Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 4: Release Date, Preview & How To Watch

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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 4

The Good Trouble Season 5 episode 4 release date is here. Fans are here to get their hands on every piece of information possible. Good Trouble is an American drama series created by Joanna Johnson, Bradley Bredeweg, and Peter Paige. This show is a spin-off of The Fosters. The show cast includes Maia Mitchell, Cierra Ramirez, Zuri Adele, Sherry Cola, Tommy Martinez, Roger Bart, Emma Hunton, Josh Pence, Beau Mirchoff, Bryan Craig, Priscilla Quintana, and Booboo Stewart. Each episode runs between 40-60 minutes. The composers of the show are Michael Brook and Amanda Jones. 

The executive producers of Good Trouble are Joanna Johnson, Peter Paige, Bradley Bredeweg, Greg Gugliotta, Christine Sacani, Maia Mitchell, Cierra Ramirez, Jennifer Lopez, Benny Medina, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Jon M. Chu, Megan Lynn, Wade Solomon, and Samantha Humphrey. Production companies of the series are Freeform Studios, J.J. Productions, Blazing Elm Entertainment, and Nuyorican Productions. After The Fosters ended Freeform immediately announced the production of Good Trouble. The show was given an order of 13 episodes but the fans kept loving the show and the maker kept renewing the show.

Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 4
Good Trouble Episode 4 releasing soon (Credits: Hulu)

Season one of Good Trouble aired on 8 January 2019 and its finale episode premiered on 2 April 2019. Season 2 was released in 2 parts and it also had 2 special episodes. Season 2 aired on 18 June 2019 and ended on 4 March 2020. Season 3 aired on 17 February 2021, and ended on 8 September 2021. Season 4 of Good Trouble premiered on 9 March 2022 and concluded on 1 September 2022. Season 5 is currently airing and its first episode released on 16 March 2023. 

At the end of season 4, we witnessed Alice’s shock towards Sumi receiving an assessment for the film. Sumi was not dedicated to the scene so she didn’t get the audition. Alice got confused with the idea of resembling any Asian woman. The director’s presence at the studio makes her more nervous. Alice starts revising her monologue once again. 

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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 4: Release Date

Fans are excited to know the release date of episode 4 of season 5 of Good Trouble. Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 4 will be released on 6 April 2023. This episode will be titled ‘Under Pressure.’ The latest episode 3 was released on 30 March 2023. This episode was titled ‘About Damn Time’ and was written by Jay Chandrashekhar. Good Trouble holds a 100% approval rating on rotten tomatoes and has a rating of 8.93 out of 10. 

Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 4
Catch the details of Episode 4 of Good Trouble (Credits: Freeform)

The monologue that Alice delivered was something like this; Although I have trouble selling myself, I’m ideal for the part of Kristi Chen. Absolutely. I was a nerd in junior high—a non-entity. I remain a nerd. I danced with my brother; we didn’t kiss, but I’ve always wanted to attend my class reunion and prove my worth to those individuals.

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What To Expect From Episode 4?

The previous episode of Good Trouble starts with a courier who seemed to be carrying drugs delivered by Dennis. He tells Davia that he is working on a different production of the line as his food tuck isn’t making enough money. On the other hand, Luca starts his fifth day at the studio and there he meets Riley. As Marianna talks to Dennis about layoffs she gets an idea too. 

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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 4: How to watch?

Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 4’s release date is near. Fans want to know the timings and the streaming platform for the same. The episodes are released on Freeform and in the USA the episodes are released at 10 PM. The timings for other regions are as follows:

  • On 7 April 2023 For the viewers in Britain: 3 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time
  • On 7 April 2023 For the viewers in Australia: 2 p.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • On 7 April 2023 For the viewers in India: 8.30 a.m. Indian Standard Time
  • On 7 April 2023 For the viewers in the Pacific region: 7 p.m. Pacific time
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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 4
Streaming platforms of Episode 4 (Credits: Hulu)

The episodes will be streamed on Hulu, Sling Tv apart from Freeform. The fans of the series are advised to check the data and timings for the regions before watching the episode. 

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