Lego Masters Season 3 Episodes 14 & 15: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Lego Masters Season 3 Episodes 14 and 15 release date is quite soon. The series throws light on contestants who compete in huge Lego rounds where they have to build something enormous and creative with these tiny building blocks. Back in the last episode, we saw that the top four teams are finally entering the build room for the semifinals. They are required to build a fountain with Legos which should be classy and big and beautiful.

With all these adjectives up in their pockets, the players start stacking up their sets in order to build the masterpiece. The host also tells them that they are required to have a movement in the structure as well so that the water shoe could also take place here. The Brick masters also come in to say that the water is actually the movement and not actually a power function.

Will advises the players to build something that has a story behind it all and they will be given 10 hours to complete the whole structure. The unfortunate news is, one of the teams in this competition is going back home and this will be their last build for the season.

Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 12 and 13 Recap

After a huge while, we see the winners being announced. They are Nick and Stacey and the duo has finally secured a place in the finale. Stephen and Stephen are also in the rouns along with the third team Dave and Emily. The most unfortunate thing happens when Brendan and Greg have to go back home after losing the round.

Lego Masters Season 3 Episodes 14 and 15 Release Date
A still from Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 13

In the final round, we saw that the three teams have finally come to the build room again. They are now required to create a master build for their final project. There actually is no product to make at all and thus, it is the hardest mind challenge ever. The teams are required to show the best thing they have ever assembled and the one which would blow the mind of judges is the one that wins. The teams will get a day for the same.

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Dave and Emily fend off to create a city block for the project. Nick and Stacey have decided to go with something more emotionally felt which is a bookshelf full of childhood stories. As for Stephen and Stephen, they have decided to build a mountain scape which is located around Lake Louise.

Well, the episode ended on a great note with Nick and Stacey winning the whole thing. Obviously, it had more story and depth than the other plus an edge over the other players. They are the ones to walk away with 100,000 dollars in cash that night.

Lego Masters Season 3 Episodes 14 and 15 Release Date

Lego Masters Season 3 Episodes 14 and 15 release dates are on the 19th and 20th of December 2022 respectively. It is titled Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular. The new special episodes will drop out on Fox at 8 PM Eastern Time.

How to Watch Lego Masters Season 3 Episodes 14 and 15

Lego Masters Season 3 Episodes 14 and 15 will air on Fox. The broadcast details are already mentioned and fans must tally the same before tuning in to the channel. Also, the episodes will later will available through Fox’s official website. Hulu will also stream the latest episodes of the series on their service starting at just 6.99 dollars a month.

Lego Masters Season 3 Episodes 14 and 15 Spoilers

In these two special episodes after the season has ended, we will see celebrities coming on the screen to try their hand and expertise at Lego Building. We will see the host welcoming $obin Thicke as well as Finesse Mitchell and Leslie Jordan in the lead along with Cheryl Hines. They will build aerodynamic snowmobiles with Legos this special.

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