How To Watch MTV Unplugged? Streaming Guide for USA and India

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MTV Unplugged
MTV Unplugged (Credits: MTV)

MTV Unplugged is an ongoing TV show airing on MTV that is all about music. The show features several contestants who play songs mostly by taking the help of an acoustic instrument. The show is a platform that sees various performances of solo as well as group music artists who perform some of their previously released smash songs and also do some covers.

Quite a few of the artists who have made an appearance on the show have later released their performed songs on MTV Unplugged as an album. Mariah Carey’s MTV Unplugged (1992), 10,000 Maniacs’ MTV Unplugged (1993), Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged in New York (1994), Shakira’s MTV Unplugged (1999) and Ricky Martin’s MTV Unplugged (2006) are amongst the few albums that had the honor of going platinum.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey’s MTV Unplugged (Credits: Flickr)

MTV Unplugged Seasons 1-24 Streaming Guide

MTV Unplugged Season 1: 26 November 1989 – 13 December 1990 (19 episodes)

Initially aired on 26 November 1989, the Season 1 of USA’s MTV Unplugged featured artists like Elliot Easton from The Cars, Squeeze, The Smithereens, Nuclear Valdez, Indigo Girls, Sinead O’Connor, Elton John, and Aerosmith, amongst many others.

MTV Unplugged Season 2: 03 March 1991 – 03 July 1991 (7 episodes)

The second season hit it off with The Cure performing songs like “Just Like Heaven,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” and “The Blood,” to name a few, and came to an end on 03 July 1991 with Elvis Costello’s performance that was shot in Los Angeles. Season 2 also saw Paul McCartney, Winger with Slaughter, R.E.M. (1), and Sting.

MTV Unplugged Season 3: 11 March 1992 – 11 November 1992 (10 episodes)

Season 3 of MTV Unplugged was aired on 11 March 1992, with the first episode featuring Eric Clapton and the last episode featuring Bruce Springsteen. This season also housed the show’s first-ever R&B edition (ep02), which featured Shanice, Joe Public, and Boyz II.

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Nirvana MTV Unplugged CD
Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged in New York (Credits: Amazon)

MTV Unplugged Season 4: 13 February 1993 – 14 December 1993 (13 episodes)

Airing from February to December of 1993, this season featured the artists Roxette; Neil Young; Denis Leary; k.d. lang; and Rod Stewart; and the bands Arrested Development; 10,000 Maniacs; Soul Asylum; Midnight Oil; Duran, Duran; and Nirvana.

MTV Unplugged Season 5: 02 February 1994 – 14 December 1994 (11 episodes)

Stone Temple Pilot kicked off the fifth season by performing some songs from Core, their debut album. Other artists who performed throughout the season were Tony Bennett, Lenny Kravitz, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Phil Collins, Björk, Bob Dylan, and the Latin band- Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

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MTV Unplugged Season 6: 21 March 1995 – 23 November 1995 (11 episodes)

Season 6 featured performances by Melissa Etheridge, Hole, Live, Sheryl Crow, Charly Garcia, Café Tacvba, Herbert Groenemeyer, and Kiss. Furthermore, The Cranberries performed “Zombie,” “Ode to My Family,” and “Linger” whereas “Wicked Game,” “Lie to Me,” “Blue Days, Black Nights,” and “Two Hearts” were performed by Chris Isaak.

MTV Unplugged Season 7: 22 April 1996 – 5 November 1996 (10 episodes)

The season aired in April 1996 with a beautiful show by Hootie & the Blowfish and ended in November of the same year with La Maldita Vecindad’s performance. There were also performances by Oasis, Tori Amos, and George Michael.

MTV Unplugged Season 8: 15 June 1997 – 28 November 1997 (10 episodes)

Season 8 saw a series of stunning performances by The Wallflowers, Fiona Apple, Blackstreet, as well as Bryan Adams, amongst others.

