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Lindy and Miguel Spoilers: Are They Still Together?

Lindy and Miguel

Lindy and Miguel from Married at First Sight Season 15 were that power couple who saw a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. Thus, after so much time, fans are curious to know if the couple is still together or not. Throughout their run on the season, there were many controversies, and people did not like the way Miguel was treating her. Even Lindy was unsure about him in the first place but still decided to marry him on Decision Day.

There were a lot of couples who were actually doubted by fans a lot regarding whether or not they will actually get married or not and it is safe to say that we all had our doubts about Lindy and Miguel going through with it all. Well, it was sort of a surprise that they decided to stay put till the end. But well, a lot of time has passed since they tied the knot, and well, this is making fans extra curious to know about what is up with the couple and how they are dealing with the relationship without a camera around them at all times.

Lindy and Miguel were going through a rough patch in their relationship back in the 15th season in a clip that was released only recently in October. It turns out that they have a lot of communication gaps and whether or not they resolve them is only up to them.

Lindy and Miguel Spoilers - Are They Still Together?

A still of Lindy from MAFS Season 15

In the clip which was shared with the fans, it was seen that Lindy was really uncomfortable with how Miguel does not convey his feelings to her, and his actions too are causing a supposed “trigger” to her. This kind of looked like they were at the breaking point of their marriage. Lindy was crying and talking about how hurtful it is to see her own husband say things and not understand her.

Lindy and Miguel Relationship Worries 

Moreover, we see that Miguel talks to her about a football incident that took place with them. It was during the game with other couples as well. Now, it is not clear what this game was or what actually went down between the two of them. But it is quite sure that the way in which Miguel behaved caused her to cry for 45 minutes. Lindy talked about how she does not even know what she has done to upset or offend him in the first place.

It seemed like she got all her “girl boss, gatekeep, gaslight” strength back and talked about how she is not going to bow down to this man. Later, she also talked about finding a way to make things work between the two and fix things by coming to some common ground. Although there was no substantial result after that, none were shown. Keeping in mind that this clip is from before the decision day, there was still a huge chance of Lindy saying no to the marriage.

Lindy and Miguel Spoilers - Are They Still Together?

Lindy and Miguel from MAFS Season 15

But well, there were a lot of moments in the series where Lindy and Miguel’s butt heads for so long over petty issues. This was so annoying to watch as a third person because we know who was wrong here and the fact that they cannot point it out was frustrating. It was only so long before Miguel did something, which made her feel triggered once again. But, well, everything came together on Decision Day, and the two decided to marry each other.

Are Lindy and Miguel Still Together? Relationship Spoilers

Yes, Lindy and Miguel are still together in their marriage. In the most recent reel shared by Lindy on her Instagram handle, she captioned the video about how the couple would like some personal time after the show has ended. The fact that there are no cameras following them every moment of the day relieves them, and they would love privacy. The video, however, portrayed the couple really happy in their wedding outfits, and we can only assume that they are still together in their relationship.

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