Are Austin and Lexi Over? What Is It About Perfect Online Relationships?

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Austin and Lexi
Austin Shapiro and Lexi Cohen (Credits: TubeFilter)

Famous TikTok and YouTube couple Austin and Lexi have been one of the most famous couple content creators online; they have a large fan following. With 5 million followers on TikTok and 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, they made a name for themselves as influencers and content creators.

Their relationship and content online earned somewhat of a fan following. Most of their videos are comedy content; they include Lexi playing some harmless pranks on her boyfriend, Austin. One of her most-watched videos was the one she made about her boyfriends’ Pokémon card. One of the milestones of her online career, it received over 20 million views.  

There always seems to be a lot of mixed opinions around a couple of content creators whose main content is about their relationship. While some viewers enjoy the romantic and funny antics of such couples, others seem to think that it is more or less a sham. There is a lot of talk about the reality of such perfect couples and a lot of dialogue about the unrealistic standards they set simply for the sake of more views. This dialogue gains a higher momentum when one of these couples seems to end their relationship. So what happened to Austin Shapiro and Lexi Cohen? 

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Did Austin and Lexi Break-Up? 

The couple Austin and Lexi often used the medium of social media to display their love for one another. It seems from their videos that not only are they extremely in love they are also happy and grateful for one another. The way they first met is right out of a good rom-com.

Lexi and Austin were both studying film at High Point and met during an early morning lecture. According to the couple, while Austin was immediately a fan of the pretty girl in class, Lexi did not like him right away. She said it was because they were on really early lectures, and while most were tired that early in the morning, Austin was very energetic. 

Austin and Lexi
Austin and Lexi From Their YouTube Channel (Credits: YouTube)

However, when they were later re-introduced at better hours, they took a liking to each other. They often met outside of the lectures due to mutual friends and seemed to hit it off when the hours were right. Before they knew it, they started dating and were soon in love. Their first video was released on 20 September 2020, which was a wipe-you-face prank that Lexi played on Austin. They even graduated from High Point University together in 2021. 

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The Breakup  

Recently, their followers realized that they had been less active on social media compared to before. Lately, it also seemed that more of the content was Lexi, and Austin did not appear frequently as before. This was when the fans started to notice something off, and suspicions started to surface.

Austin and Lexi
Austin and Lexi From Their TikTok Q&A (Credits: YouTube)

Later Austin ended up posting a video on his TikTok explaining the whole scenario in detail. He started by acknowledging that the fans have already noticed the difference in posting from before. After this, he talked about his struggle with dealing with his mother’s passing from cancer five years ago, due to which he faced a rift with his father. Austin also provided reasons for his and Lexi’s breakup. 

He explained that as the emotional pressure increased and when he fell into a deep depression, Lexi volunteered to take on more social media work so that Austin could take a step back and figure his state out. The pressures of working alone did take a toll on Lexi. According to Austin ‘, she lost everything that made her”‘. Austin explained that sometimes people meet the right person at the wrong time, and while he loves Lexi, the timing is not right for them. They are yet not calling the relationship off, as explained by him later, and instead taking a break from each other so they can come back stronger. 

Reddit Comments
Some Comments From A Reddit Post About The Breakup (Credits: Reddit)

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The Response

Lexi and Austin are far from the first online couple to split. In the same video in which he discussed his break up with Lexi, he talked about the online standard of being perfect and the pressure it entails. Having a relationship that is publicly accessible and viewed is a large responsibility, and often people cannot help but wonder if couples would remain together if it were not for their online presence. 

While some fans and followers showed their support and love for them. Others were apathetic and believed that there were not many online relationships that seemed genuine. Is apathy acceptable in such situations? There is no lack of hot takes on the matter; for now, Lexi and Austin are on a break and on the list of perfect-online couples that broke up. 

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