Did Archie Cheat On Edith? All In The Family Couple Getting Separated

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Did Archie Cheat On Edith?
Jean Stapleton as Edith Bunker and Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker (Credits: CBS)

All in the Family is an American sitcom that has 9 episodes and was initially released in the 70s. It revolves around a family with four members, Archie and Edith, and their daughter, Gloria, with her husband, Mickael. Edith is a very simple woman. If you know her from the show, you might know her nature. She is very naive.

Her husband cheated on her, and she was ok with that. Gloria and Mickael even showed her the picture in which Archie was with another woman. Edith was fine with that. Well, where did it all start? Let’s answer it here. In this show, Archie and Edith had a good relationship, but it was ruined once in an episode. however everything got back on track, but how? Did Archie Cheat On Edith? 

What is The Show All In The Family?

The American TV sitcom, All in the Family revolves around a White Working class family hailing from Queens, New York. The family consists of a couple, Archie-Edith, and their kid, Gloria. Archie is a narrow-minded, outspoken, and weird man. He doesn’t like everyone unless he or she is like him. On the other hand, Edith, Archie’s wife, has a very sweet, nice, and understanding personality. She looks naive, and she isn’t educated, so it becomes difficult for her at times. Archie sometimes calls his wife ‘dingbat.’

Did Archie Cheat On Edith?
Rob Reiner, Jean Stapleton, Carroll O’Connor, and Sally Struthers (from left) (Credits: CBS)

Gloria, their kid, is married to Michael Stivic. Gloria is just like her mother, but she got her temper and stubbornness from her father. Archie calls Michael a ‘Meathead’ as he is highly influenced by the 60s culture. Archie remains irritated by Michael because Michael lives in Bunkers’ home with his wife to save money. Both couples represent the most relatable clash of values between Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation. You can watch it if you have a subscription to CBS. It has 9 seasons and has been airing since the 70s.

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Did Archie Cheat On Edith?

Before going to bed, Edith was sitting on the couch in a sad mood, and Archie entered. Edith tries to ask him a question, so she stands up and picks up a note with a phone number. She asks him about the number. Archie says he does not know and asks if his note was it. Edith smells it. Now, she is sure that it was Archie’s note. He took the phone number of someone. Archie resists again, saying that he doesn’t know. Then Edith calls on that number, but Archie stops her and starts telling her the truth.

He says that Edith was often leaving him alone at the house, so one day, he took a walk around the apartment and streets. He met a waitress around a cafe or something where he used to eat once a month or so. She called him, and she had two bags of groceries which was heavy, and Archie helped her. Then he said that they had a good time together, wine and stuff. Now, Edith was shocked and upset. Archie further asked her not to cry and not to make a big deal out of it.

Did Archie Cheat On Edith?
Archie told Edith the truth (Credits: CBS)

He raised his voice and started narrating everything again (a little faster), and in the flow, he said a ‘harmless kiss’. That means Archie and the waitress kissed too. Edith seems to be very confused, sad, and heartbroken. She left the house saying that she could always count on Archie, but now she can not count on him. It hits hard here! Edith arrives at her daughter Gloria’s house. Gloria asks her mother not to worry so much, but Edith says she isn’t worried; she’s just thinking about her uncle’s watch.

Both Gloria and Michael were shocked and later realized that Edith might not know that Archie cheated on her. When Gloria and Mickael tried to open up in front of her, she said that she knew about the other woman. On top of everything, Edith isn’t angry or worried anymore, and that is what is more shocking for Gloria and Mickael. 

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