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Bucchigire! Episode 12: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch

Bucchigire! Episode 12 Release Date

Bucchigire! Episode 12 is set to release this week. Japanese original anime series Bucchigire! or Shine On Bakumatsu Boys is produced by Twin Engine & directed by Tetsuo Hirakawa & designed by Hiroyuki Takei for Geno Studio.

An unidentified enemy has been all but destroying the Shinsengumi security force, except for one survivor. The Shinsengumi replacements were selected from a group of seven convicts. To maintain control in Kyoto, an undercover replacement mission is initiated. It includes genres such as martial arts, swordsmanship, medieval and feudal Japan, and original works.

A group of seven criminals stands in for the murdered Shinsengumi members under the command of Ichibanboshi, whose family was also massacred by the Masked Demons. In his role as Commander Isami Kondo’s replacement, he pursues the Masked Demons to exact revenge for his parents’ murders, along with the other replacements. It’s time for ex-criminals to show their best self as they reestablish law and order! It’s time for them to shine brightest!

Bucchigire! Episode 11 Review

A major emphasis in this episode is placed on setting up the biggest conflict in the season. Shine On Bakumatsu Bad Boys Episode 11 illustrates the depth and breadth of the impending disaster by well depicting the impact of personal and political issues. Shine On Bakumatsu Bad Boys Episode 11’s personal plot developments isn’t as dramatic as the battle itself. In particular, Rashumaru’s story took an unexpected turn in this episode.

Bucchigire! Episode 12 Release Date


Rashumaru’s moment of transition in this case is a cheap way to ensure he and Ichibanboshi continue to fight until the end while making the spectator more sympathetic toward him. A more natural and ultimately meaningful way to resolve their disagreements would be to just allow them to do so. Shine On Bakumatsu Bad Boys Episode 11 puts a lot of effort into building tension for the forthcoming conflict but keeps things lighthearted through Akira’s playful interactions with Katsura. While never completely diffusing the urgency of the situation, these moments help the narrative avoid becoming too serious.

Bucchigire! Episode 12 Release Date


In this episode, I was confused about a significant reveal near the end. This revelation did little to surprise or enhance the narrative. Instead, I was puzzled about what was going on. Suddenly, we are introduced to a new organization and concept, one that we had never heard of previously. This scene is a classic example of an unpredictable narrative surprise that doesn’t always make for a good plot twist.

Bucchigire! Episode 12 Release Date


Likewise, the visuals are well suited to convey the many elements of the episode. The tension and comedy are both handled well, and a surprise magical element is executed visually interestingly. The only issue I have with the visuals is an inconsequential misrepresentation of how fire spreads that is insignificant. Seeing it made my head hurt, even though it was not a big deal. I hope that Shine On Bakumatsu Bad Boys Episode 11 will bring the series to a satisfying conclusion. Although there have been ups and downs, I hope it can deliver a strong conclusion.

Bucchigire! Episode 12 Release Date

Bucchigire! Episode 12 release date is set to release on 23 September 2022, Friday at 10:30 PM (JST). The US fans will see Bucchigire! Episode 12 at 08:30 hrs Central Time/09:30 hrs Eastern Time/06:30 hrs Pacific Time. And, for the Indian fans, Episode 12 of Bucchigire! will be available at 07:00 hrs (IST)Indian Standard Time. 

About Bucchigire! Anime

A Japanese animated series called Bucchigire took place when Samurais ruled Japan. The Shinsengumi police force was all but eliminated by an unknown foe during the period when samurai ruled Japan, except for one survivor. A top-secret replacement operation is underway in Kyoto to ensure law and order. Seven criminals have been chosen to replace the Shinsengumi.

Bucchigire! Episode 12 Release Date


One day, a masked demon annihilated all of Shinsengumi, leaving one survivor. It was Ichibanboshi who started leading the group of seven criminals to take revenge on the masked demons. His parents were also killed by the demons, making him even madder against them.

Where To Watch Bucchigire! Episode 12?

Fans can watch the Bucchigire! Episode 12 on Crunchyroll when it was released. You also can watch the previous episode of Bucchigire! anime on the same platform.

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