Sai Roong 2022 Episode 1 Release Date: A Potion Of Love And Revenge

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Sai Roong 2022 Thai drama will soon be on the streaming platforms. The drama has a mystery, romance, and revenge vibe, and given the storyline, it surely will cater to all these parts effectively. The series explores the life of Maythinee who found the love of her life. However, soon tragedy hit her and she was hit by the brutal reality. 

Sai Roong has kept the anticipation high. The main leads include Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak as Pak or Ponsithon (Oops! Mr. Superstar Hit on Me, Wanthong, Oum Rak Game Luang, Deja Vu, Mia 2018, Kahon Maha Ratuek, Ban Saran Land: Seuk Rak Kam Rua, Plerng Boon, We Were Born in the 9th Reign, Sanaeha Diary Series: Gub Dug Sanaeha, Love Jewelry, Jao Mae Jum Pen, Nam Kuen Hai Reab Ruk), Sammy Cowell as Maythinee (Unhappy Birthday, Plerng Prissana, Talay Luang, Suparburoot Chao Din, Lhong Ngao Jun, Sanaeha Maya, Wihok Lhong Lom, The Fire Series: Fai Ruk Game Rorn, Lueam Salub Lai, Pleng Rak Pha Puen Taek, Nang Baeb Koke Gradone, Doot Tawan Dang Pupah). The series will witness how once lovers seek revenge on each other. Will they ever discard all of their misunderstandings and start afresh? The answer lies in the upcoming episodes so don’t forget to watch Sai Roong 2022.

What To Expect From Sai Roong 2022 Episode 1?

Maythinee’s love life was like star-crossed lovers when the only man she loved passed away in a car accident. Her mother was not in favor of their relationship, so she kind of forced her to write a breakup letter to Pak. Though Maythinee has her memories to cling on, however, time and again she remembers how the person is no longer there and the memories with time may become vague like flickering lights. What was the reason her mother was against their relationship? Though it’s just the first episode still, there are chances of us getting some flashbacks. Moreover, we also may start from the present scenario and end up getting to know what happened in flashbacks. 

Sai Roong 2022 Ep 1
A Recent Poster Of Sai Roong 2022

The memories haunt her to the point where she chooses alcohol to be her escape route. Maythinee’s life takes a turn when she witnesses someone with the same facial similarity as Pak. Ironically, it was none other than Pak. He didn’t pass away from the accident, rather he has changed his identity, and now he goes by the name Ponsithon. However, there lies a difference between the old Pak and the new Ponsithon. Pak had nothing but love for Maythinee, but his new version has a tremendous sense of revenge. What is it for? Is it just due to the fact that her mother never allowed both of them to be together or there is something more to it? Will Maythinee realize that Pak is now on the road to seeking revenge? 

Sai Roong 2022 Ep 1
A Poster Of Sai Roong 2022

Sai Roong refers to the rainbow. Like rainbows, no problem can be everlasting and if there is love then heading towards the end can be possible. Although, rainbows disappear after a certain time, will the feelings of Maythinee and Pak meet such a dreaded end? To know all about it, don’t forget to watch Sai Roong 2022. 

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Where To Watch Sai Roong 2022 Episode 1? Online Streaming Details

Sai Roong 2022 Episode 1 will be broadcasted on its original network GMM One. The drama will supposedly have 10 episodes with two episodes released per week, Wednesday and Thursday. So keep your eyes on the upcoming drama Sai Roong 2022. 

The drama will be available at 6:50 pm IST, for the United Kingdom it will be available at 2:20 pm, for USA and Canada it will be around 9:20 am and for Australia it will be around 11:20 pm. 

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When Will Sai Roong 2022 Release?

Sai Roong 2022 Episode 1 will be released on 24th August 2022. The drama has an ensemble cast and a romantic revenge plotline and so fans will be intrigued by it. 

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