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The Good Detective Season 2 Episode 15 Release Date: Cheon Na-Na’s Confession!

The Good Detective Season 2 Episode 15 spoilers
The Good Detective Season 2 Episode 15 release date

The Good Detective, one of the highest TRP-earning K-Drama series, has made a second-season debut on television. Season 2’s initial teaser trailer has several new turns and surprises. And the second season does not let down in the slightest. People are interested in the second season and are eagerly awaiting the release of The Good Detective season 2, episode 15. So, when will “The Good Detective” season 2 episode 15 be released?

We are here to provide the fans with all the latest updates regarding the upcoming episode, including revealing the “The Good Detective season 2 episode 15” release date and “how to watch The Good Detective season 2 episode 15.” But before we leap to the release date and streaming details, let’s fill in for those who missed the recently aired episodes.

In episode 14, the detectives start looking for Grandpa and end up searching the forest. In shock, they discover him hanging from a tree and try to get him down. Grandpa is brought to the hospital immediately, and we see Ji-hyuk still analyzing the crime scene to find out what transpired. The gangsters are taken in for questioning. They are on the verge of revealing that they carried out the task on orders from their boss.

The Good Detective Season 2 Episode 15 spoilers

Grandpa is taken to the hospital

We see Eun-Hye entering the police station, and there she meets Ki-jin. She decides to chase after his car, but in vain. On the other hand, the detectives are searching for evidence on Hee-Joo’s clothes that can help them find the actual culprit. They also scour through CCTVs and see Na-na visiting Grandpa’s shop the day Grandpa was murdered.

The Good Detective Season 2 Episode 15 spoilers

Ji Hyuk confronts Na-Na

Ji-hyuk questions Na-na about it. He asks whether the culprit would stop, and Na-na replies that if she were the culprit, she would. President Cheon has dinner with Michael Cha to discuss the TJ-McQueen alliance. They will need a scapegoat to conceal the company’s international origins from the public. Na-Na is tense and wants to learn whether her father instructed him to send her to the States so that he could kill her off there.

The Good Detective Season 2 Episode 15 spoilers

Na-Na edits the audio recording

Later, we see Na-na editing the audio recording of her conversation with her dad. Detectives follow the burner phone’s last known location. It turns out that it was also utilized at a forensic lab. We discover that Ki-jin asked a laboratory to examine Hee-clothing. Joe’s We find out that other people’s blood left stains on Hee-clothing.

The Good Detective Season 2 Episode 15 spoilers

The team finds new information about the blood stains

However, who those blood stains belong to will be made known in forthcoming episodes. After such a thrilling last episode, k-drama fans want to know when “The Good Detective” season 2 episode 15 be released. Dig in to find out!

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The Good Detective Season 2 Preview

This Incheon-based drama, The Good Detective, examines both people who attempt to hide painful truths from others and those who do so. One of the leads, Kang Do-Chang, has worked as a detective for 18 years! He uses his expertise to look into a dreadful situation. Another piece of information was offered by top investigator Oh Ji-Hyeok, who has nine years of experience. He gets inside the criminal’s mind. He does not communicate his thoughts or sentiments because of the trauma he endured as a youngster.

Fans will also see the excellent detectives take on cases involving violent crimes and apprehend the criminals. The team’s next case is a brand-new event in which Kim Min-Ji is the victim, and Cheon Sang-Woo is the offender. However, Sung-woo is a member of the incredibly powerful TJ Group. Incheon, on the other hand, is terrorized as a result of serial killings. The female victims are murdered while dressed entirely in white. The show’s primary focus is on how they solve the murder case.

When will The Good Detective Season 2 Episode 15 be Released?

The show makers have revealed that the series is going to have a total of 16 episodes this season. Fans of this detective-thriller will be able to witness the action twice a week since two episodes will be released per week. Although the timings may occasionally change, there has been no change in the timings at the moment. The Good Detective season 2 episode 15 is ready to air on September 17, 2022, at 22:30 KST for Korean viewers.

The Good Detective Season 2 Episode 15 Streaming Guide

Netflix currently has Season 1 of the series ‘The Good Detective.’ However, Season 2 is still not bought by any streaming service. Unfortunately, we can’t say for certain if this second season will become available via streaming yet. The Good Detective season 2 episode 15 can be watched on JTBC for viewers in South Korea.

So update your calendars and don’t forget to watch ‘The Good Detective season 2 episode 15.’

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