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Rocketry Ending Explained: Who is The Enemy Of Nambi Narayanan?

Rocketry Ending

Do you remember Farhan Qureshi from 3 Idiots? Well, the real name of the actor is R. Madhavan, and he is a singer, actor, screenwriter, director, and producer who can be seen in Tamil and Hindi films. R. Madhavan has recently made his directorial debut by writing, producing, and directing Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, based on the life of  Nambi Narayanan. The lead role has been taken by Madhavan. Nambi was a scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation who was accused in the ISRO espionage case and afterward exonerated.

The movie covers the entire life of Nandi, right from his graduation from Princeton University to his work and the false accusation charge. The film takes one to multiple places as it was shot in around seven nations, including India, Russia, and France. The movie was filmed in English, Hindi, and Tamil. The movie brought a profit of around ₹25 crores to the team as it grossed ₹50 crores worldwide.  The fans appreciated everything about the movie. But, a couple of them were still confused about the ending of the movie. Well, don’t worry if you couldn’t interpret the ending, we are here to spoon-feed you all the deets of the movie.

Plot Of Rocketry

The movie begins with an interview focused on Shah Rukh Khan. The TV series opens with Nambi sitting in a reality TV show after he was blamed for the charges and was physically and mentally tortured. The beginning of Nambi’s life was at the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station, where he saves APJ Abdul Kalam from a major injury. In 1969, he got into Princeton University. The progression in the career life of Nambi happened right after his completion of MSE in Chemical rock Propulsion, the lead character was seen getting a fellowship at NASA in the United States.

Rocketry Ending


He, however, refused the offer and started off in India. Later on, he, along with a friend, moved to France to build an engine on Liquid fuels over 180 pressure work. Nambi later on again returns to India. Soon after that, Nambi travels to Russia to study Cryogenuc missiles. Being a Princeton graduate and sharing involvements with Russia made him look like a convict, and he had to run across Pakistan, Karachi, and then India.

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‘Rocketry’ Ending Explained

The end of Rocketry: The Nambi Effect with a parallel reference of both Nambi and Barry Amaldev, NASA scientist. There have been suspicions about him for being the man to disclose all secrets and get Nambi in trouble with the car. The blame could also be put on India for being insecure because the fusion of Indians ad Russians would have given birth to a low-cost cryogenic engine and would have taken over the market. Barry was also seen following Nambi’s every move.

Rocketry Ending


Moreover, the disturbances from the IBs side have also been seen. The problem started when Nambi made a deal with IBs to get all the parts needed for the cryogenic engine. The fact of Nambi kicking out NASA for ISRO was unbelievable for Americans to digest. This puts the light on the CIA and puts them in the suspect’s box. Some theories also mentioned that Barry might be the agent of the CIA acting as a scientist all the way. This made more sense when BArry followed him all across Europe.

The end of this movie featured Nambi in real-life. In the end, SRK apologizes to Mr. Nambi for all the troubles Indian Put him through. The best part was Nambi standing up and saying, “I cannot forgive because I was wrongfully convicted, meaning there is someone who wanted me convicted, and still there’s work to do.”

So, here come the spoilers to Rocketry. Do you want to know about any other of your favorite movie? Well, follow OtakuKart and stay on top of all things happening around.

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