Joe Thomas’ Before & After Looks: The NFL Player Lost 50 Pounds After Retiring From The Sport

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Joe Thomas' Before & After Looks
Joe Thomas (CC: FOX 8 News)

Want to know about Joe Thomas’ before and after looks? Yes, we are talking about the former NFL player, who is making headlines for being emotional overwhelmed. That’s right after the announcement of the Hall of Fame. Keeping that aside, Joe Thomas’s weight loss journey has shocked millions of people worldwide, giving him a drastically changed look. What happened? 

Joe Thomas became prominent by serving the Cleveland Browns for over a decade. To be more precise, he played as an offensive tackle from 2007 to 2017. Hailing from Brookfield, Wisconsin, Joe is now 38 years old. Talking about his achievements, Joe Thomas won the Pro Bowl, not just once but ten times. In addition to that, he also made it to the First-team All-Pro, several times. 

After retiring from the football sport as a player, Joe Thomas serves as an analyst for the NFL Network. He covers the Thursday Night Football shows. Besides that, he even participated in The Titan Games Season 2. 

Returning to Joe Thomas’ transformation, there has been a noticeable, very noticeable, drastic change. Well, that’s been in a good way, of course. As mentioned already, the former NFL player lost several pounds and is looking feet today. Why? How? Here is what we know if you are looking for further details about Joe Thomas’ before and after looks. 

Joe Thomas' Before And After Looks
Joe Thomas: Former Cleveland Browns player (CC: Distractify)

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Joe Thomas’ Before & After Looks: The Former NFL Player’s Weight Loss Journey 

After his NFL retirement as a player, Joe Thomas lost 50 pounds. That sparked the fans’ speculation about Joe Thomas’ before & after looks. If you noticed, he was not always fit on the line. But, now, who would say that, looking at his transformation?

When he got into the NFL, he reportedly weighed 325 pounds which helped him in the running game when trying to move others. You will be surprised to know that Joe used to intake 6000 to 7000 calories daily. Wait, what? That’s right. 

Talking more about Joe Thomas’ extreme weight, he once shared that he had heartburn because of taking large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. Moreover, he used to stop breathing at times while he was asleep. Well, that was surely not healthy in the long run. That was when he decided to lose weight after his retirement. It felt mandatory and not an option. 

Joe Thomas’ main motive was to get to 250 pounds. That’s what he used to weigh during his high school days. He started having a normal diet and also used to track the proportions of each of his meals. Slowly, he learned the ideal ratio of all his body’s nutrients. Following this, it was quite easy for him to lose 40 pounds in the initial days. 

Joe Thomas' Before And After Looks
Joe Thomas’ before and after looks are surprising enough (CC: Yahoo Sport Australia)

Now, the former Cleveland Browns player looks unrecognizable. Joe Thomas’ before and after looks have no match. But, losing 50 pounds didn’t just give his new look a shape, but also he can move freely. It gave him a good feeling, as shared by the NFL analyst. Today, Joe Thomas is “a lot less in pain.” 

The Cleveland Browns’ nutritionist, Katy, helped him much with the weight loss. She advised Joe to use the MyPlate application for that. 

Joe Thomas’ before and after looks are inspiring a lot to many. Everything is possible if one is determined enough about his target. Joe Thomas has proved it all.

Best Wishes! Make sure you follow Joe on his Instagram account for more updates. What do you think about Joe Thomas’ before and after looks? 

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