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Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 2 recap
Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3 release date

Are You the One? S9 Episode 3’s release date is out. We will reveal everything related to the show for those who have missed the recent episode or have been following the season devotedly without missing any installment.

The first episode was more of an introductory episode where we saw the contestants engrossed in a match-up ritual. The show returned to the screens after taking off for three long years. The first international episode will be recorded in Gran Canaria, Spain, and hosted by dating coach and TV broadcaster Kamie Crawford.

Crawford formerly worked as one of the “Catfish” show’s alternating hosts before taking over as the show’s regular co-host in 2020. Cindy also hosted the “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” homecoming episode on HBO Max. ITV Netherlands is the producer of “Are You the One?”

Executive producers include  Noah Moskin, Amy Boyle, Sitarah Pendelton, Diana Morelli, and Matthew Parillo is the executive in charge.

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What to expect from Are You the One? Season 9?

Now with the new season, “Are You the One?” MTV will undertake a sociological experiment on contemporary love by assisting 11 ladies and 11 men in finding the right mate. These eager lovers participated in a meticulous matchmaking procedure utilizing a special dating algorithm designed to help measure compatibility.

The outcome? Twenty singles are given suggested matches to find the right one. With the caveat that the singles weren’t told the findings, 11 ideal pairings have been found using this technique and will eventually meet their true match.

Are You the One? Season 9: Spoilers

Twenty-two recently unmarried men and women from all over the world, based on the sources, “were placed through an intensive matchmaking procedure to discover their ‘ideal mate. These singles, who come from different countries and live in close quarters in a foreign place, will have one common objective: to find “the one.”

Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 2 recap

Are You the One? S9-contestant.

The singletons will have the chance to locate their mate every week, and whether they can find all 11 of them at once, they’ll split a sizable monetary award. The cast of the Fifth season failed to spot every perfect match throughout the experiment and was booted out empty-handed among the previous eight seasons.

Being the first gender-fluid real matchmaking game show in 2019, Season 8 featured 20 singles searching for their “ideal mate” while simultaneously coming to terms with their gender orientation. There hasn’t been a new season of the show since.

There have been several cast mates from “Are You the One?” who have since appeared on MTV programs like “The Challenge,” “Teen Moms,” or “Ex on the Beachfront.” Ten perfect pairings from past seasons competed in “Are You The One Second Chance” in late 2017 for a monetary prize.

Who will star in “Are You the One? S9 Episode 3”?

In contrast to other seasons, the Are You the One? Cast members of Season 9 hail from various nations, including Spain, New Zealand, Ireland, and others. Given that there are 22 contestants, 11 perfect matches were made by the producers.

Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 2 recap

Are You the One? S9 Episode 3’s contestant.

Anissa Aguilar from the United States, Brooke Rachman from the United States, Ciara “CC” Cortez from the United States, and Courtney Rowe from the United Kingdom are among the women participants. Danielle Bonaparte from the United States, Dew Anderson from Spain, Jordanne Deveaux from the United States, Julia-Ruth Smith from New Zealand, and Mijntje Lupgens from the Netherlands will all be present as well.

Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe from Ireland and Taylor Kelly from the United States are also part of the cast. The males are Aqel Carson from the United States, Hamudi Hasoon from New Zealand, Brendan Mosca from Australia, Clayton Carey from Australia, and Eduardo Dickson Jr. from the United States of America.

Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 2 recap

Are You the One? S9 Episode 3’s contender.

The other male competitors are William Gagnon from the United States of America, Oliver “Ollie” Andersen from the United Kingdom, Nathan Grant from the United Kingdom, Shamal “Samuel” Khan from the United Kingdom, and Leo Svete from the United States of America.

When is the Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3 Release Date?

Are You the One? Season 9 Episode 3 release date is January 25, 2023. Are You the One? S9 Episode 3 will premiere on Paramount+ at 3 am in the US. Fans from across the world can also stream Are You the One? S9 Episode 3 at around 8 am GMT, 7 pm AEDT, 1.30 pm IST, and 2 am CST.

Are You the One? S9 Episode 3: Where to watch

Are You the One? S9 Episode 3 will premiere via paramount+ at approximately 3 am for American viewers, while people from other nations have to cross-check the hours with the one listed above to ensure they don’t miss Are You the One? S9 Episode 3 when it comes out on Roku premium, Hulu, Netflix, and CBS apps in their regions.

Paramount+ will cost any fan around $10 for the basic plan, while Hulu can cost a fan somewhere around $15 for the standard package.

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