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Why Was Steve Sarkisian Fired From USC?

Steve Sarkisian was fired from USC some years ago, leaving his fans in shock. a But, why? Before getting into further details, let’s learn a bit about him. Stephen Sarkisian is a retired footballer and is now the head coach at the University of Texas at Austin. Before this, he also coached for Oakland Raiders, Washington, USC, Atlanta Falcons, etc. Keeping his playing achievements aside, Steve won Broyles Award, serving as the coach, a couple of years ago. 

Well, Steve Sarkisian was fired from USC with a cause. He was given a certain period to be spending at the rehab facility. Things turned bad, and he was reported to be deeply disappointed in the same. However, it was needed, more precisely, his health needed to be sorted out at first, with proper treatment.

That eventually needed some time outside being associated with USC. So, as things related to his health? Or was it because of something else? Here is what we know about Steve Sarkisian getting fired from USC. 

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Steve Sarkisian Was Fired From USC

As mentioned already, Steve Sarkisian has served for USC for several years. Before getting into why he was fired from this, let’s have a look at his journey of how things started with USC. 

It was in 2001 when Steve Sarkisian joined USC, working as the offensive coordinator. Soon, he became the offensive assistant and later the quarterback’s coach inane a subsequent couple of years. After taking a break from serving for the Oakland Raiders, he again got back to USC in 2005, being the assistant head coach and also doing the duties of his earlier position. Meanwhile, he served for various other teams. At the end of 2013, Steve Sarkisian returned to USC as the head coach. 

Steve Sarkisian Fired From USC

Steve Sarkisian

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What Went Wrong? 

In 2015, the director of USC Trojans football announced the news of Steve Sarkisian getting fired from the same. Along with him, Jordan Moore said, “After careful consideration of what is in the best interest of the University and our student-athletes, I have decided to terminate Steve Sarkisian, effective immediately.” He added saying, “I want to thank Clay Helton for stepping into the interim head coach role. Through all of this, we remain concerned for Steve and hope that it will allow him to focus on his well-being.” 

As far as Steve’s health condition was concerned, he then checked himself into a facility for residential treatment. The football coach was reported to be fired from USC from sympathetic messages and emails. 

Even though Steve Sarkisian was upset, he was grateful to the entire USC team for giving him mental support. He made it to his Twitter account, sharing a heartfelt message. The post said, “This is a very difficult time for my family and me. I am facing these challenges the best I can, and your support helps immensely. I wish my Trojans the best against Notre Dame and for the remainder of the season. No one will be cheering them on more than me. Fight On!” Despite getting fired from USC, he hoped for its future success and didn’t fail to cheer everyone from the same. 

Steve Sarkisian Fired From USC

Steve Sarkisian

Are you wondering what was the main cause? Well, Steve Sarkisian’s exact issues are still kept under wraps. However, it was reported to be his health, suffering badly from his excessive intake of alcohol. That was more prominent during his previous head coaching service at Washington. Steve was also reported to take medicine, mixing it with alcohol. In addition to this, he was very much intoxicated at a sports team meeting as well. 

It’s good to see that Steve Sarkisian is now in good health, doing wonders serving well as the head coach happily for the last few years. Everything is good. Best wishes to Steve Sarkisian for the upcoming days of his life. Hoping he achieves more success! You may give Steve a following on his Instagram account for more sports updates!

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