series. The main characters are Uhm Jung Hwa as Cha Jung Sook, Kim Byung Chul as Seo In Ho, Myung Se Bin as Choi Sung Hee, and Min Woo Hyuk as Roy Kim.

Doctor Cha revolves around the life of Cha Jung Sook. She used to be a full-time housewife for the past twenty years. To her family, Jung Sook has devoted her entire life. She learned about her acute hepatitis that requires surgery. While struggling to survive, she understood to live for herself to the fullest. She decides to restart her life as a doctor.

Doctor Cha Episode 8: Recap

Seo In Ho finds out that his daughter, Yi Rang, is interested in Art school, not medical school. He checks her room and finds out all certificates and art materials. He tears it and throws it away in the hall. Even after stopping by his mother and Jung Sook, he throws away everything in the trash.

Jung Sook asks her husband about Sung Hee and her daughter. Her daughter is friends with Yi Rang. Jung Sook feels uncomfortable in the hospital working around Sung Hee. She is trying to support her daughter by recovering items from the trash. Her daughter explains that art school is expensive and that she cannot afford it alone. Jung Sook pawned her branded handbag the next day to save money.

Doctor Cha Episode 8: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide
Doctor Cha Episode Still (Credits: JTBC)

It is the college admission counselling at the school, but Jung Sook is on night duty. Dr Roy helps her while she visits the school with her daughter. Dr In Ho’s mother is suspicious about the increasing closeness between Roy and Jung Sook. Jung Sook is worried about how to finance her daughter. Through Dr Jeon, she learns about the overdraft account. She visits the bank to check her credit score. She discovers property worth 450 million won in her name.

Jung Sook got a credit loan and paid her daughter’s art academy fees. Dr Jeon orders Jeong Min to fetch her cell phone from her hospital room. Jung Sook insists on bringing it to her. She discovered that her son, Jeong Min, is dating Jeon So Ra, his senior. She is terrified of Dr Jeon’s rude attitude and contacts her son to confirm, but he refuses.

Doctor Cha Episode 8: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide
Doctor Cha Episode Still (Credits: JTBC)

There is broadcasting going on inside the hospital. They are making a documentary on patients. Seo In Ho is getting jealous of Dr Roy again. A patient has a failure during the surgery due to Dr In Ho’s shoulder pain. He doesn’t want to live anymore. His fiance’s parents persuade him to give up on marriage because his disease is genetic. He writes a suicide note and moves to the terrace.

The crowd outside the hospital is growing larger and larger. After asking around, Dr Roy and In Ho found that a patient was attempting suicide on the roof. Dr Cha went to stop him. Dr Roy and Dr In Ho run to save Jung Sook.

Doctor Cha Episode 8: Release Date & Time

Episode 8 of Doctor Cha will be airing on 7th May 2023. It is a weekend tv series by JTBC. The new episode of Doctor Cha releases at 10:30 pm KST. The duration of each episode is about 65 minutes. Global viewers can set the timing by referring to the schedule below to enjoy Doctor Cha. 

  • Pacific Standard Time (Canada): 6:30 am (7th May 2023)
  • Central Standard Time (US): 8:30 am (7th May 2023)
  • Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): 9:30 am (7th May 2023)
  • Greenwich Mean Time (UK): 1:30 pm (7th May 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 7:00 pm (7th May 2023)
  • Thailand Time: 8:30 pm (7th May 2023)
  • China Standard Time (China): 9:30 pm (7th May 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 10:30 pm (7th May 2023)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia): 11:00 pm (7th May 2023)

Doctor Cha Episode 8: Where to watch it?

Doctor Cha’s episodes are on the JTBC network channel, which is only accessible to Korean audiences. For international viewers, Netflix is the only platform releasing new episodes every weekend cited above. Netflix requires a subscription which begins from a minimum of $ 6.99.

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