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Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin Unplugged (Credits: Wikipedia)

MTV Unplugged Season 9: 22 February 1998 – 06 November 1999 (7 episodes)

This was the season of Shakira, Mana, and Incubus. Other artists that performed were The Corrs, Alanis Morissette, Los Ratones Paranoicos, and a second appearance by Björk.

MTV Unplugged Season 10: 20 September 2000 – 11 November 2001 (8 episodes)

The widely known Utada Hikaru, a Japanese singer, performed in this season. Alejandro Sanz, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, and La Ley also put forward some speechless performances besides other artists.

MTV Unplugged Season 11: 24 April 2002 – 31 August 2004 (6 episodes)

Dashboard Confessional started off the show’s eleventh season, followed by Die Ärzte, Ken Hirai, Nickelback, Diego Torres, and El Tri.

MTV Unplugged Season 12: 24 April 2005 – 02 September 2005 (5 episodes)

The show’s twelfth season comprised only five episodes and saw performances of artists such as Hitomi Yaida, Queens of the Stone Age, Giorgia, Alicia Keys, and Die Toten Hosen.

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Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys Unplugged (Credits: Spotify)

MTV Unplugged Season 13: 17 August 2006 – 09 December 2006 (5 episodes)

Comprising only 5 episodes like the season before it, the first episode of the season featured Ricky Martin. The remaining episodes featured Foo Fighters, Kaya, and Korn.

 MTV Unplugged Season 14: 24 April 2007 – 09 December 2007 (9 episodes)

On April 24, 2007, Ne-yo was featured on the first episode of the fourteenth season. The legend Bon Jovi was featured in the third episode of the season and gave an awe-worthy performance. Apart from these, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Hey, Joss Stone, Alex Britti, and Lenny Kravitz also performed.

MTV Unplugged Season 15: 16 March 2008 – 02 July 2008 (3 episodes)

Season 15 was a rather short one with only three episodes in total. The artists featured include Black Crowes and Julieta Venegas. The final episode was titled “Söhne Mannheims vs. Xavier Naidoo.”

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MTV Unplugged Season 16: 22 April 2009 – 18 November 2009 (8 episodes)

Tomoya Nagase kicked off the show’s sixteenth season. His performance was followed by Sportfreunde Stiller, Adele, Silversun Pickups, All Time Low, and Ayaka. Paramore showcased some songs from their album “Brand New Eyes” and Katy Perry sang “I Kissed a Girl,” “Lost,” and “Waking Up in Vegas” among others.

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Katy Perry
Katy Perry Unplugged (Credits: Shopee)

MTV Unplugged Season 17: 09 January 2010 – 04 October 2010 (12 episodes)

Vampire Weekend, an Ivy-league band featured in episode one and The Script performed “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved,” “Breakeven” and many other tracks. Train staged a comeback from their 3-year hiatus and sang tracks off “Save Me, San Francisco,” their newest album.

MTV Unplugged Season 18: 04 March 2011 – 18 November 2011 (8 episodes)

MTV Unplugged kicked off its 18th season with the singer Adele who performed “Rolling in The Deep” and also a cover of “Natural Woman.” Lil Wayne appeared in the fifth episode and Kelly Clarkson brought the season to its finale, performing songs from her album “Stronger” in addition to some old tracks.

MTV Unplugged Season 19: 08 April 2012 – 18 October 2012 (10 episodes)

Dog Days Are Over” and “No Light No Light” was performed by the fan favourite Florence + the Machine. This season also saw some mind-boggling gigs by Rita Ora, Die Fantastischen Vier II, and Carrie Underwood amongst other artists.

Florence + the Machine
Florence + the Machine Unplugged (Credits: Pitchfork)

MTV Unplugged Season 20: 29 January 2014 – 07 November 2014 (5 episodes)

None other than Miley Cyrus lead off the season with “Wrecking Ball” and “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” Kinky, Pepe Aguilar, Scorpions and Gentleman followed with equally astounding performances.

MTV Unplugged Season 21: 16 July 2015 – 23 October 2016 (6 episodes)

Cro, Placebo, Enrique Bunbury, Mika Nakashima, Miguel Bosé and Mizuki Nana were the featured artists this season.

