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Maxident: The New Stray Kids’ Album: All To Know About it

Stray Kid's
Stray Kid's New Album "Mexident"

Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

It’s amazing to see how Stray Kids’ careers as musicians are blossoming. Some may worry that the boy band’s total sales may suffer because they release more music in a row than their competitors. On the other hand, the octet doesn’t share these concerns since it keeps creating albums that smash records one after another; therefore, it doesn’t share these concerns. Just five years after their debut, the boy band is getting ready to record their seventh mini-album, and nothing will stop them from becoming K-pop’s biggest pop sensation. Sales of The STAYs’ new Album, “MAXIDENT,” should reflect the same ardent response from their fans.

According to the most recent information supplied prior to the Album’s release, Stray Kids had sold an astounding number of record units. With over a million additional stock pre-orders added to Stray Kids’ sixth mini-album “ODDINARY,” published in March, “MAXIDENT” has now broken that Album’s previous record of 1.3 million stock pre-orders.

Unexpectedly, the amount was achieved 10 days prior to the Album’s intended release, as of the September 28 recording date. The boy band outperforms NCT 127’s “Sticker” figures by a massive 40,000 copies, moving up to the third place, behind “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” and “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA.” The group has already sold over 2 million records, which is a new milestone for them, and this also happens to be the first time pre-orders have been made available.

Stray Kid's

Stray kid’s album “mexident” is ready to make you dance.

How Was The Trailer For The Stray Kids Mexident?

The band’s little two-minute video caused a fan base frenzy. Many fans responded to and anticipated the Stray Kids song clip for MAXIDENT. The trailer received millions of views in just a few hours after being released on YouTube, thanks to STRAYs, who trended it in much less time online. On Twitter, it didn’t take long for STRAYs to coin the hashtag # STRAYKidsComeback.

Music clip The teaser looked good but gave away virtually nothing about the music. STRAYS’ anticipated 2022 comeback shows that they are confident in the superiority of Stray Kids’ music.

The band members are first seen in the trailer in various locations across the city. In other sections of the city, the nine members—Hyunjin, Felix, Bang Chan, Lee Know, Han, I.N., Seungmin, Chanbin, and Kim Woojin—are occupied with various tasks in the trailer.

Maxident Will Be Available

On October 7, “MAXIDENT” will be made available, along with the music video for the Album’s first song, “CASE 143.”


The concept art for the boy band’s forthcoming “Maxident” album has not yet been made public. When fresh concept images from Stray Kids are released, we’ll make sure to update this area.


  1. “Case 143” [Title Track]
  2. ‘Chill’
  3. Give Me Your TMI!
  4. ‘Super Board’
  5. ‘3Racha’ (3Racha unit)
  6. ‘Chase’ (Dance Racha unit)
  7. “Can’t Stop” (Vocal Racha unit)
  8. ‘Circus’ (Korean Ver.)

The Album’s title track, “Case 143,” was produced by the Stray Kids collective 3Racha, which includes the group’s leader, Bang Chan, as well as rappers Changbin and Han Jisung. The Album also includes unit songs with the Stray Kids’ three primary subunits, 3Racha and Dance Racha (Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix), to the tunes “Chase” and “3Racha,” respectively. Last but not least, the song “Can’t Stop” is a subunit tune from the Stray Kids Vocal Racha unit and features the maknae Seungmin and I.N. (Jeongin). A Korean version of Stray Kids’ popular Japanese hit “Circus” will also be made available on their next return album, “Maxident.”

How To Listen

The Stray Kids’ mini-album “Maxident” will be made available on all significant music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and others.

Stray Kid's

It Album produced by the stray kids collectively.

On March 25, 2018, Stray Kids made their debut as a group under the banner of JYP Entertainment, one of South Korea’s most well-known K-pop labels. The band announced its fourth anniversary on March 25, 2022, sharing touching fan notes. The group’s members are well known for their ardent fandom love and for occasionally sending these kind messages to STRAYs. They have expressed gratitude to their followers and admirers for constantly adoring them.

What Was The Last Comeback Of The Stray Kids?

This year, in March, Stray Kids released a little album titled “Ordinary.” The enthusiasm is reasonable given that it has been seven long months since the band released any new music to its fans.

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