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Who is Jessica Hayes’s Boyfriend? The Love Life of Love Island’s Contestant!

Jessica Hayes’s Boyfriend became the talk of the town in recent times after she was caught with her boyfriend sharing a steamy kiss. Miss Hayes was dating Dan Lawry. However, the couple split their ways last year. Following their breakup, the couple became very quiet about their personal life. They hardly talk about their lives and never see anyone else. However, after almost eight months following the breakup of Jessica and Dan, Jessica was caught on camera with a man who is rumored to be her boyfriend. As the pictures went viral, the news took up the internet, and fans became more curious to know more about her dating life.

Celebrities’ dating life has been in the news for all the right reasons. Undoubtedly, fans are very much interested in knowing about their favorite star. Jessica became a fan’s favorite after she appeared on Love Island. The show helped her to gain major recognition in the country. AsWithime, proceed Jessica became more famous. She is quite active on social media and enjoys a tremendous fan base all around the globe. The beauty rightfully resides in the hearts of millions of people. However, fans are interested in knowing who is she dating now in 2022? Who is the guy who made her fall for him head over heels? Questions are many, and the answer is all there in the article. Here in the article, we will talk about Jessica Hayes’s Boyfriend? Without any delay, let’s delve into the article and find out who is Jessica Hayes’s boyfriend?

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Career and Early Life

Jessica Hayes is an islander contestant who gains popularity on the show. The model is quite popular for Instagram videos and pictures. She is known for her hot and glamorous pictures on the internet. The England native enjoys a tremendous fan base on the internet.

Although there is not much information available about Jessica, she seems to be quite a jovial person who enjoys traveling. Jessica was born on 22 April 1993 and is 29 now. Jessica was born and brought up in England. Nonetheless, there is no information about her parents.

Jessica Hayes's Boyfriend

Jessica Hayes

Before fame, Jessica worked in adult films under the name of Anna Jefferies. There is not much information about her past. She grabbed the attention when she appeared in “The Big Fish Off.” The show was aired in 2015, and the following year, she was cast for Love Island.  However, here in the article, we will talk about her personal life. Next, in the article, we will talk about who is Jessica Hayes’s Boyfriend in 2022!

Who is Jessica Hayes’s Boyfriend?

Earlier this year, on New Year’s Eve, Jessica Hayes was seen with her new boyfriend, whose identity is still not revealed. She seems engrossed in him and packs PDA with him. The couple seemed deep in love as they were photographed together. They were coming out of the restaurant after enjoying a dinner date in Mayfair. Numerous of their picture went viral on the internet. Fans become more curious to know about Jessica Hayes’s Boyfriend, but she does not spill the beans on it. The couple is captured in the camera coming out of the restaurant holding hands.

Jessica Hayes's Boyfriend

Jessica Hayes’s Boyfriend

Jessica was previously dating Dan. They were truly in love and also decided to walk down the aisle and recite the holy vows. Well, Dan went onto his knees to ask her to marry him. Nonetheless, their relationship did not last for long, and the couple decided to call off their relationship. They announced their breakup in May last year. Their breakup was quite shocking as a few months before they split their ways, the couple lost their baby after nineteen weeks of pregnancy.

Jessica also found love on Love Island. However, it was just a fling. She was in love with Max Moley, the co-winner of Love Island. However, their relationship did not last for long, and they also called to quit.

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