MTV Unplugged Season 22: 28 April 2017 – 07 November 2017 (6 episodes)

The twenty-second season of the show saw Shawn Mendes at Ave Hotel in California as well as Bleachers at The Stone Poney, New Jersey. Momoiro Clover Z and Emmanuel also did gigs along with a few other artists.

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes Unplugged (Credits: Wiki)

MTV Unplugged Season 23: 12 April 2018 – 27 September 2019 (7 episodes)

Molotov led off the show’s twenty-third season in full glory. Then followed Biffy Clyro, Gang of Youths, DMA’s, and Liam Gallagher, the Rockstar. 

MTV Unplugged Season 2020: 23 March 2020 – 16 October 2020 (15 episodes)

After the previous seasons had only a handful of episodes, season 2020 was quite lengthy, comprising 15 episodes. The season portrayed a lot of well-renowned artists like Alessia Cara, JoJo, Yungblud, Finneas O’Connell, Shaggy, CNCO, and many more. The final episode took the audience on a trip with Miley Cyrus as she performed some originals and covers along with Noah Cyrus.  

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MTV Unplugged Season 2021: 23 February 2021 – 23 December 2022 (3 episodes)

Comprising only three episodes, the season 2021 featured the fan-favorite BTS, the classic Lady Gaga, as well as the band Bastille, along with Tony Bennett and Charlie Barnes.

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BTS Unplugged (Credits: MTV)

MTV Unplugged Season 2022: 10 June 2022 (1 episode)

Season 2022 has only one episode so far, which features a stunning performance by none other than 21 Pilots.

Specials (Release Dates N/A)

0x1: George Michael

0x2: Pretenders

0x3: Noel Gallagher

0x5: Nirvana Live & Loud

0x6: Incubus

0x7: Elvis: comeback Special

0x8: Eagles Hell Freezes Over

0x9: Queens of the Stone Age

0x10: Alanis Morissette

0x11: Miley Cyrus

0x12: Joe Cocker

0x14: Nirvana 2007 Disc Extras 1

0x15: Nirvana 2007 Disc Extras 2

0x16: Nirvana 2007 Disc Extras 3

0x17: Martin Jondo Zermatt Unplugged

0x18: Foreigner

0x19: Jeremy Camp

0x20: Amy Macdonald Zermatt Unplugged

0x21: One Republic Zermatt Unplugged

0x22: Mando Diao

0x23: Sido

0x24: Naturally 7 Zermatt Unplugged

0x25: David Gray Zermatt Unplugged

0x26: Nirvana

0x27: Gentleman

MTV (Credits: The Music Network)

When and Where To Watch MTV Unplugged in the USA?

The show MTV Unplugged can be watched on Paramount Plus as long as you have its paid subscription. It can also be streamed on Hulu, and Amazon Prime, but these platforms also require you to purchase a paid subscription to have access to the streaming.

Furthermore, the show can be streamed online on or through the MTV app as long as you have an active login account. The MTV app is available for download and installs on iTunes, Google Play, Roku, Apple TV, and several more.

The new episodes of the show can be streamed on the MTV channel at 9:00 pm EST.

Amazon Prime
Stream MTV Unplugged on Amazon Prime (Credits: Amazon)

When and Where To Watch MTV Unplugged in India?

Similar to the United States, MTV Unplugged can be watched on Paramount Plus, Hulu, and Amazon Prime as long as you have purchased a paid subscription on either of these streaming platforms.

In addition, and the MTV app allow you to watch the show online, but you need to have an active login account. The MTV app is available for download on platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Apple TV, and Roku. The new episodes can be streamed on the MTV channel at 7:30 am IST.

When Will MTV Unplugged Season 2022 Episode 2 Be Streaming?

MTV Unplugged drops its episodes in no particular order anymore. Meaning that show is no longer a regular. The last episode of season 2022 dropped on 10 June 2022, and since there is no fixed schedule released, it is advised to be on the lookout! You never know when the new episode may drop!

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