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Jack O' Frost
Jack O' Frost Release Poster

Jack O’ Frost was released under the direction of Yasukawa Yuka and was first aired on 17th February 2023. The newly released Japanese BL drama has a total of 6 episodes, 30 minutes each, out of which 3 are aired to date. 

This chapter is in the tale of salesman Ikegami Fumiya and illustrator Okusawa Ritsu. After meeting at a little coffee shop, they fell in love and had a happily ever after. Yet as time passes, a misunderstanding develops between Fumiya, who is impacted by it, and Ritsu, who leads a free life.

Ritsu leaves the house after a fight, gets into a car accident, and passes out. Ritsu only had a partial memory of Fumiya when she awoke. Fumiya conceals Ritsu’s prior relationship in order to relaunch their romance. They then carry on from where they left off after that. Ritsu suggests taking him somewhere familiar to help him jog his memory.

Despite Fumiya’s opposition, the two of them set off on a “journey” to determine the path of their relationship. The place where they first spoke over coffee, the riverfront street they frequently walked on, and the places they both went before dating.

The painful recollections of his time with his sweetheart—both happy and sad—remain in Fumiya’s mind because he is the one dealing with their separation. On the other hand, Ritsu gradually falls in love with Fumiya while unknowingly losing his memory.

Jack O' Frost
Jack O’ Frost (BL) cast

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Cast Of The Show

Kyoya Honda, a famous Japanese actor, is well-known for the movie Hoshikuzu Revengers (2018).
After being chosen as Japan’s Top 1 Stunning Senior Student in 2016, he rose to fame as a model. He has since become well-known on Instagram for his streetwear-focused style.

Suzuki Kosuke, a budding Japanese actor and TV personality, was born on December 19, 1997. In the 2019 television series “Red Beard 2,” he made his dramatic debut. He appeared in season five of “Who Is the Wolf?” that same year. He has since gone on to star in dramas, including “Nemesis” and “Takara-Kun & Amagi-Kun” (2019). (2022).

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All You Need To Know

Episode 3 opens with Fumiya and Ritsu taking a leisurely stroll along a lake to the villa he had reserved prior to his accident. After the opening theme song, Fumiya and Ritsu can be seen in front of the villa. Ritsu claims he has no recollection of their previous encounter. Fumiya begs him not to push it and makes up a story about how little even he remembers.

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Jack O' Frost
A still from the drama (credits-GagaOOLaLa)

The pair walks into the house. The enormous size of the rooms, which also contain a kitchen, astounds Ritsu. When they last visited the villa, according to Fumiya, they prepared meals in the kitchen.

If they came together or separately, Ritsu inquires. Fumiya reluctantly concurs. Fumiya exclaims that they were close enough to share a room in response to Ritsu’s statement that they might have been very close while still unaware of their connection.

Ritsu discovers a bonfire while investigating other areas and utilities. If they have previously utilized it, he inquires with Fumiya. Fumiya recalls their previous encounter when he hears this.

Ritsu is shown in the flashback, becoming thrilled about the campfire, and Fumiya agrees to set up the fire at night. Returning to the present, Fumiya fabricates the fact that they could not make plans because they arrived in the summer. Ritsu, who is delighted at hearing it, declares that it will be their first time together.

Later, Fumiya and Ritsu are seen standing by a lake. Fumiya explains to Ritsu that the last time they visited the lake, they were upset not to see any swans, but this time they did see them, and they had a great time even though it was raining and they had to stay inside.

Ritsu apologizes to Fumiya, who is grinning, for bothering him by helping him get around all day. Fumiya responds by abruptly pulling Ritsu’s cheeks and assuring him that he is enjoying himself with him just as much this time.

Fumiya advises taking a closer look at the area and having a bite to eat as they make their way back to the property. Ritsu, however, prefers food prepared by Fumiya. Fumiya is delighted by this, and the two of them go shopping.

Jack O' Frost
A still from the drama(credits-GagaOOLaLa)

Later, when he enters a flashback once again, Fumiya is seen preparing dinner. Ritsu can be seen sketching something while seated at the dining room table in the flashback. When Fumiya shows in and inquires about it, Ritsu responds that it is a drawing of “Jack Frost,” a cunning fairy. Fumiya then proceeds to kiss Ritsu.

