14 Most Popular Fighters In Tournament of Power – Ranked

As the action in the Tournament of Power begins to increase, and time is counting down we have been treated to some amazing fights, but more interestingly new, and amazing characters! Even tho were only 9 episodes in to all the action of the Tournament of Power, this is our list for the Top 14 fighters taking part in the Tournament of Power so far!

#14: Brianne De Chateau.
Coming in at the bottom of the list is the main Kamikaze Firegirl herself! She has shown herself to be quite versatile and strong so far in the Tournament even taking on someone like Vegeta and even making him dodge instead of taking her head on like normal. We have yet to see all of what she’s capable of but she is definitely someone you do not want to take lightly!

#13: Kahseral.
At number 13 we have the General of the Pride Troopers Kahseral. He has shown his versatility with all the ways he can shape his ki in to different weapon. Kahseral has great heart and a lot of drive to take on the task no matter how small or big it is. That’s why he’s the General of the Pride Troopers.

#12: Android 17.
It should be no surprise that Android 17 makes it on this list! #17 has been shown to stay on par with Goku even in Blue Form. Android 17 has made a big mark on the Tournament of Power so far in such a short time, eliminating 2 participants by himself with very little effort. With that power and unlimited energy, #17 is a force to be reckoned with!

#11: Caulifla.
Caulifla has made quite the impact in the Tournament of Power so far. She has been eliminating participants and even taking on Goku head on. She has shown that she can evolve in power very rapidly in such a short time. From learning Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 2 basically back to back, she has the potential to rival almost anyone in this Tournament.

#10: Cabba.
I put Cabba over Caulifla for a simple reason. Cabba knows Caulifla jumped so much a head in power then him in such a short time, which inspired him to be stronger for the Tournament. He knows his Master Vegeta will be there and knows this is the one shot Cabba has to show Vegeta what he’s now able to do. Expect to see Cabba jump in power drastically through out the Tournament of Power!

#9: Kale.
Kale is Universe 6’s Legendary Super Saiyan! Kale, on her own stirred up more trouble then anyone so far in the Tournament of Power. In her rage she was able to man handle Goku, and walk through Goku’s Kamehameha with barely a scratch. Now that Kale is in complete control of her Legendary Super Saiyan form it’s safe to say that she will definitely be someone to watch for in the upcoming episodes of the Tournament of Power.

#8: Hit.
The Legendary Assassin comes in at #8. It’s no wonder why Hit made it on to this list and top 10 no less! With his timeskip ability and delayed attacks Hit is someone no one can take lightly. Previously being shown taking out Vegeta with ease and even getting the drop on Goku and momentarily killing him. Hit is a fighter who can constantly evolve in power if given the opportunity. Hit cannot be taken lightly in this Tournament!

#7: Dyspo.
Dyspo ranks so highly because he was able to handle Hit by himself and even give Hit trouble where Goku needed to come to his aide. Dyspo because of his speed is someone that could potentially give a lot of fighters issues further on in the Tournament of Power. If someone like Hit has an issue fighting Dyspo then it’s safe to say Dyspo can create a lot of problems for other fighters later on in the Tournament as other fighters become more tired.

#6: Toppo.
Toppo of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11 is the Captain of the Pride Troopers and for good reasoning. Toppo is a very top heavy built fighter with tremendous strength and surprisingly impressive speed for a fighter of his size. Toppo has been shown to even push Goku to his limits after the Zen Exhibition Match and continue to get the upper hand on Goku in the Tournament of Power successfully being able to keep Goku from confronting Jiren. With great battle tactics and working with Jiren, Toppo will be someone that can challenge most fighters.

#5: Gohan.
Gohan is on this list because it’s Gohan! Gohan is Universe 7’s Team Captain and its all because Gohan is incredibly smart and equally as strong! Gohan has been shown previously getting his “fighting spirit” back, and now with new knowledge from Piccolo Gohan is stronger then he ever was. Gohan has been seen being able to fight Goku head on, going all out and for someone that doesn’t have God ki is very impressive! Have we seen all there is to this Mystic Form yet?

#4: Vegeta.
The Prince of all Saiyans has rightfully deserved his high spot on this list! Vegeta is a fierce opponent and will be quite the challenge for basically anyone that crosses him through out the Tournament. Vegeta has been training rigorously before the Tournament of Power even blowing up the Hyperbolic Time Chamber TWICE from nothing but his own power! What does the Prince of all Saiyans have hiding up his sleeve? We all know he won’t go down easily without a fight!

#3: Frieza
Yes, I know a lot of people may disagree, but Frieza deserves to be in such a high spot for a reason. Frieza is the wild card in the Tournament, along with Frost. We have seen Frieza do things that the likes of Goku and Vegeta have not been able to do, and that is control and manipulate God of Destruction pure ki. Frieza by himself was able to fight off being destroyed by energy that is supposed to destroy EVERYTHING! How can he not be high on the list? As he continues to improve his Golden Form, just how strong can Frieza get?

#2: Goku.
I know, everyone is going to rage quit, but hold on a minute. This new transformation of Goku’s has not happened yet, and we still don’t know if this will be enough to take down Jiren by himself. As of right now, Goku is sitting pretty as being the second strongest in the Tournament of Power for now. This may change as the Tournament of Power progresses but for now Jiren is on a whole different level.

#1 Jiren.
Jiren so far has to be the strongest. Until we see what Goku’s new transformation is and how much stronger it makes Goku. Jiren has been able to extraordinary feats so far with no effort at all! From knowing where the Tournament of Power building blocks were going without moving, to appearing behind Goku instantly without Instant Transmission, to knocking Kale out of Berserker Form with 1 very well placed and calculated ki blast. It’s safe to say Jiren is a force of power unlike anything Goku has ever faced.

So this was our Top 14 fighters in the Tournament of Power SO FAR. Rankings will definitely change as the Tournament progresses. What are all your thoughts? Would you rank them differently, and why? Let us know all your thoughts, ideas and opinions and leave them in the comments below As always thanks for reading!

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