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Dragon Ball Super

15 Characters Stronger Than Zeno From Dragon Ball Super

Akira Toriyama has created stronger characters over stronger characters, each giving away a bit of thrill in their own splendid manner. His Dragon Ball series introduced us to heightened variables of what we consider strong. Even after the series ended, we continue to ask, ‘is he stronger than Goku‘ every time we come across a strong character in any anime. What we fail to notice is that the Dragon Ball universe had several other characters who were way stronger than Goku. One of these was Zeno. Even for fiction, Zeno was extremely overpowered with limitless powers. In the Dragon Ball franchise, he is the ruler of Gods, which explains in itself all about his strength and how difficult it is to find someone stronger than Zeno.

Zeno is a God, and no one less than a God can be stronger than Zeno. As per Beerus, Zeno is not one to fight, nor does he excel in battles. However, he possesses an ability called ‘Erase’ that is extremely overpowered. With Erase, Zeno can remove a person, nation, planet, or even an entire reality out of the experience. Having a power as superior is nowhere easy to defeat. The character is very interesting and added his own bit of fun to the plot.

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1. Anti Spiral

What the anti-spiral actually can be defined as is the collective form of a population of spirals. Spirals are beings who chose to shut their bodies in suspended animation. This allowed them to prevent their own spiral energy so that it would not manifest beyond their control. If it does, it has the power to destroy the entire universe. The anti-spiral also took the responsibility on itself to keep their population in control across the universe so that there would be no spiral nemesis. This was also to prevent any destruction of the universe, and they guarded it with utmost care.

anti spiral

Anti Spiral

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2. Kami Tenchi

Kami Tenchi is none other than the reincarnation of the creator of the universe, who is also known as God Kami. Tenchi is an omnivorous being, whereas Kami Tenchi is both omnipotent and stronger than the version that was behind the creation of thousands of universes, thus stronger than Zeno. Not only that, Kami Tenchi also has the ability to destroy existences without any problem. The creation of Kami Tenchi gives him the power that was limitless and, therefore, capable enough to destroy everything that has been created. He can destroy anyone and erase their existence. He is also invincible and cannot be killed since the multiverse version of the same has far more strength than anyone ever imagined in the Dragon Ball multiverse. Kami Tenchi is a force to reckon with and a very important character of the series that deserves a special place in this show.

kami tenchi

Kami Tenchi

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3. Lain Iwakura

Lain Iwakura is the protagonist as well as the title character of the famous series Serial Experiments Lain. She is a computer programmer that has been designed to narrow the barrier between the virtual as well as the wired world and the materialistic world. However, Lain is also sentient. She is introduced as a Japanese girl who is shy in nature in the initial part of the series. As the show carries on, Lain seems to display more bold characteristics, both in the virtual and the physical world. As the show nears its end, Lain becomes convinced that she is some form of a God in one way or another. She starts trusting her instincts and her powers and develops new personality traits, which make the show more interesting.    

stronger than zeno

Lain Iwakura

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4. The Narrator from Space Dandy

The Narrator from Space Dandy is a peculiar character that does not actually have the narrator in a physical form. However, it has been implied multiple times that he is a male. There is no physical presence or form of his own, and that’s because he has transcended from a different time and space. The narrator is also a very mysterious beginning since the audience does not know much about him. They don’t know what powers he has or what he aims for. The only thing the audience knows is that in this universe, he has the ultimate power, the highest of this kind. He can also be considered as an equivalent of God. The universe is at his will, and he can control and destroy anything whenever he wants. Space Dandy is mostly about a Dandy who keeps looking for rare alien species throughout the universe.

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5. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya is a first-year student at North High School (1-8 as per the novels) and, later, a second-year student (9th as per the latest novel). Her most recognizable traits are eccentric, unpredictable, and unabashedly funny. In the series, Haruhi is introduced after it is declared that she is interested in aliens, time travelers, and espers. She does not bother much with ordinary human beings. In reality, Haruhi could either be some kind of a crack that occurred in the space-time Continuum. Thus, being the first of a kind to be a technological singularity in the universe, or she is a deity of a sort. The derivation mostly depends on the watcher’s viewpoint. She has incredible powers which are capable of not just creating reality but also altering and destroying them. Most of it is triggered by her emotions, feelings, and the inner desires she holds.

Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya

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6. Arceus

Arceus, also known as Aruseusu, is a mythical Pokemon of the normal type. He was first introduced in Generation IV. This particular Pokemon is largely known to be the creator of the Pokemon universe. It has the highest base stat total when it comes to any Pokemon (if you exclude the alternate forms). Not only that, but Arceus is also the mascot for Pokemon. He is also the master of the Creation Trip as well as the Lake Guardians.

stronger than zeno


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7. Tori Bot

Tori Bot is way more strong than Zeno. He is also the avatar of the mangaka of the Dragon Ball Series, Akira Toriyama himself. He is also an omnipotent being. So, Tori Bot is multiple times stronger than Zeno. He appears in a certain spin-off. Tori Bot is powerful enough to kick out Zeno from the Dragon Ball multiverse. He has control over all the characters, after all.

stronger than zeno

Tori Bot

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8. Ren Fuji

Ren Fuji has the ability to freeze time in every aspect of reality, including those places where the concept of time does not even exist. This is because of his laws and the fact that he has about 90 Taikyoku, which always helped him in making him equal to characters like Mercurius and Reinhard. This is also the reason why he is one of the most popular and powerful Hodou gods to ever exist. Ren also happens to own a time armor that protects him from any attack, and the only way to beat him in a battle is by being someone who is either equal or higher in power than Taikyoku and Ren. So, in simpler terms, you will have to be incredibly powerful and invincible beyond any concept of space or time if you want to stand a chance against someone as powerful as Ren.

stronger than zeno

Ren Fuji

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9. Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard owns a special spear that can easily kill beings, even the ones who do not have any concept of death. The weapon also successfully negates every kind of special power a being can have. It can break through abilities and barriers, which makes it impossible for anyone to be safe from it. Apart from our very strong attacking spear, Reinhard also has powers of manipulation like any other Hadou gods. He can manipulate reality and also play with the concept of existence without any difficulty. Because he has 90 Taikyoku, he becomes one of the strongest Hadou gods like Ren and Mercurius.

Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard Heydrich

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10. Mercurius

Arguably, one of the most powerful Hadou gods, Mercurius, is probably the strongest out of the trio. He has power that is unfathomable and limitless. He is also the creator of an infinite multiverse that he was able to achieve in a single time axis. Not only that, he possesses several decillion time axis that he can control and destroy according to his will. The infinite multiverse is his playground. It is also impossible to destroy Mercurius. The reason being that even if he is destroyed once, he can regenerate from nothing, and the only one who can kill him must be of a higher power.


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11. Taikyoku Hajun

Taikyoku Hajun is the Hadou God from the Shinza Banshou series. He has a strong Hadou core. Taikyoku Hajun is basically the incarnation of OP. He is sometimes considered to be even better than OP himself. Taikyoku has the immense power of destroying the infinite multiverse as per his desire and can even manipulate or redesign realities as he wishes. He can even bend the laws of the multiverse just as he pleases.

taikyouku Hajun

Taikyoku Hajun

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12. Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge is a name bestowed upon Lelouch Geass by CC, which also gives him the title “The Power Of Absolute Obedience”. This allowed him the immense power to plant commands inside any person’s head when he makes eye contact. The power is supposedly similar to hypnosis but stronger. Whenever he activates his power in a person, there is a manifestation of a Geass sigil in his left eye. The commands that he dictates during this time are all written in the minds of the victim once the sigil in his left eye is projected in their eye.

Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge

If Lelouch were to stand against Zeno, there is a high probability that he would use his Geass against him, which may prove very lethal for Zeno.

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13. Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the lead character of the popular series Death Note. When he discovers the Death Note, he decides to use it for good by getting rid of criminals. These killings are ultimately labeled as the work of ‘Kira’ in Japan. He can manipulate death. As long as he knows the name of a person and his face, he can not only give them but also decide how they will be killed. Is Light Yagami stronger than Zeno. It is true that Light is a mere human, but there are two things that make him one of the trickiest threats to Zeno. The first being the Death Note, bestowed upon him by a shinigami, a God of sorts. The next thing that Zeno will need to look out for if they were in a fight is Light’s genius strategic ability and intelligence.

Light Yagami

Light Yagami

Light is a genius, and it is never easy to defeat geniuses like him.

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14. Saitama

The only power that Saitama has is that his body is beyond any human limit. This allows him to achieve amazing physical feats. The strength he has is so massive that it can destroy multiple beings in combat. It doesn’t matter if they are artificial, designed, or bred with supernatural powers. Saitama can easily defeat all of them. He is probably the strongest human to exist in the universe. He may not be a God, but his enhanced strength may pose a great threat to Zeno if they were in a fight, and Saitama may even emerge as stronger than Zeno in the results.



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15. Super Tengen Toppa Guren

Super Tengen combined his own spiral power with his comrade Simon which ultimately gave him the titular recognition: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. He is not a mecha in the traditional sense. Instead, he is a mass of spiral power that has continuously materialized in a super spiral Galaxy.  So, he could be stronger than Zeno.

Super Tengen Toppa Guren

Super Tengen Toppa Guren

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