How To Watch Back From The Brink Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Back From The Brink
Back From The Brink (Credit: Rakuten Viki)

New romance, costume, fantasy, and period Chinese drama, ‘Back From The Brink,’ is set to amaze you this June. The series is about Tian Yao, an ancient Chinese dragon who got betrayed and died twenty years ago. After getting reincarnated, he unites with a girl and finds what he lost in his previous life.

Sam Ho and Zeng Xiao Yu are the directors of the series. The screenwriter is Wang Ruo Ke, while Xie Ying is the executive producer. The story is based on the Chinese novel named ‘Hu Xin,’ which means heart protection or protect your heart. The novel got written by the Chinese web novelist who goes by the pen name ‘Jiu Lu Fei Xiang.’ A total of nine pieces written by her got adapted into a drama.

The main characters of the series include Tian Yao (played by Neo Hou), Yan Hui (played by Zhou Ye), Su Ying (played by Yang Rong), Bai Xiao Sheng (played by Riley Wang), and Xian Ge (played by Chen Xin Yu). The supporting characters include Feng Qian Shuo (played by Zuo Ye), Zhu Li (played by Liu Yao Yuan), Fu Yin (played by Pema Jyad), Huan Xiao Yan (played by Zhang Kai Ying), and more.

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Back From The Brink Synopsis

Twenty years ago, Tian Yao got betrayed by his potential wife, who was with him only to get his power-bestowing dragon bones. She broke his limbs, stripped off his dragon scales, and hid his body parts in five places. However, Tian’s depressed soul escapes and gets reincarnated.

In the second life, Tian learns that a girl named Yan Hui has his heart protection seal and can help him break the seal. Tian gets hopeful after finding a seal in a lake, and Yan Hui promises to help further.

The duo gets emotionally closer during the journey. On the one hand, Yan Hui appreciates their bond. On the other hand, Tian likes to see how she gets dedicated to his protection. The series is not as simple as it looks. Yan Hui’s original identity is yet to get discovered.

Main Characters From Back From The Brink
Main Characters From Back From The Brink (Credit: Youko TV)

The lead couple is the center of attraction in this series and has justified their characters (till now). Their chemistry is awesome. Neo Hou, especially, is playing the betrayed and heartbroken guy well. It may increase his fanbase. However, cracks started appearing in the storyline from the tenth to the fifteenth episode.

Back From The Brink has many sub-plots that confuse the viewers, and the inefficient actors playing small roles are irritating, according to the audience’s reviews. Bai Xiaosheng, a guy with dimples, is cute, cowardly, and weak. Thus, Tian deserved a powerful hero.

The series has experienced ups and downs in the ratings of various episodes. For instance, the first, second, fifth, sixth, sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth episodes got a rating of only 9.4. The Twenty-eighth and the further episodes, except the thirtieth one, got the highest rating of 10.

Back From The Brink Release Date

The first episode of Back From The Brink got aired on 09 May 2023 (Tuesday) and will contain forty episodes. The final episode of the ongoing series will get aired on 12 June 2023 (Monday). Every episode is forty-five minutes long and gets aired every day at 11:00 am (GMT).

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Back From The Brink Release Timing

The Upcoming episode (Episode 32) will get released according to the following time zones:

  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 11:00 hrs on 05 June 2023 (Monday)
  • EDT (Eastern Daylight Time): 07:00 hrs on 05 June 2023 (Monday)
  • KST (Korea Standard Time): 20:00 hrs on 05 June 2023 (Monday)
  • CST (China Standard Time): 19:00 hrs on 05 June 2023 (Monday)
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 20:00 hrs on 05 June 2023 (Monday)
  • BST (British Summer Time): noon on 05 June 2023 (Monday)
Neo Hou In Back From The Brink
Neo Hou In Back From The Brink (Credit: Youko TV)

Back From The Brink Episode Guide

Back From The Brink episodes get aired from Monday To Friday, and the upcoming episodes will get aired as follows:

  • Episode 32: 05 June 2023 (Monday)
  • Episode 33: 05 June 2023 (Monday)
  • Episode 34: 06 June 2023 (Tuesday)
  • Episode 35: 07 June 2023 (Wednesday)
  • Episode 36: 07 June 2023 (Wednesday)
  • Episode 37: 08 June 2023 (Thursday)
  • Episode 38: 09 June 2023 (Friday)
  • Episode 39: 12 June 2023 (Monday)
  • Episode 40:12 June 2023 (Monday)

Back From The Brink Streaming Guide


All Back From The Brink episodes get aired on Youku TV, Beijing’s video hosting service, with English subtitles. Some episodes get available at no cost for viewers residing in all regions. Meanwhile, you may watch the exclusive episodes by becoming a VIP member. For that, you must pay $3.73 (CNY 25) per month.


All episodes of the series are available on Youku’s YouTube channel with English subtitles with no membership costs. You may also download the episodes without any overhead.


Dailymotion streams all Back From The Brink episodes with English subtitles at no cost. However, the content might be unlicensed, and we cannot encourage people to go for unlicensed content.

Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki contains 26 episodes of the series, as of now, with subtitles in English, Hebrew, Geek, and ten more languages, and the subtitles get provided by The Dragonhearted Warriors. You may get subscribed to the platform by paying $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

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