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Myke Wright Relationship Timeline: All People He Has Dated So Far

Myke Wright Relationship Timeline

Love is in the air, and Hollywood is the biggest victim of crime. The love life of Myke Wright relationship timeline is quite popular these days. The romance of Lizzo and Myke has taken over the screens, and their love life is making fans fall in love with them. Talking of Myke, he was raised in Detroit’s Westside. he did a number of small jobs in his town before finally moving to Los Angeles in 2012. In Detroit, he was seen involved in juggling music, video production, and attending Art College, In 2012, he fixed stand-up comedy as his full job occupation.

Moreover, Myke Dwight’s relationship with his career as a comedian is going quite fine. He has shown his talents in Adam Devine’s House Party and Laughs, How To Be A Grown-Up, Doubting Thomas, and Tell Me What You Want To Know About Cyrus. Apart from his professional stardom, Wright’s relationship has also added new dimensions to his stardom. Scroll through the page and see the Myke Wright relationship timeline with his beau Lizzo.

Who is Myke Wright?

Well, before we step into the couple’s relationship insights, let us look at what all Myke Wright is composed of. Over the years, Myke has proved himself in various fields. He is majorly known to be a comedian, but this isn’t his job talent. Myke Wright is also known to be a musician, this is what pulls the couple toward one another.

Myke Wright Relationship Timeline

Wright has a history of being in bands. He formed a band called The Grey Level in his high school, which was an all-Black rock band that he made with his three best friends. Later on, he formed a hip-hop group and named it Phresh Heir. The Wright talent cycle does not end here, he is also the owner of a design company called ümi, no doubt Lizzo is still with the guy. He also provides designs to EMLE, a luxury clothing brand.

Let’s see how this multi-talented star manages his relationship.

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Myke Wright Relationship Timeline

The first public appearance of Lizzo and Wright was on Valentine’s Day. It has been said that the couple has been linked much before that. In fact, in October 2021, the couple was seen at Crustacean Beverly Hills together. These pair have known each other for a very long time.

The Beginning Times in 2016

In 2016, Lizzo and Wright were introduced on the sets of MTV’s Wonderland, where they worked as co-hosts and leading stars. 

Myke Wright Relationship Timeline

We can not wait to see their love pace accelerating each day.

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