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Anime Similar To Hunter X Hunter that you Will Love Watching!

Hunter X Hunter

Welcome, fans of Hunter X Hunter! The hope of this anime continuing is still in doubt, so the only solution we can provide is to watch more anime!

Let’s first quickly run through what Hunter x Hunter is.

In this action-packed anime, we follow young Gon’s life, who aspires to be a hunter just like his father.

Hunters are basically like super-powerful beings who are capable of helping and even saving the universe; they have permission to commit murders in the name of saving people.

Gon’s real journey is to find his long lost father, who left when he was very young. His father used to be a hunter leaving him to think being a hunter himself would be the first step in finding his father. So to be a hunter, he has to pass a tough Hunter examination test, consisting of battles, obstacle courses, anything you can think of. This examination shouldn’t be taken lightly; there are no limits; anyone could lose their life if they play their cards wrong.

On this course, Gon runs into a few important people who will be alongside him for the rest of his journey. The villains, the heroes, the world, everything is crafted so beautifully you just get addicted from the get-go.

Here are 5 similar anime to Hunter X Hunter to pass the time; maybe when you are done watching all 5, we might get a new season.


Of course, Naruto is a must-watch. First, off you should have watched Naruto way before, but on the off chance you haven’t, then this is the moment, go for it.

Naruto is up there in the anime hall of fame as one of the greats; there’s no doubt you will fall in love with this one. Almost similar to Hunter X Hunter, this anime follows the life of some mighty and fun young Ninjas. Every character has their own story arc, filled with drama, romance, some of the most intense battles you will ever come across in anime, and of course, some of the very best anime comedy.

To speak about the story a bit more in detail, like the title clearly suggests, the anime is about this super hyped, stubborn, young ninja called Naruto. Many fans of this anime would say the winning point of it is the show does have a single protagonist; it’s about a lot of other people. When it comes to an anime, we are obsessed with one guy, not the case for Naruto; we are pulled in and addicted to every character portrayed on screen.

Be it the villains, the supporting cast, or just random pets, every single one of them has a story to tell, and this story is one worth listening to. For example, Kakashi, Sasuke, Garra, and every one of their life stories is important and written with such depth.

We don’t even have to sell naruto to you; just watch it. It’s an experience. Watch the trailer here and watch the whole thing on Netflix:

No Game No Life

In this wacky anime, we follow the lives of two step-siblings, Sora and Shiro, a gamer duo of sorts.

After defeating a very significant opponent in a game of Chess, they are transported into another world, Disboard. Here every single thing is determined through games, a variety of games.

Like how Gon and his friends do battle, this anime also focuses all of its duels on wit and creativity, not with straight fighting. Cheating can be seen as a way to win some of the games, but it should be done in the most discreet way possible; that is how the battle of wits kicks in. By watching the characters take on different types of games, we can understand how much work the writers have put into making said game so detailed and meaningful.

So after entering this world, the duo, representing the humans, plan to win every game by defeating the Gods and rule the world of Disboard.

How every battle is crafted is very fun to watch; with the anime’s wackiness, the whole thing is a perfect watch. Watch the trailer here and watch the whole thing on Netflix :

My Hero Academia

Yes, one of the most recent biggest anime. My Hero Academia has been able to amass a cult following ever since its release.

It follows the life of some super-powered students. Actually, they call their superpowers “quirks.” Almost everyone on this planet is born with a unique quirk, with which they can do good or do bad. The main protagonists of the story are students from UA, who are under training to become the best heroes ever.

The end of the world type battles and the interactions between the students are done so beautifully. My Hero Academia has this power to keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole of 20 minutes. Even though the anime has a huge roster of characters, not a single one is pushed to the sidelines; every character has its own significance; that is the beauty of this anime. We get to know every student and teacher very nicely throughout the anime, just like we met Gon and his powerful friends and also like Naruto.

Watch the trailer here and watch the whole thing on Netflix:

Going into more detail about the story:

When the anime starts, we feel that it is centered around this one main protagonist, which changes very quickly.

We start with Izuku Midoriya, a normal school going teenager; here, the word normal could be seen as bad. Almost every single person is born with a quirk. Unfortunately, Izuku was not. This led to him being pushed around and belittled by his friends and others. He always dreamt of being a hero like a person he looks up to the most, the number 1 hero, All Might.

Almost when Izuku loses all hope, he gets a chance to meet his biggest hero, All Might, where the latter gives him his power. This leads to a series of events, and Izuku ends up joining the hero course in UA, a school where heroes are made and trained. This is when the anime opens up and takes shape; there is no more single main protagonist—the anime changes to having a roster of characters.

A new season is confirmed for My Hero Academia, so better get to watching quickly.

Magi: The Labrinth Of Magic

An anime-inspired by the tales of Arabian Nights where we follow Aladdin on his worldwide adventure to seek riches and fortune, what more do you want.

This whimsical, fun-filled anime really has an element that elevates our mood very much. Aladdin and his friends go dungeon diving around the world on their path to glory. The world is so massive and beautiful that it feels like a separate character in the anime.

All the quests and trouble Alladin and his groups get into and their efforts to get out of it really reminds us of Hunter X Hunter. But don’t be fooled by the clumsy nature of this anime; things can get dark real quick.

Watch the trailer here:

One Piece

Another anime that has earned a spot in the anime hall of fame without a doubt. This is also one of the longest-running anime ever.

We follow the life of Luffy as he dreams of becoming the best pirate in the seven seas. Both Hunter X Hunter and One piece have one thing in common, their wonderfully crafted adventure world.

In One Piece, we follow Luffy and his crew to find a legendary treasure known as The One Piece. Just like Hunter, the adventures are ruthless, filled with fun and over the top battles; all of this combined with a hilarious and lovable cast makes this a real must-watch anime.

One Piece Anime

There are some series that every single anime lover should have watched sometime in his life, and One Pice, without a doubt, is high up on that list.

So these are some anime to keep you busy until maybe another season of Hunter X Hunter releases. But believe us when we say the anime listed here are in a league of their own. You’d probably need another list to check anime similar to the ones mentioned here; we have that sorted too:

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