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Dr. Stone Anime Review: The Best Scientific Stone Age Anime So Far?

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If you ask someone to suggest some short and cool anime, there are huge chances that you will hear the name of Dr. Stone in the list. The series is not just popular in Japan but also in other nations as well. As of now, only two seasons have been released, but with just two seasons, the series is managed to gain this much rank among some of the best anime series in the market. This is often said that Dr. Stone is also one of the most intelligent series that features some real-life scientific examples.

Yes, we do understand that everyone has their own taste and loves their own kind of show. Sometimes we watch certain anime series under peer pressure but end up regretting wasting time. It is very important to be specific according to our own choices, and that’s why we have decided to review Dr. Stone in detail. This will help you to decide whether should you watch the series or not.

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga-based series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. The anime adaptation of the series was done by TMS Entertainment, a famous anime studio. The story is based on a very unique concept. In the year 2019 AD, due to a flash, all of humanity froze down into stone for 3000 years until one day, the major protagonist of the series Senku awaked from the catastrophe and is now on the way to reviving humanity once again.

Senku marks the beginning of the scientific civilization in the human world and formed a liquid that can turn the frozen human into a normal one. The journey of Senku, along with his science, is sure to try.

Dr. Stone Review: Should You Watch It?

Dr. Stone is based on Science Fiction, Adventure Fiction, and Apocalyptic genre, and if you are a fan of any one genre as well, Dr. Stone won’t disappoint you. The series has some advanced scientific sequences where our major protagonist showcases his knowledge to us. The series also features the restoration of humanity through science, and I personally felt the storyline was one of its kind. 

The True Importance of Non-Scientists in Dr. Stone


In fact, the characters in the series are quite impressive, and It is certain that each character in the series has their own significance. In terms of animation quality, I would say the animation quality is not ultimate but above expected. The quality of each and every episode of the series is constant and great, to be more precise. We noticed so flaws in any of the frames in both seasons. I personally loved the music used in the series so far, and I must say that the music perfectly synchronizes with the running sequences.

Conclusively, If you are someone who loves to watch intelligent anime series with scientific references and has a great interest in the concept of the apocalypse, then You would definitely love Dr. Stone. If you don’t enjoy any of the mentioned categories, then you might get disappointed with the series. Don’t fear if you are a newbie in science, the anime has lots of other points to entertain you. 

Similar Anime Like Dr. Stone:

In case you loved the series, there are other animes as well that you can definitely try if you love Dr. Stone. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is one of the anime you can try out. This anime is based on the intrinsic powers of a teenager, which allow him to teleport. Death Note is another series you can try out. This anime is considered one of the most popular series consisting of a cat and mouse chase between two great minds.

Cells at Work is also a great series you can consider watching. The series features the human body and the cells as the major protagonist who fights diseases, thus, saving the human body from external threats. We are sure that you will love the mentioned anime series.

Ryusui from Dr. Stone

Ryusui from Dr. Stone

Where To Watch Dr. Stone?

All the episodes of Dr. Stone are available to watch on Crunchyroll. You can also watch all the mentioned anime series as well on the same platform. You can also read the manga and buy anime merchandise from here as well.

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