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MasterChef Season 12 Episode 18 & 19 Release Date: Lobster In The Semi-finals

MasterChef Season 12 Episode 18
MasterChef Season 12 Episode 18 And 19

In MasterChef season 12 episode 18, we are going to enter head-first into the semifinals; are you prepared for what lies ahead? We should start by stating that although there aren’t many challenges remaining, they will all be that much more significant going forward. There are now just five participants left, and each one of them has the opportunity to win the top prize. Of course, given the magnitude of what comes next, doing that won’t be simple.

Things are getting hotter in the MasterChef kitchen as the finale draws near. With each new episode, the race to win the coveted MasterChef title becomes more and more intense. In episode 16, the chefs teamed in pairs and were scored on both their food and their interpersonal abilities.

We observed some of them making progress while others were sent packing as the sword of double elimination hanging over them. The surviving competitors took over Chef Wolfgang Puck’s well-known Californian restaurant in episode 17 and prepared meals that maintained the restaurant’s reputation.

MasterChef Season 12 Episode 16 & 17 Recap

Before diving into MasterChef Season 12 Episodes 18 & 19, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous Episode. In Episodes 16 & 17, we saw Double Elimination. The top eight faced a challenging problem that none of them had encountered before, and truth be told, that challenge was the Wall. There is a wall in the kitchen. Teams of two are required to prepare the same food behind a wall such that they cannot simultaneously view or taste either dish.

MasterChef Season 12 Episode 18

MasterChef Season 12 Episode 16

Ramsay eventually advised the Blue Team to get their act together or name a new team captain because they were in such a state of chaos. But Willie wasn’t prepared to give up. He decided to continue leading the team. He said he would start speaking more. He was committed to the task at hand, and he appeared to have grown more at ease in his role as leader.

Christian was becoming worse while Willie was getting better. Christian started to lose control of his kitchen. His crew had to stop him when he started serving uncooked food. Dara successfully overcame her anxiety to help in running the kitchen, saving the Red Team’s bacon in the process.

On the other side, the Blue team lost momentum. Willie continued to serve uncooked, raw meals. The kitchen received several returned dishes. Later, the challenge was won by the Red Team. The Blue Team suffered a defeat as a result of Willie holding onto power when he ought to have given it away, and they overcame Christian. And because of this, Willie was eliminated. Now we will discuss when will Episode 18 & 19 of MasterChef Season 12 will release and what will happen in it.

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MasterChef Season 12 Episode 18 & 19 Release Date & Preview

MasterChef Season 12 Episodes 18 & 19 will release on 7 September 2022 on FOX.  The Synopsis of Episode 18 is as follows: “In the semifinals, the Top Five chefs must overcome 2 separate elimination tasks: a complicated lobster tortellini dish and a Baked Alaska”.

MasterChef Season 12 Episode 19

MasterChef Season 12 Episode 17

It certainly goes without saying, but the surviving cooks will find it very difficult to do all of this. Yes, they are all experienced competitors by this stage, but pasta is not easy and not for the weak of the heart, particularly when you add lobster to the mix. It seems like one of those situations that might put all of the competitors in a difficult position.

In fact, isn’t it simple to be thrilled with what we have witnessed so far this season? We often believe this is the case, in large part because we have had the chance to experience so many twists, turns, and fresh developments along the way. The fact that the culinary contest continues to surprise participants and create challenges that put them to the test is what matters most. As a result of how frequently they have all been tested, doing so is unavoidably a little more challenging.

MasterChef Season 12 Episode 18 & 19 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episodes 18 & 19 of MasterChef Season 12 will air at 8 pm ET on FOX. New episodes of MasterChef are released every Wednesday. Fox’s shows are live-streamed on the network’s official website, allowing viewers to watch the episode (as it comes on tv) online rather than on television.

FOX NOW, a site and application that lets fans watch live & on-demand shows with a TV provider login, is also available on the network. If a fan goes to FOX NOW after the episode has begun airing, they would be able to restart the live TV program from the beginning, ensuring that they do not miss a single second of the action.

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