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15 Quotes About Love In Anime That Will Get You Emotional

15 Quotes About Love In Anime

Last Updated on February 25, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The feeling of love is something that is shared by every person all around the world. We all crave love, whether it is to love someone or be loved by someone else. Love is said to be a life-altering experience, so it is something that people are always fascinated by. With love comes heartbreaks and sorrow, but that is the cycle of life. We have to feel the negative as well as the positive in our lives, but the hardships always teach us something new. There are many anime and manga dealing with the subject of love and relationships. When we see anime representing love, we get to learn more about it from different perspectives. Anime is known to leave a deep impression on its audience, with its visual storytelling as well as the dialogue of the characters. And I think fans will definitely agree that anime brings some of the best quotes about love, relationships, and life.

They always touch upon a valuable lesson about love and life or show it in a way that is unique. Most anime series spend a lot of time in character building, following their thoughts, how they change, their ups and downs. It is only reasonable that we get such beautiful quotes. So here, in this article, we have made a list of 15 of the best anime quotes about love and relationships. Hopefully, some fans will take a moment and rejoice in the feeling they got when they heard these quotes the first time.

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1. “Love is like a mirror that reflects your bad side. Especially when it’s unrequited, you get envious, jealous, prejudiced, and resentful. You have to face all sorts of emotions, but there’s no reason to find that shameful.” – Margery Daw.

Margery Daw from Shakugan no Shana is a Flame Haze who lives for vengeance and has a drinking problem. Her sole reason for becoming a Flame Haze was to take revenge on a silver-haired Denizen. So it’s no wonder that she has this to say about love. However, love is a complicated feeling. Sometimes it will make you feel like you’re the king of the world, but sometimes it will bring you straight back to the ground. That’s the message expressed by Margery Daw from Shakugan No Shana.

Margery Daw

Margery Daw

2. “Love is never as simple as sharing the same path.” – Khamsin

Another timeless quote from Shakugan No Shana. This one comes from Khamsin, a 10-year-old Flame Haze contracted to Behemoth. In life, you have to be accepting of the fact that you might go on a different path than your loved one. It’s not possible to always have the same views or to relate in every way possible. That’s true for both friendships and relationships. Different people will have different paths to follow, and that’s what makes each one of us so unique. Obviously, this makes love difficult but not impossible.



3. “The moment you find the courage to give up your life for someone… would be the moment you understand love.” – Kenshin Himura

Kenshin Himura is the legendary swordsman from the anime Rurouni Kenshin. When he was a teenager, he was idealistic, impertinent and quick to get angry. He would get easily embarrassed or flustered when taunted about his relationship with tomoe. Although his habit of getting flustered followed him well into his twenties, unfortunately for him. He tries to always solve all his problems by himself and blames his weakness for all the lives lost. He is someone who always wants to protect the ones he holds dear to his heart, which is why this quote about love suits him so well.

Kenshin Himura

Kenshin Himura

4. “Once you fall in love, you really love that person through thick and thin” – Oka Chinami

Golden Time by Yuyuko Takemiya is a Japanese romance anime that follows the relationship of Banri Tada and Kouko Kaga. Oka Chinami is a side character in the anime. She’s a member of the film club and is interested in Mitsuo, who was Kouko’s promised fiance in the past. But she never admits it. And even when Mitsuo confesses to her, Oka rejects him. True love is really hard to find and even harder to hold on to with all the problems life throws at us. However, if you love someone, you must love at their worst as well as their best. Otherwise, it can’t be for real. This quote also applies to family, friendship, or anything else.

Oka chinami

Oka Chinami

5. “Even If I lose this feeling, I’m sure that I’ll just fall in love with you all over again.” – Syaoran Li

Cardcaptor Sakura is a classic from the late 90s for all the shoujo anime fans out there. Syaoran Li or Shaoran Li is the heir of the famous Li clan of sorcerers from Hong Kong. He was very cynical and the antagonist for Sakura at the beginning of the anime series. But even he falls for Sakura after she continuously tries to be his friend. However, they only get to confess their true feelings for each other in the second movie in the Cardcaptor Universe, “Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie 2: The Sealed Card”.

Syaoran Li and Sakura

Li Shaoran with Sakura

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6. “I was younger then, I wasn’t afraid of anything, I didn’t think about dying for a second. I thought I was invincible. Then I met some girl. I wanted to live, I started to think like that; for the first time I was afraid of death. I had never felt like that before.” – Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel is the protagonist of the classic series Cowboy Bebop. He was part of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate but slowly became dissatisfied with his life. He met Julia while still being a member of the Syndicate and instantly fell in love with her. They have an unforgettable affair, but later on, Spike is left hanging by Julia. She does not come to their meeting place, and Spike leaves alone. For someone like Spike to say this quote is a testament to how much love can change a person. As you age, your perspective changes, and you evolve with new experiences. And love was the catalyst for these changes in Spike.

Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel

7. “It was like you brought color to my life. You changed my life, all by yourself.” – Sawako Kuronuma

Sawako Kuronuma is the main protagonist of the rom-com series, Kimo Ni Todoke. Sawako is just your average high school girl in search of friendship and love. She is a pretty and slender girl, but because of her similarities to the infamous ghost Sadako, she gets left out of groups. On her first day at Kitahoro High, she meets Shouta Kazehaya by chance. And that’s how their story begins. For Sawako, Shouta changed her life. She thinks because of him; she got the chance to live a normal high school life.



8. “You will never be able to love anybody else until you love yourself.” – Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

Lelouch Vi Britannia is the protagonist of the Code Geass series. He was the 11th prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. However, after he was exiled he took on the name Lelouch Lamperouge. He has a stoic personality, never caring much about his schoolwork, seeing everything as trivial as his intelligence made it very easy for him. His quote about love may seem overused in this day and age, but it is a cliche because it is true. And in 2022, we are all about self-love and care.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Lelouch Vi Britannia

9. “Stop rushing me. I want to take my time falling in love with you.” – George Koizumi

Paradise Kiss is a josei anime series by Ai Yazawa. It revolves around The story revolves around Yukari Kayasaka, a confused high school student who doesn’t know what she actually wants to do in life. But when she meets George, a fashion designer student, and his gang, she can’t help falling in love with him and the world of modeling. George is always very laidback yet calculative about everything he does. He tries to show Yukari that he doesn’t really care if she joins as their model or not. Yet he goes out of the way to know her whereabouts and even meets her there. George is always caring for Yukari and always the gentleman.

George and Yukari art

George Koizumi with yukari

10. “People can have lovers. They can have friends. They can be together. But when you think about it, you’ll see that originally, we’re alone.” – Nana Osaki

Nana is a classic cult anime by Ai Yazawa about two women who share the same name, becoming friends. Nana Osaki is one of these women, and she is an independent soul. She comes to Tokyo in order to fulfill her dream of making it big with her band. Her boyfriend, Ren, who was the guitarist in her band, had left a year earlier to join another more popular band. She didn’t join him as she didn’t want to become just the housewife of a famous guitarist. The quote absolutely matches her personality. Even though she loved Ren truly, she never compromised on her own dreams and wishes.

Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki

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11. “Worrying about rejection may be the same as rejecting yourself.”- Kaga Kouko

Kaga Kouko is one of the main characters in the romance anime series, Golden Time. At the beginning of the series, she follows Mitsuo around but then she falls for his friend and our protagonist, Tada Banri. Throughout the series, we follow the ups and downs of their relationship. Kouko is very straightforward when it comes to love. But, even with her looks and happy-go-lucky personality, she has problems sometimes. She worries about her relationship with Banri a lot as she thinks he might leave her after he regains his previous memories.

Kaga Kouko

Kaga Kouko

12. “Love, it’s a story between two human beings so if you can’t think of the other, it’s possible that it won’t work.” – Junko Saotome

Junko Saotome is a side character in the anime series, Nana. She is one of the childhood friends of Nana Komatsu( Hachiko). Junko has been Nana’s friend since her school days, has been with her through all her relationship failures. She says this quote after Nana and her boyfriend Shoji breakup. Junko may come off as harsh to Nana with this quote, but she is speaking the truth. Love is all about communication and understanding what the other person is actually saying.

15 Quotes About Love In Anime

Junko Saotome

13.”I have someone I like. I never had the confidence and I’ve doubted my feelings countless of times. But, when she stays by my side and smiles with me, I feel like I can do anything.” -Yoshida Haru

Yoshida Haru is the male protagonist of My Little Monster. He is impulsive and too emotional, always starting fights instead of solving a problem by de-escalating the situation. Haru refuses to come to school after a fight with some upperclassmen over a bullying incident. However, after Shizuku becomes his friend and stands up for him, he starts smiling and coming to school again. Because of her, he gets to be a normal, happy, and chaotic high school kid. This quote tells us about the moment when one feels like a superhuman because the person one loves also loves them back and believes in them.

15 Quotes About Love In Anime - Haru Yoshida

Haru Yoshida

14. “I kinda don’t want anyone else to see you like this, Miyamura.” – Kyouko Hori

Horimiya is a rom-com series which released in 2021. And it has taken the anime world by storm. The series follows the story of Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. Both of them have hidden sides that they don’t show at school. But after school, they both meet up at Hori’s house to spend time together there. Hori says this to Miyamura when they are at her home just sharing a meal together. This is something that is common in relationships. In relationships, you sometimes want to keep certain aspects of your lover just to yourself.

15 Quotes About Love In Anime - Kyoko Hori

Kyoko Hori

15. “One needs a lot of courage to say the words ‘I love you.”-Violet Evergarden, ‘Violet Evergarden’.

Violet Evergarden has one of the best visual effects and storytelling in recent anime. There’s no doubt about it. The series revolves around Violet Evergarden, a young female soldier who does not understand human emotions and has to make a living after the war is over. She takes up a job as an auto memory doll, one who helps others to write down their emotions.

15 Quotes About Love In Anime - Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet wants to understand human emotions better and feel them. Her superior during the war, Gilbert Bougainvillea, had told her, “From the bottom of my heart, I love you.” Violet didn’t understand the emotions he was feeling at the time. That’s why she took up this job. Although, she knew the confession took courage.

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