As the pair is about to kiss, the pressure cooker whistles, and Fumiya snaps out of his reverie. Suddenly, the air begins to smell the food that he has cooked, not of love. Ritsu is still seated and drawing when he looks at him.

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Ritsu looks in the direction of Fumiya after sensing his stare. They make uncomfortable eye contact. Ritsu responds, “Jack Frost,” when Fumiya asks him what he is painting in an attempt to break the awkward silence.

Although Fumiya is astonished to hear it, he lies when questioned if he is connected with the fairy.
Ritsu and Fumiya eat dinner together at night. His food makes an impression on Ritsu. Ritsu wishes she had a wine glass like Fumiya’s when she notices it. But Fumiya declines since he can’t control his alcohol. But, Fumiya caves into Ritsu’s demands.

Later, Ritsu is discovered to be inebriated and dozing off on the couch. He is awakened by Fumiya, who arrives, to get him a drink of water. Ritsu notices that he has slept off at that point. Ritsu is led outdoors by Fumiya, who has built a campfire there.

It makes Ritsu very happy to see it. He is also given marshmallows by Fumiya. Ritsu claims that Fumiya is very aware of his desires. Fumiya responds that this is because they share a room.

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Ritsu and Fumiya from the drama
Ritsu and Fumiya from the drama

Ritsu, however, does not appear to be fully pleased with his answer. Then Fumiya begins to think back on their earlier times. Ritsu becomes upset in the flashback when they are unable to build the bonfire because of the rain.

The following time, Fumiya promises to accompany him and make sure everything is put up. The pair was then able to visit the villa as a result of Fumiya winning the raffle on the shopping street, we learn later. A reward for that was given. Fumiya claims that because it is pricey, they do not have enough money to pay a visit once more. He yet assures Ritsu that he will return.

Fumiya joins Ritsu at the bonfire in the present. They eventually enter the house together. Ritsu advises that they take a bath together since it is cold, and Fumiya has offered to take a bath first. It astounds Fumiya. Ritsu then becomes aware of what he said, apologizes for being too much, and then departs to first take a bath.

We then return to a flashback when Fumiya walks into the bedroom. Fumiya and Ritsu can be seen lying on opposite sides of the bed in the flashback. Ritsu reminds Fumiya not to forget his commitment.
Ritsu eventually admits that he is a little anxious because he had assumed they would be married.

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So he became elated. Fumiya gets out of bed when she hears this and turns to look at Ritsu. Ritsu also rises to sit. They kiss, then have an intimate moment.

Jack O' Frost
Jack O’ Frost cast

Fumiya is once more in pain as she returns to the unpleasant present. As he claims to have forgotten to bring his pajamas, he discovers Ritsu sitting there wearing only a towel. Fumiya asks him to put on a bathrobe. Ritsu is about to leave when Fumiya says that there is only one bed and that he will sleep on the couch. Ritsu tells them to share that one bed.

After which, no doubt, Fumiya feels nice and warm, but he hesitates to go inside Ritsu’s bedroom. He asks him if he is awake. Ritsu poses like being asleep. Fumiya then shuts the door and lies down on the couch to sleep. When the story comes to a close, Fumiya is left reflecting on how happy and cuddled Ritsu and Fumiya were the morning following their intimate encounter.

Episode 3 Review: The Final Verdict

It doesn’t escalate into a crescendo of a happy dream when the worried characters enjoy their first unforgettable kiss as the climax draws near, unlike many other teenage romance plays (or something along those lines).

The movie is unfiltered and genuine in that regard. The range of emotions in the exhibit is comparable to an adult crowd’s nuanced experience with the L word. It was overall a drama that will touch your heart to its core and will bless your days.

The chemistry between the actors playing the lovers is just commendable. It is not like the modern-age romance in which someone meets one day and then falls in love, and then breaks up the other day. It is a totally heart-wrenching drama.

The pain and agony that Fumiya bears can be experienced by the viewers too, and that is how excellent the series is. It’s possible that the filmmakers could have somewhat toned down some valuable sequences, but it’s a small quibble.

The narrative has a maturity that is far above the years of its youthful cast because of its excellent writing and performance. One of its defining characteristics is that it takes an unconventional route.

It is a nice movie that can convince you to believe in the idea of love while not avoiding all the complexity that emotion entails, even though it isn’t a masterpiece. The drama, in its story writing, acting, direction, and almost everything, deserves a solid 3.5 on 5. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.5/5).

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