Jinx Chapter 31 Preview: Third Wheel or Competetion?

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Jinx Chapter 31
Jinx (Credits: Lezhin)

Jinx Chapter 31 might be another slow jog, or it might finally start things off between the characters now that there is conflict in sight. Emphasis on the word ‘conflict,’ the manhwa has been peaceful for quite a while now. This is something you wouldn’t expect from this series as pitying characters each other is what it is best at.

It might even be called making Kim Dan’s life hell simulator were it not for the change of status quo in the last few chapters. It will be an understatement to say that it was a relief to see that happen. But given the author’s sadistic approach to the little Doc, you can never know what will happen to him.

For the last few chapters, there haven’t been any gruesome conflicts that would make the life of ‘the bottom’ miserable in the future. However, his heart is not in the right place now, but that is a good thing and desired even. It’s not a fujoshi story if the alpha and beta are up in each other’s arms after trials and tribulations.

However, where the conflict between the two main protagonists is via circumstances and the one playing hard to get. The conflict between the main leads is watching one of them getting hit by a truck and the other one being the truck. And the one to be hit by a truck was none other than Kim Dan, who has no idea what his life is about to become.

Jinx Chapter 31
Jinx (Credits: Lezhin)

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Jinx Chapter 31: What to Know?

Jinx Chapter 31 (and the story before it) has experimented with the genre and gotten away with it, which is not something that a lot of series in most of Manhwa can say. Moreover, it doesn’t go too far into it and brings the status quo that the readers crave in the series.

The conflict eventually leading to the character becoming one (literally and figuratively) is the main pull of the genre but this series. The main gripe of this series is looking square at the reader and enticing their curiosity despite all the things it puts Kim Dan through. That kind of thing of daring from an author is rather rare but is welcomed.

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Though, it doesn’t look like there will be much change to the industry or the way the Fujoshi sub-genre will start to experiment. Even though this series followed the formula to the bitter end, it just showed it from a different perspective. And perspective writing is one of the stronger suits in the manhwa, however, each time you come across one the expectation for it to be done right goes up.

This could be said for this story as well, or its impact, at least. When this series ends (we don’t know when, as it hasn’t been announced), the expectation for this story to be done like this goes higher. And would make the author more valuable as they are the ones experimenting with the genre.

Jinx Chapter 31
Jinx (Credits: Lezhin)

What to Expect in Jinx Chapter 31 

Jaekyung’s reaction in Jinx Chapter 31 will set the tone for upcoming chapters and even shake his relationship with Kim Dan. He technically owns the Doc, and not just in an emotional sense but financially. Jaekyung is the weaker man’s benefactor at this point and a bit dotting when it comes to Kim Dan’s troubles.

However, since the very beginning of the series, it is hard to tell what he is thinking; the writer loves to keep his intention shrouded. And the weight of thinking about what is going on inside falls on Kim Dan, who is always at the mercy of MMA fighters. This is also why these series work well since they work as a good self-insert.

Jinx Chapter 31
Jinx (Credits: Lezhin)

The new addition to the series, the flirtatious K-pop idol, will be an important figure in the upcoming chapters. And speaking of important figures in the future, will the Potato return to have an impact on the relationship between the two main leads? That guy just came and went away like nothing happened, he turned out to be red herring in the end, but you can never be sure with this series.

Jinx Chapter 31 will be available to read on Lezhin.

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