Transplant Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date: The Argument

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Transplant Season 3 Episode 6 release date is quite near. This is a medical drama show that originated in Canada. Joseph Kay has created the series for CTV. The main focus of the plot is laid around Bash. He is a refugee from Syria who has come to the country as one during the Syrian Civil War. Bash is quite passionate about his career and is also willing to rebuild the same.

In order to do so, he joined as a medical resident at the emergency department at the York Memorial Hospital located in Toronto. Throughout the episodes, we see him going through a variety of obstacles in the world of emergency medicine.

Back in Transplant Season 3 Episode 4, titled Multiple Choices, we saw that Bash is required to make some tough choices regarding his personal and professional life. He is to start his career in dual residency in trauma surgery. At the same time, he has to go for a Canadian Citizenship Test in order to be a legal citizen of the country.

Transplant Season 3 Episodes Recap

At the same time, Mags is in peril. She wants to know whether her hoss really does care about the research program that they are leading or is just interested in the fame from the same. As for Theo and Arnold, they help a patient who has a swastika tattoo on his chest. Then we see Theo arranging for a meeting with the same woman who claimed that he had assaulted her.

Transplant Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date
A still from Transplant Season 3

By the end of the episode, we see that Mags is not in great condition because she just found out about arrhythmia in her heart. In Transplant Season 3 Episode 5, titled Nadir, we see that Bash is reminded of some troubling memories from his past when a familiar face comes in as a patient. Mags is doing quite okay now, and her arrhythmia is under control.

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She goes over to discuss the matter with Dr. Davi and requests that she comes back in the form of an ER Doctor. As for Theo, he is tackling a father who is taken aback due to the condition of his son, which is quite heartwarming. As for June, she gets to know the answers and where Shay exactly is. By the end of the episode, we see that Bash is in need of help and, thus, does not shy away while asking for it.

Transplant Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date

Transplant Season 3 Episode 6 release date is on the 28th of October 2022. It is titled Audition. It will air on CTV Canada at 10 PM Canadian Standard Time. New episodes are released every week on Fridays.

How to Watch Transplant Season 3 Episode 6

Transplant Season 3 Episode 6 can be watched when the episode is broadcast on CTV at the date and time we have provided. Later, the episodes will also be accessible through CTV Canada’s website. The new content of the season will also stream through Peacock. There are three price tiers offered by the platform. The first one is absolutely free but has ads and some locked content. The second is at 4.99 dollars, called the Peacock Premium plan, which still shows ads. And the Peacock Premium Plus plan at 9.99 dollars does not have any ads.

Transplant Season 3 Episode 6 Spoilers

Transplant Season 3 Episode 6 is titled Audition. In this episode, we will witness Bash and Amira having a serious discussion. Soon, it will escalate into an argument. This will all be about their future together. Later at the hospital, Bash will be seen treating a diabetic woman. She is a lot dependent on her son, who is 18 years of age right now. Also, we will see Mags again in this episode, where she is trying to adjust herself to some of the very limited parameters in her life and career.

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