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Preview and Recap: Black Clover Episode 164

Black Clover

The Dark Disciple who had devil’s powers bestowed upon them attacked the Heart Kindom. Vanica, who is possed by Megicula, is leading ta attack at the Heart Kingdom. While Dante has attacked Black Bull’s base and the BB squad was no match for Dante’s gravity magic. Dante notices that Asta is not giving up, and he decided to awaken Asta’s true feelings. He attacks Gauche with a blade, and Asta’s devil form got powered up.

Asta went berserk, losing himself to rage and hatred. He manages to land a strike on Dante, who comments that he will pay for making him bleed. Dante decided that he has to get serious with Asta. He unleashes Magic Gravity: Heavy Infinity that Asta blocked using his devil powers. Dante comments that he feels like beating Asta to a pulp using his fist. The two devils started to exchanging blows, and all the other BB members can see flashes of lightning. 

Black Clover Episode 164 will be released on Tuesday, 9 February 2021, at 6:25 PM JST. Watch Black Clover officially on AnimeLabFunimationNetflix, and Crunchyroll

Black Clover

Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover Episode 163

Meanwhile, Grey recalls her past and realizes that Gauche is the one who gives her a reason to leave. Her sister and mother did not acknowledge her at her young age, and they always call her ugly. She tried to work hard to impress them, but they did not even accept her. Grey realizes that she has to save Gauche and unleashes a spell that seals Gauche’s wound. While Asta got smashed with the ground and his two demon slayer fell on the ground.

Dante comments that he knew that all BB squad powers would go to waste. He asks Vaness to be his moment for the last time. When he wanted to attack, he saw a powerful slash cutting the ground. When he looks above him, he finds that it is the Captain of BB squad Yami. Yami told Dante to leave his kids, and Dante comments that he can see that it is Yami Sukehiro. Yami replies that Dante looks like one of that devil-possessed from the Spade Kingdom. 

Dante vs. Captain Yami: 

Yami comments that he doesn’t care who Dante is since he is going to kill him. Dante laughs at Yami, telling him that he needs to know his place. Dante didn’t waste time; he attacks with Gravity Magic: Presence of the Demon King. The power of magic is shaken around the BB base. Finral is worried that he cannot even control his spatial magic. Dante is impressed that Yami can stay on his feet. Yami comments that he has learned a lot of things in six months.

Yami unleashed a Mana Zone and Black Hole and erased Dante’s gravity magic. He used Dark Magic: Black Moon. Dante realizes that his magic that is within Yami’s territory is being erased. Black Moon protected all the injured kids of Yami. Dante is on mid-air thinking that he can use a boulder to destroy Black Moon. Yami saw the boulder coming at full speed. He unleashes Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash that cut the boulder.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Dante notices that Yami has cut through space, and the slash nearly cut him. He comments that he expects nothing less from an arcane stage that they seek. Dante summons Gravity Magic: Heavy Infinity Gladiator. Yami saw that Dante is fast, and he hops and dodges the attack. Yami is using Mana Zone and reading Dante Ki to predict his moves. But Dante is using his gravity to control the speed of his sword strikes.

Luck vs. Great Svenkin:

Yami asks why Dante is after him and why he knows a lot about him. Dante comments that Yami is the key to the underworld. Yami is wondering what Dante is talking about. Dante asks how did a man like Yami acquire so many individuals with unique magic. He comments that it is the first time he has been jealous of a human. Dante thanks Yami for the new malice. He comments that in the end, those beautiful arcane stage ladies will belong to him. 

Yami relaxes and unleashes Mana Zone: Condense trying to read Dante’s attacks. Dante thought that he saw an opening, and he attacks. Yami pulls out his sword and attacks Dante with Dark Cloaked Lai Slash. He cut Dante in half, and Dante started to spit blood. Meanwhile, Vanica and the Dark Disciples are tearing apart the Spirit Guardians at the Heart Kingdom. Gaja decided to go and face the devils. 

Luck batter with the Great Svenkin, who said he likes Lucks’s powers. He manages to save a lady with her daughter. Luck fires a Lightning Magic: Thunderbolt Destruction that made no impact on Svenkin. Svenkin comments that his body is the ultimate spear and shield. Luck defeated Svenki by getting through his body like a spear of lightning. While the battle between Dante and Yami continues. 

Black Clover Episode 164 Preview

Get the latest update on Asta challenging Dante’s gravity magic here: Black Clover Episode 163.

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