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Last Man Standing Season 9 Review: Watch It or Skip it? Here’s Everything You Must Know

Last Man Standing Season 9

Having released 5 episodes so far, Last Man Standing Season 9 is currently one of today’s most beloved shows. As confirmed by Fox Networking Channel, Last Man Standing Season 9 will be the final season. And, the season is likely to feature 21 episodes. Although the storyline of the series is too mainstream, the characters are just amazing. This certainly explains why it is one of the most amazing shows today despite having a plain storyline. In this article, you will find out everything related to this drama, ratings, and reviews. Keep following the article to learn everything!

Last Man Standing Season 9- FOX TV's light-hearted comedy series

Last Man Standing Season 9- FOX TV’s light-hearted comedy series

The ninth season of Last Man Standing was premiered early this year, on January 3, 2021. Since then, the show has become the talk of the town. Written by Michael Shipley and produced by Jack Burditt, this sitcom has come a long way. It was first broadcasted in late 2011 and ended up getting a lot of appreciation from the viewers. To continue the drill and entertain the audience for longer, the showrunners went up to 9 seasons. But, as asserted by them, it will be the last and final season. Well, to know what the critics have to say and what all things the show has in store for us, jump to the following section.

Last Man Standing Season 9 Review and Ratings

Starring a plethora of characters, Last Man Standing has an IMDb rating of 7.6/10. The show is rated as 7.7/10 on Thus, you can assume how exciting the series is! And, if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out on one of the most comedy series. Crime and mystery series may be more thrilling than comic ones. But, Last Man Standing is an exception and can give you the same thrills. If you are looking for something light-hearted as a getaway from the troubles, Last Man Standing is the one for you.

Tim Allen's Last Man Standing ends with Season 9

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing ends with Season 9

Originally, the sitcom was broadcasted on the ABC network. But, later on, it was taken by FOX TV and continued to amuse the fans. All the cast members have a way to crack up the fans and make them laugh. But, Tim Allen steals the limelight. He has a way with comedy and never fails to make the audience giggle every time he is on screen. Although the show highlighted serious social and political issues, the audience didn’t mind. We expect the makers to keep us laughing and bring up more fun episodes.

Last Man Standing Overview

If you heard your friends discussing the sitcom events and wish to know, what all the series is about, you are just at the right place. In this section, we will brief you about the plot of the series and its cast members. The American sitcom is set in Colorado and spirals around Mike Baxter and his family members. Mike works as the director of a sporting goods store, and his three daughters never fail to put him in trouble. The house is totally in control of his wife and the daughters.

Last Man Standing Season 9 Cast And Roles

Tim Allen plays the character of Mike and has truly amazed everyone with his expressions and acting skills. The other cast members include Héctor Elizondo and Christoph Sanders. Elizondo is paying the part of Mike’s boss at the store. And, Sanders plays the role of Kyle Enderson, who works as an employee at the same store.

Tim is paired with Nancy Travis, who is playing the part of Mike’s wife. The couple finds their ways to survive in America along with their children. Their eldest daughter Kristen is a single mom. Despite all the hardships, she never succumbs to pressure and finds ways to deal with ordeals. Mandy is the middle daughter of the Baxter couple. As Molly Ephraim decided to quit the show, the roles were given to Molly McCook and the fans adjusted to the change.

Tim Allen as Mike Baxter

Tim Allen as Mike Baxter

Eve is Daddy’s princess and the youngest daughter. She shares the same interests as her father and is the most beloved daughter of Mike. In all honesty, Last Man Standing Season 9 is a light comedy show packed with a tad bit of romance. If you are not looking for something intense, this show must be on your watch-list.

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