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Willy’s Wonderland Brand New Horror Thriller Starring Nicolas Cage

Willy’s Wonderland is the upcoming Horror thriller encroached movie starring Nicolas Cage; the film is soon going to be streaming online digital on-demand platforms. The trailer of the film was recently released, and from the trailer, it can be said that the movie has got a lot of horror with it. Willy’s Wonderland is about a quiet drifter who has got the job of cleaning up an amusement park that had long back been abandoned by a family, the name of the amusement park is the title of the film is ‘Wally’s Wonderland.’

Kevin Lewis directs Willy’s Wonderland, and it is based on a short film “Wally’s Wonderland” by the scriptwriter G O Parsons. The film has not been going to hit the theatre screen and also thanks to the ongoing pandemic that don’t have its termination and indeed the makers have decided not to wait for the situation to get better and get relaxations in the guidelines of theatres operating rather than they have decided it to stream it online this time on the on-demand streaming digital platform.

Preview: Nicolas Cage Starrer Horror Thriller Film- Willy’s Wonderland

Preview: Nicolas Cage Starrer Horror Thriller Film- Willy’s Wonderland

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Cast & Plot

The cast of the upcoming Willy’s Wonderland film includes Nicolas Cage, who is in the lead caretaker of the Wally’s Wonderland and his name in the film is Janitor, Emily Tosta as Liv Hawthorne, David Sheftell as Evan Olson, Berth Grant as Sheriff Eloise Lund, Terayle Hill as Bob McDaniel, Kal Kadlec as Chris Muley, Ric Reitz as Tex Macadoo, Caylee Cowan as Kathy Barnes, Grant Cramer as Jerry Wallace, Chris Padilla as Jim Hawthrone, Jonathan Mercedes as Dan Lorraine, Chris Warner as Jed Love, Olga Cramer as Judy Hawthorne. In addition to this, the movie has a lot of other Animatronic characters, which may be the regarding the horror part.

In the coming up film Willy’s Wonderland,  Janitor gets the job of drifter at night shift at the Willy’s Wonderland, which at once had been a popular family entertainment center. But, daily, he notices some horror things in Wonderland. Later, we come to know that there exist 8 animatronic characters that are the part of the restaurant which used to be in operation when the wonderland was open, who try their all strength to kill Janitor. It seems those want to live at the Wonderland all alone, and they don’t want anybody living there. The later part of the story will be all about Janitor saving himself from those horror characters; also, he has now to save not only his life but also of a group of teens who have unknowingly entered the building. The whole defending part will continue for the entire night of Janitor and his group of teen kids till morning and later what everyone knows who will be saved at last defending everyone who comes in the way. The film will have a tremendous amount of horror with it, as we can predict just from the trailer itself. Later, much of the things will be known once the film is released.

Willy’s Wonderland Release Date on OTT

Initially, the release of the movie was all set to release on October 30, 2020, in the theatres. On January 15, 2021, the makers of the film announced that they will not be going for the theatrical release and will be going on with digital distribution worldwide through a video on demand release. Also, now we know Willy’s Wonderland will be released on February 12, 2021. A good number of viewers have also liked the trailer since it was released. Still, a small fraction of the audience compared this movie with Five Night’s At Freddy’s, which too had a similar storyline, and thus the object of the question raised among a section of the audience. But, a trailer is promising with the great performance of the lead actor, and definitely, you will enjoy the horror of the film that will be something different in this film.

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