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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Reveals Key Details On Story

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

After the success of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, we’re now close to the release of yet another big movie in the franchise, called My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. The previous movie focused on I-Island’s events, and the new one will be vastly different from what we got to experience previously.

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – What We Know

According to Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia, the next movie will be incredibly huge. He initially planned for its events to take place in one of the final arcs of the My Hero Academia manga. However, now it’ll be incorporated into the story as a movie.

As expected, the movie will focus on a new villain who goes by the name of Nine. According to what we know, Nine is possibly stronger than even the likes of All For One, which makes him a massive threat to everyone.

Recently, information about the movie in regards to the timeline of the story was revealed. According to what we have been told, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’s events will take place during Volume 25 of the manga, which is when the League of Villains fights the Meta Liberation Army in the manga. While all that happens with the Villains, the Heroes are busy dealing with Nine, which is what we’re all very excited about.

My Hero Academia: HEROES: RISING is set for a release in Japan on December 22, 2019. Are you excited about the release of the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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