15 Male KPop Idols Who Gained The Most YouTube Subscribers In March 2021


Idols in the Kpop industry use many ways to stay connected to their fans, and one such platform is YouTube. Fans are always on their toes to see the next video uploaded by their favorite idols. Fans also support their idols by promoting their Youtube channels and bringing in more subscribers. Kpop radar is a platform that keeps track of the social media growth of Kpop idols and groups.

The site posted its data for March 2021 on April 1, 12 MN KST. Keep scrolling down below to find out who the male Kpop idols gained most YouTube subscribers in March 2021.

BTS is the male Kpop group that gained the most subscribers in March

According to Kpop Radar’s monthly chart, BTS’s YouTube channel BANGTAN TV gained the largest subscribers in March 2021. BTS  gained a whopping 1.3 MILLION subscribers in March. They are at the 46.6 subscribers spot now. BANGTAN TV is like heaven for every ARMY. It has hilarious Bangtan Bombs, short videos of members having fun and enjoying their time behind the scenes; it is also the official source of Bangtan’s music videos. It also has interviews of members explaining their tracks and inspirations in detail. BANGTAN TV also has separate focus camera videos of every single member, see! I told you all it is heaven for any ARMY.

Subscribe to BTS’s YouTube channel: BANGTAN TV

BTS credits: Variety

STRAY KIDS is the second  group that gained the most subscribers on YouTube in March

Stray Kids youtube channel witnessed the second-largest growth in subscribers after BTS on YouTube in March, as per K-Pop Radar’s data. JYP Entertainment is the agency that owns the band ‘Stray Kids.’ Stray Kids YouTube channel has gained 230,000 subscribers in March; the total number of subscribers currently on their YouTube channel is 5.9 Million. You can find all the masterpieces released by Stray Kids along with entertaining behind-the-scenes videos on the Stray Kids YouTube channel. The channel helps the fans get to know more about each member’s personality, which they appreciate.

Stray Kids credits: JYP Entertainment

Stray Kids YouTube channel: Stray Kids

iKON is the Third Group with The Highest Subscriber Growth on YouTube in March

According to the K-Pop Radar’s ranking, the boy group iKon has gained the third-largesT number of subscribers in March. iKon has gained 210,000 YouTube subscribers within March, which leaves them with a total of 8 Million subscribers. iKON is a six-member boyband and works under YG Entertainment. iKON uploads music videos and performance videos on their YouTube channel. iKON uploads fun and wholesome episodes of iKON-ON that fans love to watch.

iKON credits: YG Entertainment

iKON’s  YouTube channel: iKON

GOT7’s Jackson Is The Fourth Kpop Idol With the Highest Subscriber Growth On YouTube in March

Jackson Wang credits JYP Entertainment.

Jackson Wang from the band GOT7 is the highest-ranking solo idol on the list. Jackson’s channel grew by a large number of 200,000 subscribers in March. He has 3.8 million subscribers in total. Jackson Wang is a member of the group GOT7, which previously worked under JYP Entertainment. Jackson has his own record label with the name Team Wang. He is thriving as a solo artist in China. Jackson Wang posts music videos and behind the scenes on his YouTube channel.

NCT 127 Is The Fourth Kpop Idol With the Highest Subscriber Growth On YouTube in March

NCT 127 has bagged the fourth spot in the Kpop idols with the highest subscriber growth on YouTube in March. 200,000 subscribers joined NCT 127’s YouTube channel in March. Now, NCT 127 has 3 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. NCT 127 is the second sub-unit of NCT and is managed by SM Entertainment. NCT 127 is a nine-member boyband. Their YouTube channel has music videos and entertaining episodes of NCT 127’s members doing fun activities or reacting to their videos.

NCT 127 credits: SM Entertainment

Watch fun videos of NCT 127 on their YouTube channel: NCT 127

List of 15 Kpop Idols Who Gained the Most YouTube Subscribers in March 2021

  1. BTS, with a growth of 1.3 Million subscribers
  2. Stray Kids with a growth of 230,000 Subscribers
  3. iKON with a growth of 210,000 Subscribers
  4. GOT7’s Jackson with a growth of 200,000 Subscribers
  5. NCT 127 with a growth of 200,000 Subscribers
  6. TREASURE with a growth of 190,000 Subscribers
  7. TXT with a growth of 170,000 Subscribers
  8. NCT with a growth of 170,o00 Subscribers
  9. EXO with a growth of 150,000 Subscribers
  10. ASTRO with a growth of 150,000 Subscribers
  11. WayV with a growth of 150,000 Subscribers
  12. NCT Dream with a growth of 140,000 Subscribers
  13. ENHYPEN with a growth of 120,000 Subscribers
  14. SHINEE with a growth of 120,000 Subscribers
  15. EXO’s LAY with a growth of  110,000 Subscribers

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