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Who is The Richest NBA Player of all time?

Basketball players get a lot of salary for just one game, but who has bagged the position of richest NBA player of all time? Well, we are here to disclose just that. Michael Jordan, quite known among the basketball enthusiasts as MJ, is the richest NBA player. The player has been a part of 15 seasons of NBA. He has won 6 of these while being in a team with Chicago Bulls. His income does not solely rely on basketball salary but yes, it is a major part of it. Jordan belongs to New York City and was born in 1963.

His passion for the game started back when he was just a sophomore in high school. He was rejected for the varsity team because of being just an inch short. In order to prove his worth, Jordan worked really hard on his skills and made it to the varsity team and was thus promoted to other big games as well. After he was born, Jordan and his parents moved to North Carolina. He majored in cultural geography at the University of North Carolina after he accepted a basketball scholarship. Now, let us discuss Jordan’s net worth in detail.

Richest NBA Player of All Time – Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a former NBA player and is the richest one to date. His net worth is over 1.5 billion US dollars. He was selected as a member of the Chicago Bulls back in the 80s. Jordan decided to leave Basketball and retire from the sport in 2006. There were many factors that drove him to this decision which we shall discuss later in the article. As for now, the majority of Jordan’s income comes from his business ventures. You guys should know that he is the most marketed sports person in history. Jordan is a spokesman for brands such as Nike, McDonald’s, Chevrolet, and Coca-Cola. His biggest and most profitable endorsement comes with his collaboration with Nike.

Richest NBA Player of all time

Michael Jordan during NBA

The company has launched a signature shoe for his name called Air Jordan. It started in 1984. His income from these commercials as well as collaborations is over 40 million dollars. From contracts such as basketball and baseball, he earns more than 30 million dollars per game season. Jordan also has a lot of other start-ups and business firms. His client firms have turned over 1 billion dollars in market capitalization. The NBA player has also been named the 20th of powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes in 2010. Michael Jordan has first declared a billionaire in 2014.

Where does Michael Jordan Get His Salary?

The Jordan Brand generates more than a billion for Nike alone. He is the fifth richest African-American. The list includes names such as Kanye West and Oprah Winfrey. He has also been a part of various movies such as Space Jam in 1996. He played his own role. The film was a box office success and again earned a billion just by selling merchandise.

The name Michael Jordan is truly associated with 1 billion dollars it seems. A documentary was made about him in 2000 which records his career story. Just a couple of years ago, another documentary was made on him that gives us a better cinematic detail of the player’s life. This documentary called The Last Dance went on to win an Emmy Award.

Michael Jordan – Why did he retire from Basketball?

In 2006, Michael Jordan officially announced that he was going to retire as a basketball player. Among various factors affecting his decision, was the one that included the murder of his father which took place 3 months ago at that time. James Jordan was killed in his car by two young boys on July 23. His body was then thrown into a swamp and was not found until August 3.

This incident was particularly very hard for Michael. He was quite close to his father and even adapted some of his signature styles. Jordan stated that he does not want to play Basketball from then. He has had other successful ventures in games such as baseball but did not go further in them as he laid his sole focus on Basketball only.

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