Leah Remini’s Before And After Look: The King of Queens Actress Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Leah Remini's Before And After Looks
Leah Remini's transformation over the years (Credits: @leahremini/Instagram)

Want to know about Leah Remini’s before and after looks? The King of Queens actress has undergone significant changes in her appearance over the years. Because of that, some of her fans are already convinced about Leah opting for plastic surgery. Well, it wouldn’t be surprising if she did. What’s true? 

Leah Remini is known for playing Carrie Heffernan in the CBS above sitcom. In case you are wondering, she hails from New York City. Did you not watch Kevin Can Wait? It’s highly recommended to you. Some of Leah Remini’s other noteworthy acting credits are – Second Act, The Clapper, The Man in the Family, Living Dolls, First Time Out, Fired Up, etc. 

Besides acting, Leah Remini also excels in dancing. Last year, she served as the judge of So You Think You Can Dance Season 17. How can we forget to mention her hosting the game show – People Puzzler? 

Returning to Leah Remini’s transformation, many even fail to recognize her. These days, opting for cosmetic procedures isn’t shocking. Everyone, especially celebrities, does it quite often to maintain their beauty forever.

At present, Leah Remini is in her 50s, but anyone can hardly guess that by her looks. What’s the secret? Here is what we know about the drastic changes in Leah Remini’s before and after looks. 

Leah Remini's Before And After Looks
Leah Remini (Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

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Leah Remini’s Before And After Looks: Everything About Her Dramatic Transformation Over The Years

While we talk about Leah Remini’s before and after looks, one must note that she didn’t opt for any plastic surgeries. In other words, the Kevin Can Wait actress previously addressed and denied the rumors of her opting for cosmetic procedures.

Also, she thanked the ones who started the rumor, as she believed that it added extra beauty to her appearance. Now, the question is- what’s the real secret behind the change? If you notice Leah Remini’s forehead minutely, you will find it free of wrinkles. All the eagle-eyed fans noticed it, especially in Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

Because of that, some people took it to social media, stating that her young look, free of fine lines and wrinkles, was the outcome of plastic surgery and collagen implants, adding to the work of Scientology. 

However, Leah Remini’s transformation has been possible because of some other procedures, including Botox. The actress cleared out the air by mentioning this procedure, that too for aesthetic purposes.  

Leah Remini's Before And After Looks
Leah Remini’s before and after looks (Credits: Fabbon)

Discussing Leah Remini’s before and after looks, some even claimed that she opted for lip fillers, breast augmentation, facelifts, etc. In case you don’t know, face lifts help to remove the extra fat from the face and give a sharp, prominent shape to it. 

How can we deny her nose? Despite denying the plastic surgery rumors, some fans claimed that Leah Remini must have opted for rhinoplasty. Well, her nose was previously big fat. Getting a nose job done usually helps to give a sharp, narrow, pointed look to it.

Overall, Leah’s nose seems to have improved a lot, but we aren’t very sure about the secret behind it. We wonder what it is if not any cosmetic procedure. Is it just makeup and good contouring skills? 

These days, even though plastic surgery has become very common, not everyone prefers to admit it. However, in an interview, Leah Remini once said she is not opposed to the idea. Best Wishes to Leah Remini for the upcoming days! Make sure to follow Leah Remini on her Instagram account for more updates. What do you think about her transformation? 

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